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  1. they pointed out in forum 270 I'm pretty sure that transfers besides character are not gonna be available. sorry, folks
  2. I apparently have to wait how long 'till I can play (PS says 99+ hours. gonna let it run for a bit, it always ends up like this.) I still get the update at somepoint. I just want the minigun, and the dolphin to annoy the wyverns on rag, valg, and C.I
  3. I don't even know anymore, thanks for asking. felt bad that you were getting that, so I decided to be obnoxious. I knew I would get an answer like this in response.
  5. easy for you to say. besides, why the heck do you keep saying "honey"? not rude or anything, this is just curiosiity.
  6. here's a little better. not much of a diff here, but who am I to talk?
  7. that would be me most of the time. believe me, I've tried not to. in any case, I'm happy there's reminders on here to keep people like me in check
  8. well, in all fairness to others, I'm just a karen, but male version. and I don't get things right away and don't usually take things how they're supposed to go. I'd say why, but disabilities are personal
  9. and I have to get used to letting people rage in here. we both have our duties lol
  10. ah, ok. and please, mind the gap, I have a whole head filled with anger issues. no excuses, I know. I'm just not too happy with all the complaints. guess I took it too far. already got three warning points, in all fairness.
  11. I have no idea what that means, but I think I'd get it if I was smarter. continue on, I'm gonna have to go in time out
  12. keep telling yourself that, it's just a lame excuse to act cool. this ain't a place to act cool, bud. take the shades off, and realize how reality works. god, this place hasn't gotten better
  13. while everyone is watching streams and videos on YT, people like me are stuck in F***ING SCHOOL!! ;-;
  14. your welcome. can't change the fact that pissed off people will roam this place, and that I can't change your mind. but just an fyi: save the criticism and all the sh*t-load of negativity for rating the game, it's supposed to be here today
  15. well, we see both sides. the only issue about this place is that it's gotten plenty, oh what's the word, "annoyed". me involved as well. as long as everyone dims down a bit, I'm fine with whatever crap goes on in here. there's always a war with one topic in mind in EACH AND EVERY forum, doesn't exclude ANYONE: how WC has gotten worse with timing and what-not. now, I can clearly see this, but to be fair and all, the games may have come with more exclusive material, and/or maybe some background design needed some work. bugs? possible. is the community all that forgiving? hell no. but to be fair, they've all gone piss-mode and I can't blame them. both sides of the fight NEED to work on something. I'ma bet this: if this keeps up the way it is... forums may as well look like call of duty: WW3
  16. criticism shouldn't be frowned on, due to the fact that telling others to quit it is criticism in a way. so technically speaking, you'd be quite the moron to tell others to go ahead and stop criticizing others. you do you, but I'm just pointing this out. and no, I don't care for the moron part, it's just and ONLY just freedom of speech. negativity combined with F.o.S is just abusing it, and most of humanity looks towards happier and more bright-sided people. I'm not one of them, but this whole comment is just a little tip for others
  17. you forgot the last sentence, bud. and also, complain all you want, not gonna change anything. forums are the least supervised, so not many requests will be heard. unlike this forum, which has gotten a good tap from the monitors. I'm thinking more towards the bright side of things. your "motivational energy" could actually be useful for speaking up without the negativity MOST of the time. unlike some things in this place, negativity can go buh-by most often. the one exception so far that I've seen is probably the online transfer or server thing, whatever it was (can't remember, honestly). negative energy? eh, go for it. ALMOST 24/7? nah. but, yeah, some things or people deserve criticism. thankfully, I'm not being a pinhead and critiquing you, you're fine. if I am? go ahead and retaliate, I could use the commentary. but still, almost time for ARK to release it's DLC in my timezone. whatever timezone you're in, I'm hoping is earlier than mine, just to give you some positive energy, like I would do.
  18. piss me off all you want, I'm starting to really just not get phased. apparently I'm hated. ok. I'm staying positive for the ones who actually need me to be positive
  19. smarts. I didn't understand a thing, but I can tell you do. don't mind explaining, I can live on
  20. well, make sure the pets keep you calm. I have pets, but I fail to stay positive at points I see this as a good thing. we actually get confirmation that this was delayed. and seeing that it was only a day, what's the point of being pissed? patience ain't a favorite in this forum, apparently. and since I'm on the topic of staying calm (see my comment above this one), I apologize if this is painful in any way. again, only a day folks, calm down.
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