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  1. Simplest tames are still those without wings. The problem with the Quetzal is the hitbox and the high torpor regen. I had 200 darts with me when I tried it, but failed. The wings are like shields, if you hit a wing, nothing happens. And you have to continuously hit him successfully over a long time, or the torpor regen will ruin your effort. I read it's better to use the crossbow and not the dart rifle, because with the crossbow you do more torpor damage. Anyway, I have aTapejara in my fridge, the next time I have motivation to play Ark again, I will try it again with the Quetzal.
  2. No, that's the trick when using the Tapejara. The driver seat can be empty. Same with the Griffin. Once I tried it with grappling at a Argentarius. That works with all flying mounts but you can only do some shots until you have to use a parachute the get back on the Argy and then get back over the Quetzal. But I was not able to hit it often enough. Maybe doable by this way but damn hard. Tapejaras should spawn near the green obelisk, have you looked there?
  3. There are several methods described in the ARK-wiki, but I think best choice is a Tapejara because it has a passenger seat from where you can use your weapons while steering the Tapejara with the "Move there" whistle-command. It's tricky and need some exercise. A Griffin is also suited, but more difficult to tame than a Tapejara.
  4. Wildcard should move PvE base-building into seperate instances like it is in e.g. EQ2. Means, players can place a door elsewhere on the map, and if they click the door a seperate instance will be loaded with only the owner and his guests in it. There they can build their usual crazy large lag-hells and do not annoy other players with it.
  5. Bitterness? Because of a game? Really? Sounds like for you there is no difference between work and a game. Your POV would be valid if Ark would be a job ... but hey, it's a game! The problem here is not PvE or PvE-players, the problem is you who thinks that real-world social-darwinism should be also applied to a game. Seems like you have lost the abilty to play, all what's left for you is fighting. I think the real reason for your bitterness is that you lose in real-life, like me and most others of the 8 billion people on the planet. Pointless how good you are, there will always be hundredthousands who are better than you.
  6. We all have the choice to either be social or social-darwinistic. Both biases have advantages and disadvantages, and both have the right to exist. It can't be said that one of them is the "right" one and the other the "wrong". Both ways in the extreme lead to doom. If all would be social, we would all starve after a while. If all would be social-darwinistic we would end up in a hardcore nazi world. Keeping the balance is the best way.
  7. From my experience on official servers the spawn places are always the same, random is only which ones are "up" at the same time. Seems like there is a limited number of hives which can be up.
  8. The real problem without region lock is the global chat, which is usually very important for a healthy MMOG. If most of the chat text is unreadable on NA/EU servers for US/EU players, then there is no healthy MMOG.
  9. Try stairs which can be "switched" to a ramp. They go easier into the ground than ramps or sloped roofs.
  10. Indeed, but cryotec should be available at level 10 or so, not at level 88. I built a large stable for my dinos when I was low level, but after I unlocked cryofridge at level 88 the stable became useless. Wildcard, if you want to prevent people building crazy large bases, make pod and fridge accessible at level 10.
  11. When I started playing ARK, I had the same problem. Therefore I played on a raft base. But I kept an eye on players who didn't logged in anymore and grabbed their land whenever I could. 3 months later I was one of those who have way too much land. So I became a part of the problem. My suggestion for a solution: Anchor stones. Each player should have a limited number of anchor stones, maybe five. And all structures which are not connected to an anchor stone, direct or indirect, should decay after 12 hours.
  12. Valgueros underground ocean has also some leeds ... but you will never see them at the surface.
  13. Play on Ragnarok or Valguero, there are no Leeds.
  14. There should be something like structure weathering decay. Means, you have to repair all your structures continuously. This would also make people think twice before they build crazy large bases.
  15. You, but others? How fast a client computer can load your massive base is also dependant from the quality of the client computer. Those with average or low quality computers suffer much more than those with high-end gaming rigs. Since the changes in kibbles and cryo-tec it's no longer necessary to build huge bases. Basically only the space for the crafting machines is needed.
  16. And you do not care about the horrible lag such massive bases create?
  17. Standing position has an influence which snaps can be used. Try a different angle, maybe from below.
  18. I would like to see region mixed servers, with pve regions on the map and pvp regions, where the pvp region should have better and more resources.
  19. Be careful. Soon all those wo can understand and speak the "technical jargon" are seen as mages and witchers ... you know what happened to them.
  20. Ok, so it's an PvP issue. Why do we PvE players must have that too? Or, to go deeper: Why are there cryopods? Isn't cryo-fridge enough? Means: you have to be near the cryo-fridge to put dinos in and out.
  21. btw: What's the game-mechanic purpose of cryo-sickness, please? I don't know this. Ok, it's totaly unrealistic that dinos can be turned in and out to pocket devices, but if it's the only way to reduce lag, I'm ok with this. But isn't the cryo-sickness contraproductive to the goal to reduce lag with cryo-tech? And why doesn't Wildcard consequently go ahead this road? Seems so 5% more passive XP isn't enough motivation for players to store their 500 dinos in cryo-fridges. There should be harsh punishments for those with a "Castle Laghell", e.g. exponentially growing food consumption for dinos outside of cryo-fridges or something like that.
  22. Eastcost time is still ~8 a.m. Wait until they got their coffee and sat down at their desks.
  23. I had this too when I first time transfered to Valguero. Reason was I hadn't downloaded the Valguero map at this time, and got no hint about that from the game.
  24. Is this an used strategy in PvP? Base spamming? Dozens or hundreds storage buildings which are mostly empty? If I ever play PvP I will try that.
  25. That's how I get my organic polymer, too. Those cadavers are not regular death ceatures, they are more like resource nodes which do not despawn. They can be found at all sand beaches.
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