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  1. "Clear winner" lmfao that's hilarious. It barely one because a youtuber influenced it
  2. Will the PS5 be getting similar upgrades as the XSX
  3. Then why is it that jist about every company ever is somehow able to keep updates near simultaneous across their platforms? How are Wildcard trash devs the only ones known for such substantial delays and disparity between them? Keep sucking them off like the good little sheep you are
  4. Haga yeah, because everyone can afford a PC that can run Ark, you're totally right. There are NO benefits to Ark on console rather than the price, and newsflash, the consoles CAN run mods, or maybe Fallout 4 and Skyrim console mods simply don't exist? Are you that stupid? And how is it "suffering" for PC to not get the mods until console does? Don't give me that crap. We get literally nothing exceot for double the delay that PC gets with virtually every update. But HURDYRR pc master race.
  5. Why should console players have to wait when we have less than 10% the content that PC has? I'm saying we SHOULD get it first because of that, but instead Wildcard lies like the trash they are about poop releasing simultaneously
  6. Just quit lying about simultaneous release on all platforms. You guys prove time and time again that you dont care much about console players. We should've been the first to get Crystal Isles official, since PC already hass dozens of times more maps, but no. Just stop.
  7. Ah, so yet more things console players can't do. Really feel the love.
  8. So, did you guys just completely decide not to do TLC 3? With was said to come with this update in an earlier article.
  9. Also, did you guys decide to not do TLC 3? You guys mentioned it would happen this summer, but no word of it here
  10. "Later this summer for consoles." Freaking wonderful. The people with the least content have to wait the longest, instead of you just releasing them all simultaneously. Thanks Wildcard, really feeling like you give a crap about us At least the new dinosaur looks cool.
  11. So I guess you pathetic excuses for dev's aren't even going to talk about how the ps4 version is still broken
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