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  1. dont even start, albert einstein
  2. think WW1, ARK version. or think WW3 virtually. anyone agree, or disagree?
  3. aberration has a chance, but rock drakes STAY!!! they stay, or i not happy!
  4. oh, that. i remember now. thanks
  5. still dont know what you mean by that, then
  6. also, what do you mean by "time zone"? i mean, right now its 2:04 P.M. for me
  7. I'd have to say tek sniper - I LOVE WRECKING FACE FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL!!! them dinos better watch out, they be sniped any second then XD
  8. your not wrong, this definitely reminds me of WW2 when you think about it
  9. is this gonna be, like, the new tapejara with same and new features? I'd love that!!
  10. they definitely deserve one!!! lets hear it for the WC employee(s)! but not to rush or anything but, can you make process for xbox and ps4 a little earlier than expected?
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