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  1. AstrihKonnash

    Community Crunch 145 & ARK Digest 53!

    Não acredito que os dinos vão sumir, mas mais dinos vão com certeza comprometer o cap no PvE (e aqui o pessoal escreve em Ingles, vc não espera que eles venham entender o que escrevemos) *translating* "The dinos will vanish? Because with each dlc there are more mythical and exotic creatures and less dinos." I don't believe the dinos will vanish, but more dinos will certainly mess the PvE cap (and here everyone write in English, you can't expect they will understand what we write)
  2. AstrihKonnash

    Community Crunch 145 & ARK Digest 53!

    Would love to see more info about the cryo pod and if (great hopes here) it will help about dino cap on PvE (storing dinos in "pokeballs" thus opening cap - and worried because heard they got a spoil timer)
  3. A 2x breeding/maturation event while the dino cap is looming all over the official servers? You can't cook eggs, mate dinos, transfer between servers or even tame a single dodo.. Sorry, WC but every day everyone complains about the cap after killing all their worst dinos to try to get a new one and failing miserably >_<
  4. AstrihKonnash

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    *sigh* I've waited about 2 years between WoW expansions and now I see people whining about waiting for 5 months... Ark is closing for Extinction, not the (real) world >_<
  5. TJ, Elinor and many other players from PvE server 33 are very fine players in what we all called "one of the finest Ark communities" - I started playing Ark last year in January (hit 3k hours recently) worked a lot to buid my place not only a good base but my name as a good and fair player too I admit I've been basically going to 33 more to keep dinos fed and stuff refreshed since the new servers opened and part of the players (including me) went to Rag 69, but I still go there and meet and talk with the friends I made there. But hey, can't dedicate all my free time to both servers evenly.
  6. AstrihKonnash

    Legacy Official PVE Server Backups

    @Jen Any news about WC making new server backups? The one I wanted (Legacy PvE 33) is still from November...
  7. AstrihKonnash


    Flying also avoids turning around rocks, mountains (and mountain paths) and crossing large water places and allows you to reach. I'm not ranting anymore about flyers (as I did back then - and I only play PvE), except about the quetz... crossing Rag map on a metal-ingot loaded quetz is a pain.. Must be worse on Center because its larger (but never played that map)
  8. AstrihKonnash

    How did you die last?

    Fast-traveled to a bed to refresh place instead of flying there.. forgot there was no walls yet and a Spino two-bit me to death WC could make some Achievements for funny deaths; like pressing E while flying or jumping from wyvern while it is still breathing
  9. Why the update on Saturday, when most players are active (after that update fiasco that made almost all players unable to play for a couple days) and why Valentine event in the middle of the week, when most are working?
  10. AstrihKonnash

    Patch 277 Nerf To Tank Dinos

    Sadly everything WC does affect both PvP and PvE... flying across (PvE) Rag map (make that all maps) on a nerfed quetz is a major PITA
  11. AstrihKonnash

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    I think the amnesty (sp?) was given because many players would be banned after.. almost 2 and half exploit years? (no PvP player here) I do really hope they fix the duping so they remove the timer for transfering items. And yes, some further explanation would be nice from WC.
  12. AstrihKonnash

    3rd DLC Guesses

    True, it's a declared hint for the incoming game WC and SnailGames; Ark Park Also, I peel pity for the fated Scooby-gang (Rusty, Emilia, Boris, Trent and Imamu) <- forgot to include that on last post And hope Santiago can now appear on the (future) Explorer Notes
  13. AstrihKonnash

    3rd DLC Guesses

    Thanks for my missing points, need read the notes more carefully About the clones subject, some of the Survival's notes (mostly Helena and Rockwell, as well as Raia and Dahkeya) makes me think about people being born inside the Ark.. it looked like some people lived all their lives inside the Arks, like the shark-riders on Island (that sadly has no sign of their presence) Some things are sure, Diana and her companions broke the Ark they were (because they didnt know what it was). Diana's Note #10 goes like this: "Things have gone sideways in a hurry, and I mean seriously FUBAR. Destroying that platform didn't just weaken the barrier trapping us here, it took out the whole freaking sky, or at least the giant hologram that was posing as it." So yeah, turns out this entire landmass and everything on it is orbiting the Earth like some kind of artificial space island. Wild right? I'd appreciate the sheer insanity of that a lot more if this place didn't feel like it was falling apart. We're taking all we can carry and making a break for that cave system we discovered a while back. If the atmosphere's thicker underground, then we've got a shot of pulling through. Note #11 describe the Ark's burning surface (because the sun's radiation is no more filtered?)... And Diana won't exit the Aberrant Ark because Rockwell kills her and most of her group (Helena's Notes #25) The big catastrophe I mentioned is the shattered Moon (you can see it when on Ascension, just before the Overseer fight) - or then, perhaps it was used to provide materials for building the Arks.. don't look much but there´s a lot of Arks and the mats must come from somewhere.
  14. AstrihKonnash

    3rd DLC Guesses

    Avoiding spoilers here like the plague, already read the explorers' notes at Ark Wiki. I know what happened to the Aberration Ark (how it become broken), but it's a HUGE spoiler and won't post it here. I don't know if Homo Deus created the Arks, its not clear in any point (yes, aliens could be involved, but some high-developed AI could too, like the Overseer). It's almost certain Helena and Mei Yin will appear on the new DLC. Earth passed thru some BIG Catastrophe (you see something shattered on videos, and its not an Ark. I don't know if time-travel was use to capture the Survivors, or they are clones or - this can become weird - some thingamajing algorithm, and since DNA could be used as a weird 4-based Nucleotide formula (coincidentially, the quartenary code we find on Arks).. I can be WAY wrong here, tough