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  1. Honestly the devs should consider nerfing the griffin, it does way too much dmg for a flyer, it also does the damage so quik that you have almost no time to respond before you die.
  2. Good to know we are getting yet another raptoring flyer, like we dont have enough of them already, flyers have always been meta and now with a new flyer that could have a tek saddle from what the pic shows
  3. my dissapointment is imessurable and my planned schedule for content is ruined, i understand why, but there goes my schedule. Hope it wil be worth the wait to be able to experience the genesis simulation.
  4. Dear wildcard, can we transfer over our characters from small tribes servers when genesis comes out or wil we have to make new characters? thanks in advance
  5. Dear Wildcard, please consider making new achievements which intern give us the limited time event skins we cannot obtain at any other time or some new inovative skins we've never seen before. The community would apriciate it alot, especialy the PVE community
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