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  1. Just found out three character designs on Ark official wikia page - hope to see more Helena is well-known from the teaser, quite similar to the game Ark Animated Helena design There's also Nerva (who looks quite bad@ss) Ark Animated Nerva design But Rockwell's design... he looks much younger and a lot like any Disney cartoon's sterereoptical villain - you can see he's up to no good from the beginning... I could suggest a change for him Ark Animated Rockwell design (And where's his beard?)
  2. It's a cat- erh... squirrel-platypus? Love it! As for now, Happy Holidays for WC, all the players and their families, may the bugs be smashed and 2021 come with better things-to-be
  3. WC taking out the event assets from those on singleplayer (and probably for those on private servers), making the event launch command useless As far as I checked: Event color dinos ok Event dinos no Event supply drops no Special map features (for arkeology and halloween) no
  4. Mantis is easy to make breeedable, its young looks like an adult with wing stubs instead of wings; all the others woud be even easier As for Lymantria and Dung Beetles, it can open a literal can or worms since their young are larvae, not adult miniatures... Unless WC make it so or use miniature deathworms as larvae (last one is the easiest solution I can thing of ? ) Not even talking about their pupae ?
  5. Ok, new Winter Wonderland event and Astrocetus Will be there the Chronicles #3?
  6. Wait what, a zombie saber in the banner? Was thinking there would be a skin for it but can't find it anywhere...
  7. Please someone make an Ark comic series - that would be GREAT! Also, amazing arts too!
  8. Amazing cute felt jerboa The other arts are also very good
  9. The reputation goes for those who buy or sell dinos and stuff using the forums for the deals
  10. When I started playing on OC-PVE-Official-Ragnarok69 (before it became OC) it was very fast and with very few issues, now it's almost impossible to do anything close to decent, because it lags, slingshot back, lots of flying fishes and moonwalking dinos and players (including me) getting disconnected all the time. Can't fly long distances or even farm meat for dinos.... Breeding is a pain, because the 8-hour imprint interval now became like ±10:30 hour and if you freeze the dinos you can risk one getting cryo sickness Can't even think of doing a boss fight with the tribe, it would be s
  11. Didn't make any of the new kibbles, just checked the official Ark wikia; the new kibbles spoiling in only 2 minutes? If that's true, this makes near to impossible to keep extras for imprint or when you find a dino and noone from the tribe is on, not including need to have a quetz with generator/fridge to carry kibs to the dino... :C
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