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  1. Heracles inexpectatus was a prehistoric parrot from New Zealand that lived 16-19 million years ago. It is most likely the ancestor of the kakapo, a present day flightless parrot also from New Zealand. It stood about 3 feet tall, making it a shoulder-sized companion for the survivor. Taming- The parrot is flightless and travels along the ground. To tame it you must feed it passively without spooking it. It is an herbivore and will eat berries, however the food that applies the most progress is seeds. Roles Mimic - Like all parrots, the Heracles is very smart and can learn to
  2. Ark doesn’t have many marine mammals, why not a sea lion? Males were larger than females with bigger canines for fighting, perhaps the two genders could have different utility or maybe the males could have a bleed effect and be better for fighting while females are good at gathering? Possibly add in a pack bonus as well.
  3. Since extra life started our server has seen 3 rollbacks, not bad considering how bad some other servers have it. I would consider extending the extra life hours so that those who have been unable to play due to server stability can take part.
  4. PVE Valguero 740 has gone down twice as far as I know, once last night and it rolled back to the time before i cryod my baby magmasaur, so it ended up starving while I slept, and just now went down again. It's almost 1AM here and I have to stay up to make sure last night doesnt repeat itself and all my babies die. I really hope we get some time extended on the rates because theres no point to it when servers are down and people can't play.
  5. They made wyverns, rock drakes, and magmasaurs breedable, and I believe griffins are breedable in mobile, so why not the regular game? The only thing I can think of is “they would be too strong” but that was the same reason wyverns weren’t breedable and they changed that. Most of the utility in the griffin comes from the dive mechanic and owls have the same mechanic and are also breedable. I really don’t see a reason to keep them from breeding anymore.
  6. Yea that’s what it looked like because my cryofridges were gone and the holes in my base looked strategic. interestingly enough, they are still on our server trying to join other people’s tribes to do the same thing just under a different tribe name now (everyone else already knows of the scam). on top of that my tribe mate found their base AND the striders that they stole from him just sitting outside. He’s screenshotted as much as possible and is sending a ticket in anyways, I told him I’m not really hopeful anything will come of it but you never know
  7. I’m not the one that added them nor do I have control over it since I am not a tribe owner, I guess you really can’t trust anyone in this game even on PVE. Sucks because this server I play on is probably the nicest and most generous community of people I’ve ever seen on this game and because of that someone nasty took advantage.
  8. Our tribe is not a mega, we don’t have that many people. I very rarely ever join tribes when I play but we all look out for each other and take care of each other’s bases, our server is very friendly. Sucks that nothing can be done because this at least to me definitely should be punishable. Asking to be added to a tribe only to rob them and destroy their bases when it’s supposed to be “player vs environment” sucks for all those affected. This game encourages people to be social and create and join tribes, I feel there should be more protections in place for those who choose to do th
  9. I play on PVE, our server is its own community. We all work together and help each other and new players. Recently a new member was added to our tribe (I am not the tribe owner so I have no control over this). This player, not long after being added, proceeded to steal a large portion of the entire tribe’s tames. Not only this, but they went a step further and C4’d all of our bases. Each member of the tribe has their own base and dinos, so this person went to every house and destroyed them (including my own). I know the GM’s can’t do much for stealing dinos, but there’s
  10. Hi, I made a post that was closed the other day about my artwork being credited wrong. Im the artist that did the Allosaurus drawing. It was originally credited to norat5224 who uploaded it to steam without my permission. You guys changed it here so that its credited correctly, but its still not fixed on steam. Can someone please fix that?
  11. I got so excited to see my art finally shared and then when I saw they credited a thief it crushed me. I've reached out everywhere I can think of (twitter, steam, fb, here, insta) and no response yet. I'm not a popular artist with a bazillion followers so I'm worrying that this wont get attention. Idk how else to contact someone to get this fixed
  12. Hi, I've always wanted my fanart shared by the devs in the community updates on steam, and I finally got my wish. Except the person you credited is NOT me. I have no idea who the person you credited is. This is MY allosaurus drawing that can be found both on my instagram, and my deviantart. I go by Pacadian on DA and charyzard_art on Insta. My steam name is Charyzard. I did a whole series of these drawings including the parasaur, ptera, rex, trike, and theri. Allosaurus by Pacadian on DeviantArt https://www.instagram.com/p/BnrKce4BNeP/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I wo
  13. I just got home from work and my server is doing this. Says 0/70 players and normally a few people are on at this time. Was able to connect for a few minutes before being kicked. The server no longer has the BattlEye logo next to it and it no longer lets me connect. I'm on NA Official TheCenter 84
  14. I think tamed females should still produce milk and drop unfertilized eggs. This would make it a bit easier to raise more wyvs and also make extraordinary kibble. I think they are still strong enough and useful enough as it is so I don't think they should be able to breed, but having the milk and eggs available gives them a little buff in the usefulness department. Griffins however I do think should be breedable. They are in mobile, why not make it possible on console and PC. Snow owls are pretty much just better griffins imo, they have the same dive mechanic, they got the cr
  15. I'm playing PVE. I have not noticed any issues so far on the maps I've transferred to except for Rag maps. I normally reside on The Center, but I frequently travel to specific Rag servers (and have been doing so since before the event). Since the event started I've seen a dramatic increase in servers going offline, but it has only been Rag. Happened on different server numbers for 15 minutes to an hour at a time on average. 4 times within 2 days but it happened every time I made a trip to Rag. I have NEVER seen this happen in the months I've been playing before the Easter event, an
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