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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes


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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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11 minutes ago, Joebl0w13 said:

Remember those days as well. 

Although, these days the games are much more complicated and ambitious than those of days past.

which should require more dedicated testing before releasing to the public.  but to be perfectly honest this whole 'must have the latest version to play' bit, even if playing single player didn't start taking full effect till just a few years ago.

now adays, reguardless if its a single player or multiplayer game it seems all games want you to have a online connection, cause, 'everyone has internet'.

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Ping 255

Why.. on gods green earth .. stuck at home to do nothing ... and the ping is 255 for 3 days on and off...  here is the map. I've sent tickets, emails. Everything I can think of. No fix to the problem.






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PVE Rag Servers Going Offline Since Easter Event Started

I normally reside on PVE The Center 84, but I frequently travel to PVE Rag 81. I've never had issues until the start of the Easter event. I've noticed that the server every day so far has gone offline and disappeared off the server list for between 15-30 minutes, and when it comes back it has been rolled back.


I tried going to another PVE Rag server, this time 408, and the same thing happened there. I've only experienced this on Rag so far since the Easter event started. Never seen this issue before until now. First time it happened I was like w/e then it happened a second, a third, and now a 4th time all on Rag and it has only been 2 days since the Easter event began.


Anyone else seeing this happen?

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Server down for hour and 30 mins already

NA PVE official valguero 557 has been down for an hour and a half, no warning prior to going down and my only character is stuck in a transfer, can I expect to lose that character for good plus the 85 dinos cryod with me? 

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I've noticed this happening on Rag servers since the Easter event started. I transfer to Rag frequently and so far it has happened to me 4 times in the past 2 days, not all on the same server. Downtime is anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour usually and then when it finally comes online it was rolled back. 


I've never even seen this problem in the months I've been playing until now. Easter event starts and its happening every day all of a sudden. 

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18 hours ago, invincibleqc said:

The character you have on genesis must have been duped and is already uploaded. Go to any server where you don't have a character on, and it will most likely be in the download survivors tab. Otherwise there may be an issue with that server and it should be reported using the http://ark.gg/outage form so it can be investigated.

The character is not duped I have 0 uploads.

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6 hours ago, Patrikim said:

The strange thing is that my character is in the tribe on the other server, if he had been deleted, he shouldn't be in the tribe, right?

Your character wasn't deleted they no longer exist. If it was deleted which does not happen by the way then all tribe memberships would be gone, dinos owned and bases owned would become unclaimed. However your toon simply no longer exists so it is different as your original server will operate as if you can come back even though you can't. 

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NA Pve Official Rag 68 crashes every 8 hours.

As you can see from battlemetics, Rag 68 has crashed consistently every 8 hours for the last 24 hours. This is nothing new. The server crashes AAAAALLL the time but this was the first time i bothered to look at the downtime history. There is a problem here that needs to be addressed. 


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Hi Injection,

i'm a player of server 661. We have same problem and the same problem is even affecting server 663.

I've discovered that all of these 3 servers are related to the same IP address:

All of them respond at the same IP address but on different port. (sorry if i'm going too much technically)

As you can see during the crash, most of the time the only 3 servers that are almost unreachable in the server list are 661/662/663.

This discover drive me to think that the problem is not strictly ARK related but it's a problem on a lower level affecting the Host/Server/Virtual Machine under the Ark Server Istances.

Here below i'm giving u the official form to open ticket related to server issues, to be honest i'm sending ticket since yesterday morning and as today nothing changed.


Hope to have been helpful and a bit more responsive then our Wildcard/Nitrado friends who are not taking our beg for help that serious...



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17 hours ago, LEDminer said:

Say that to the same people who keep posting about the servers being crap.

Or the dozens of posts that have been merged with this, all which are on about the same topic.

The topic won't vanish, people keep feeding into it with their posts on server instability.

If you want to enjoy the game, play on unofficials or non-dedicated for now. That's it. Endless whining didn't help in the past, it won't now.

You even play on official or are you just here to troll the people who are struggling? This is a thread about official servers...

Because ist getting pretty annyoing loosing stuff to lags. Like the 3 wyvs we lost this morning.

"Or the dozens of posts that have been merged with this, all which are on about the same topic"   Nuff said.


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13 hours ago, Konfiidence said:

Sì, è scomparso di nuovo su di me. Il gioco si è schiantato mentre stavo coltivando l'ossidiana, poi sono rientrato, ma sono caduto a morte, ho portato la mia viverna a prendere il mio corpo, la mia rabbia e la mia argy, poi si è schiantato di nuovo. Riavviato xbox e ha detto che non è stato possibile recuperare l'indirizzo, quindi ha riavviato arca e ora il server non c'è più.

Yesterday I played too, very bad, he threw me out of the server many times and every time I had to restart the game because he didn't let me in.

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Genesis Servers Keep Crashing

I'm really in a frustrating situation so i've decided to write a post here.

I know, is the wrong forum session and this ticket should submitted thru the right channel.

But the truth is that i've made it already many times... and nothing changed!!!

There are 3 EU-OFFICIAL PVE server that are crashing since 3 days at least 20 times a day.




Every time they are down for around 15 minutes and keep rolling back.

Here below some statistics if you want to check it out:


As you will see all this 3 server have same IP address: and they have same crash problem.

The IP seams part of Nitrado infrastructure like many other server not crashing at all.

Is there anyone of WC staff or from Nitrado that can take care of the specific part of your well paied infrastructure to fix the problem???

I'm a system engineer working for big enterprise and by my prospective some problems can happen but as soon as the problem has been recognized or advise it must be fixed asap.

Where are you guys from WC and Nitrado? Why are u leaving your customers in this mess?


Thank you for a kind feedback.




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