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  1. Ok, new Winter Wonderland event and Astrocetus Will be there the Chronicles #3?
  2. Wait what, a zombie saber in the banner? Was thinking there would be a skin for it but can't find it anywhere...
  3. Please someone make an Ark comic series - that would be GREAT! Also, amazing arts too!
  4. Amazing cute felt jerboa The other arts are also very good
  5. A friend on the Rag server I play in got a Duster (that's how I call those Gachas) low lv mated pair and made clones for my tribe. After a little time I could make enough Shards to clone then and make even more. Feeding then Owl pellets and tons of stone, Crafting set to 160% (after reaching this, no need to level it anymore). On singleplayer I used the command to spawn gachas and Dusters are really difficult to appear.
  6. The reputation goes for those who buy or sell dinos and stuff using the forums for the deals
  7. When I started playing on OC-PVE-Official-Ragnarok69 (before it became OC) it was very fast and with very few issues, now it's almost impossible to do anything close to decent, because it lags, slingshot back, lots of flying fishes and moonwalking dinos and players (including me) getting disconnected all the time. Can't fly long distances or even farm meat for dinos.... Breeding is a pain, because the 8-hour imprint interval now became like ±10:30 hour and if you freeze the dinos you can risk one getting cryo sickness Can't even think of doing a boss fight with the tribe, it would be suicide.
  8. Didn't make any of the new kibbles, just checked the official Ark wikia; the new kibbles spoiling in only 2 minutes? If that's true, this makes near to impossible to keep extras for imprint or when you find a dino and noone from the tribe is on, not including need to have a quetz with generator/fridge to carry kibs to the dino... :C
  9. I'm not going to buy Atlas - the idea of a MMO didn't get me hyped. Ark is still buggy (with some bugs hailing from EA and not fixed) and Center map still incomplete (hello, Center creator, where are you?). Sorry WC, this news didn't amuse me. Please end fixing the you started (Ark) before starting developing another ove. Certainly the community will thank you lots.
  10. Reworking the kibble system will finally help to diminish greatly the need of egg farms on Official servers, something that only helped to cap many PvE servers Well, that and cryopods too - lost too many breeding events because cryopods didn't arrive back then As for picking-up parts, omg that's great! no more losing tons of mats because of misplacing a ceiling or wall
  11. Found one purple yesterday (on SP) and had to quit after 22 waves (RL stuff). Didn't see the OSD parts moving (which I hope marks how the event is going). Anyone got it to the end? If so, how many waves?
  12. Playing singleplayer here, got the same problem Already got a ton of scrap metal resting inside forge. But, still on 1st week, bugs were bound to appear anyway.
  13. Is it only me that I hear Pacific Rim's theme when I see the Jäegers - er Meks?
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