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  1. Getting really close to release day for genesis hopefully there's not going to be a another delay
  2. My feeling is this is going to be some kind of capture net for taming but I could be wrong. How about some creatures for the next community crunch
  3. Well for console players we probably won't see this map until September or October . Remember how many times ragnarok was delayed on console. When will you fix the artifact spawning on ragnarok there's 20 artifacts of the immune in the dark cave near the swamp castle? The artifact of the strong there's like 15 spawning inside of the world.
  4. Congratulations on 4 years but this doesn't tell us what your plans are for this year ? What is coming next ? Are we getting more maps on pc and console? Hopefully soon here you guys will announce something soon. E3 is coming up so make a splash to keep players interested in your game. Ark needs new content it's getting stale again.
  5. Stop with the mod contests and announce something that is coming soon to console like maps or new dinos. Ark is kinda getting stale again and it needs some new content. What's next for s+ for console ? what is coming soon ? E3 is just around the corner it's time to step up and announce something. Stop being so silent
  6. Please fix extinction its still broken even with the update which you didn't address the more important things like graphics, lag, crashing, the manegarmer getting stuck in the air which is still happening on xbox, titans spawning in the ground, artifacts not spawning, etc. Love your game but it needs some quality of life updates in the worst way
  7. Ok today is the 9th of November 4 days away from release on console who thinks they will announce another delay today or over the weekend? It's what they do they like treat console players like dirt. I'm sorry but it's true we deserve better it's extremely unfair that we can't get some mods I mean at least mod maps like Crystal isles which has been in the sponsor mods program just as long as ragnarok. Oh and S+ COMING to coming to console ain't happening that was a empty promise just to keep us playing their game.
  8. Will it release on console on the 13th or will it be delayed again???
  9. you guys horrible developers. You had months to get this dlc done but yet again you fail to meet your deadline. Do you even care about the people who play your game honestly you probably don't since you continue to treat console players like dirt. You company is trash. Honestly I'm not surprised no wonder you guys are rated the worse developers. Other company's give there fans and people who play there games weeks or months in advanced if there going to delay a game but you guys wait to the last minute to say something. Ark is officially dead on console
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