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  1. They said, they will never region lock. So why do you think they would do this with PC/Console?
  2. Val525 is crashing up to 5 times per day too. For luck it's always up again after 30 mins. Let's face it: In times of Corona Wildcard will have more and more problems to keep all 1000 official servers up. If no miracle happens we have to expect one server after the other go offline (ill workers, sceleton crew, financial trouble, lockdown, whatever) and not come back. Maybe you have luck and your server will die as one of the last, maybe you are unlucky and will lose all your stuff next week, because your server will no longer be administrated. I hope I'm wrong but this could be last days of our bases on official. Enjoy as long as you can.
  3. It's one of the server I'm playing on, too. Some weeks ago all was fine. But since then daily crashes, at least 3 times per day, sometimes 4 or 5 times. I think it's DDOS attacking from a group of players who think they own the server. If I'm right, Wildcard should region lock that server for some days to show who is the real owner of the server. Dreams ... So we have to wait until they have enough from their DDOSing.
  4. The trick is to build first a thatch ceiling where you can place the foundation below. Only the foundations with direct attachment to the boat can be build without that trick.
  5. If you really want to attract players you should offer the use of the expensive machines (industrial forge, industrial cooker, chemistry bench). Keep also an eye on the loading times. If you build a crazy opulent crafting village which needs half a minute to load, then you did something wrong.
  6. They can use everything unlocked. Sadly they can even switch on/off fuel driven machines, even if locked. So make sure your power generator is in an enclosed room.
  7. I made the suggestion to increase dino food consumption exponentially after a certain time (e.g. one week) which can only halted by podding the dino. By this way the "Look at my 500 dinos" people would be enforced to pod their dinos ... or to replace them all once per week.
  8. Bases are not the real problem. OK, you have crazy base-loading lag near big bases, but this does not halt the server, like the server freezes doing, often 30 sec long. This freezes are the real problem. If at least Wildcard would explain to us what causes the server freezes and what they want to do. So we can only assume the reasons. I think ARK has the same problem like the real world with globalism. If you remove all frontiers a thing like Corona can raging everywhere. And if ARK has no region lock, then the lag rages through the entire ARK network. Roughly 1000 official servers in the ARK network, and no regulations! Unbelievable. Wildcard, what you wanna do or do you just ignore it?
  9. Problem with Elevator Track So I built my first elevator, which was not easy to make that thing facing into the right direction. Even while increasing height of the track I noticed that each new placed track-part disables the "Call Elevator" function of the track, which can only be restored by restarting the ARK client. But now, after the elvator is ready, it's more weird. No call-function even after client restart. But I have found another crazy way to fix it: Diving into the Abyss of Valguero, coming back and then the "Call Elevator" funtion of the track is restored. I guess it's because you change the zone when you dive into the Abyss (with a small loading break). The zone loading when coming back restores the track functionality, so my conclusion. My question: Do you have such strange effects too, and is there another way to fix it than diving into the Abyss?
  10. The box is lame, so I changed from normal walls to double-door-frames as walls (without the doors). This allows an open style with a great view outside. Wild argys can't fly in, and if the square behind the doorframe is empty, they can't damage my stuff. A railing outside grants the house buff everywhere.
  11. Go to "View" then "Server" in your Steam client. Your last played server should be listed there.
  12. It's really a "rare case" to have a structure counter around ~20,000 although only 15,000 are allowed. Tell us please: How has this happened?
  13. Those large walls are treacherous, because they carry upwards, but not downwards. So use them only if you are sure they will never be hanging walls ... or you will lose a 7x10x12 pool with two behemot gates (all metal), like me.
  14. It's simply bad manner to abuse the game engine for reckless megalomania.
  15. We should have an End-of-the-World x10 bonus!
  16. Cave entrances are often hidden or underwater. Check Youtube cave guides.
  17. So his structure counter was increased from ~15,000 to ~20,000? By counting non-present pillars he would need if he would not use the hovering trick?
  18. Just saw someone on Valguero who connected 4 ocean platforms together, and the way he is arranging it shows that he will make a 3x3 mega platform (transmitter on the middle platform, one side is ready and packed with dinos). Of course terrible lag when bypassing that thing which he placed in the middle of the lake. Devs, it's only a question of time until all lakes on all Valguero servers will be packed with combined mega platforms. And the beach waters on the other servers too.
  19. Ocean Platforms, the new lag generators I had this neighbour on The Island at my old beach base, with his crazy big base which was always at loading. But now with the ocean platform it became really worse. He put that thing in front of my rafts and use it as presentation platform for his 500 dinos. The lag became so bad, I was enforced to leave that place. Wildcard, please, that thing is designed for Genesis, please don't allow it outside of Genesis. You gave the "Look at my 500 dinos" crowd a "great" tool for spamming the beach waters full with easy to build posing platforms. Whoever wants such a platform outside of Genesis can do that with a raft (which is way more time consuming to build why we don't see something often).
  20. Download it from the Steam site. Google "Ark Steam", klick the first, scroll down to "Content for this game" and select your DLC.
  21. I guess it's not really the servers, but Wildcards internet connection. Sure, some servers tend to crash more often than others, but if you avoid them you can play for months without crash, like me. Because all servers having the freezes it can only be the bandwith. That's the price of a game where all servers are connected together. I would not wonder if the ARK network produces more data than the CERN, because we have now around ~1000 official servers. But while the CERN get their internet costs paid from european citizens, Wildcard must pay it self. And for economic reasons they can't just upgrade until we are lagfree. Earlier or later Wildcard must do something, region lock, server consolidation, decreasing of dinos/structures cap ... whatever, it will be a bloodbath. Or they do nothing and ARK just fades away one day.
  22. That's sad but how should a beginner server stay a beginner server without this? It would just become another regular server, fully packed with giant bases and laggy as hell. Should Wildcard then open up another beginner server?
  23. Industrial Forge and Wind Turbine can be placed on rafts. You can't place water pipes on a raft, therefore also not the Industrial Cooker. But you can trick if you don't move the raft and lead a water pipe from the land into the raft, so you can place a cooker too. But if you move the raft the pipes and the cooker will stay.
  24. I see the Genesis rules as a try from Wildcard to prevent a map full of laghell bases. I have not bought Genesis but what I heard there is not much place to build and the water platforms are limited in height and range. Ya sure, many of you will not like that, but we all know that mega bases fully packed with posing dinos are the main reasons for lag and server freezes. And as long as you not run giant kibble farms or breeding 50 different dino types in 100 color variations, you don't need giant bases. For the crafting machines and a cryofridge you need only a small base.
  25. But the setting for "Build in Caves" was already before Genesis available for private servers.
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