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  1. The best I found was HP 31, Melee 30. Highest value I found was oxygen 33. I collected ~500 wild eggs.
  2. With a grinder you can get the first 70 levels in a few hours, so why wasting time with the notes?
  3. Some servers crash more often. Maybe more dupers, maybe bad hardware, who knows. But if you wait long enough even the most crashing server will have a better time.
  4. 998 get again nuked 10 times per day. I really had the hope after the last patch it would become better, especially because the enhanced restore was activated (where all players get kicked but the map is immidiately up again). But no, enhanced restore was only for a few days, I can't progress because any progress is nullified because of the frequent restores. When you devs introduced missions into the map in Gen1 you also introduced hundreds of possible exploits and you needed many months to iron out. And now with Gen2 the same. Why do you repeat a game design which brings in hundreds of possible exploits? The Gen2 rush is over, playercount per server is mostly one digit, and the remaining players have to deal with restore after restore after restore ... I guess the enhanced restore costs extra, but you really should enable it for all gen2 servers until you have ironed out this giant mission exploit mess.
  5. From the wiki: "Using in combination with a Procoptodon can reduce the rate at which food is consumed while giving the imprinting bonus, provided said Procoptodon is mate boosted and is female." So it's maybe longer pauses between eating compared to feeding throughs, and Procoptodons can boost that bonus.
  6. 998 get nuked 10 times per day since days. Can we have that enhanced restore where only all players get kicked but immidiately can login again because this enhanced restore keeps the map running?
  7. This is what I noticed too. I think the damage sensitivity is zero or near zero at the start until the half course. Then the damage sensitivity raises. Maybe that's the trick. Drive it rough and do not care about damage in the beginning.
  8. I wish I would have found this thread sooner, because I farmed the 3-chest-cave for weeks in the believe I would find the deino saddle BP there. But I had luck after switching to the orbital drops: 3 green BP at the first day, a blue and an ascendant BP at the second day. The ascendant BP was in a yellow drop with ring, and the BPs can be found in all 3 western biomes (snow, tundra and redwood).
  9. 998 was nuked 10 times (!) in the last 24 h. (According to battlemetrics)
  10. Made just a test too. Now jouvenile can really eat from the Maewing too. But I'm confused about the range number. The Maewing has 1170 Range but this is only equal to ~3 Foundations? If I move the jouvenile more than 3 foundations away it can't eat anymore.
  11. I guess it's intended, no more dinogates on rafts. But you still can use giant trapdoors as doors.
  12. From my experience they are starving if jouvenile but no normal feeding through present. Only babies can eat from the Maewing. They are not a replacement for feeding throughs.
  13. 998 crashes/got nuked every hour. I experienced the fifth crash today. Impossible to play.
  14. As first I built a raft, but surprise surprise, the dinosaur gate can't be placed on rafts. Is this a bug or intended?
  15. It can't be seen how the platform is supported. Maybe a gap in your pillar matrix?
  16. The large platform needs 2 foundations support below it, so just expand the base of the elevator.
  17. That could be true but where is the problem? Sure, there are differences in crash frequency from player to player, but even if someone crashes once per week ... is this really relevant if you have to wait 5 mins once per week? And there is also the safety question: If it would be possible to immidiately reconnect after a crash, hackers would for sure use this to hijack connections from other players. Should Wildacrad really bring us all into the risk of hijacked connections only for this occassionally 5 mins?
  18. Have you closed the steam client or simply made a reset? I'm asking because it works for me always, maybe it's important to close and reopen the steamclient and not only doing a reset. Or maybe you have just closed the steam client window which does not close the steam client.
  19. Restart the steam client after a crash, then you don't get this error.
  20. It's not so easy because the dupers would abuse any instant saving.
  21. I play on this frequent crashing server too and usually it was back online after ~30 mins. My hope why this time it is way longer down is, that Wildcard finally moves that server to new hardware right now. Ya I know, desperate hope, but it must have a reason why the server this time is really long down.
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