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  1. I'm pretty sure we should drop the topic. why talk about such a silly thing in a public forum?
  2. if you knew my parents, I'd be stuck not getting it for a LONG time. just trust me on this one.
  3. the ps4 that I play on is actually my dads. only thing I'm allowed to do on there is play, or watch. no buy. like I said: picky-buying parents.
  4. I didn't add SE bc of free maps. though, I'm told to go with this, and the expansion pack thing?
  5. well, flip. this is bugging me. isn't the point of fanbase 'ideas' meant for IDEAS? not some ignorant workers? no offense to anyone, but still.
  6. I mean as in the spawn command. I can't use HLNA since I can't get the pass...
  7. I can agree, but is the command for the new tek gloves skin out yet? since I'm not aloud to buy the passes or maps, I rely on commands for a fun time, along with the free maps.
  8. ok, a question for wildcard: are you gonna take my suggestion for variant drakes? wyverns have variants, and they're on every free one (except center), and drakes have been added 0 times, despite the unique qualities of aberration. I get it, it would ruin Ab, but pls make a free-map variant? ruins the point for gamers who can't get aberration. I know final updates are here, but please make the exception. please...? -Magmasaur103
  9. well, as long as I have more worlds besides the free ones, I'm locked and loaded. plus, I WANT ASCENSIONS!!! lol
  10. forgot to mention, I'm hoping to get one of these on ps4, so which should I buy on there?
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