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  1. You'll be able to check it out on any PC server.. because, you know, it will be released on PC
  2. Careful now, the forums don't take kindly to rational people
  3. Well, this is a bit disappointing, sure, but not abig deal. A week delay isn't a huge deal, but you guys seriously should have given us more of a heads up. This was the reason you guys canceled the Halloween event. And, honestly, can a week be that much of a difference? I'm sure the vast majority of people would be fine playing on a buggy extinction for a week rather than play NO extinction for a week. That being said, still looking forward to the DLC, and this will give me some time to memorize the wikis fir the new dinos!
  4. You're wrong, the date for Extomct had ALWAYS been November 6th
  5. That's not how corruption works
  6. PikaSaurus

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    You can change it on unofficial
  7. This is a fat load of bull. If they loved the first trailer, they could just buy the damn base game. Still over 100 Dino's without sci-fi animals. The vast bulk of Sci-Fi is in DLC, which is OPTIONAL to buy. Get off your high horse
  8. Guys, call.tf down. Tek parasaur is obviously for jewer players to get their hands on a Tek dino, as Tek-Rexes aren't exactly easy
  9. Really? Only a week with these awesome colors? Why not just have them last for the entirety of Extinction Chronicles 2? Or are new colors going to be soawning starting tomorrow? This really blows
  10. Yes, you can compare mods to exclusives, because it's THOUSANDS OF THINGS THAT CONSOLE PLAYERS HAVE NO ACCESS TO. PC can have any of the hundreds of mods when they want, and if they CHOOSE not to, then that's on them. Console players DON'T have that choice. So yes, you can compare them.