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  1. I don't usually use this meme: minigun go brrrrrrrrrrr (did I use it right?)
  2. I take that as a yes well, not me, I'm talking about the kid who WAS talking about the minigun. I'm too lazy to head back and scroll through the logs: what happened? been so long since someone replied to me
  3. again as I say: a minigun can fire a bunch. this may just be a mini-version of the big mountable turret already in game
  4. not to assume anything, but I thought you were austrailian when you said 'mate'. but yeah, I'd go with your response. I'm trying to think in the online perspective so much here. there's always some sort of person who may doubt WC, but yet they're just trying to make the game a bit more fair.
  5. it's a deployable machine gun/turret. ever read descriptions? plus, to add on, DO YOU NOT SEE THE BULLETS FLYING AND FIRING FROM MULTIPLE SPOTS IN THE BACKGROUND PICTURE FOR THE MINI GUN ITSELF!? Edit: seeing as some other comments have said otherwise about your comment, I'm sorry for my behavior. I just didn't understand since I don't play in tribes. and no, I don't think the minigun is anywhere near the cannon. call of duty games may be able to help with that, just a recommendation. rat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat
  6. I'm having a p.o.v of an offliner. you're more the server guy, and I have no choice but to just do offline.
  7. fine by me. I don't get everything right away. I'd explain why, but it's personal. besides, why explain it in the public anyways, as I said it's personal.
  8. um, what? Edit: wait, this is in dutch, if I'm seeing this right. never mind, continue on with your day.
  9. well, can I just stick up for those who read the forums and not twitter? we'd prefer to have ALL info equally diverted or at the very least updated (commentary works), so we don't have to log in for one little update. this is just for those forum-only readers. hope this helps.
  10. I'd think it's best to learn about the environmental biomes first, THEN we can see the connections between the plants and where they go.
  11. I'm hyped for the minigun. I'm gonna act like heavy from TF2 and just blast every dino with the gun I'd call Sasha. the last words they hear? simple: "I am heavy weapons guy. and this.. is my weapon" they gonna get beat.
  12. anyone else notice that it says mannequin, not mannequins? not sure if that's supposed to be intended or not.
  13. well, one, I play on PS4 and haven't played ARK in a bit. two: wait until the moderators see this, they may bring something up (unless they've already seen this)
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