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  1. I am saying that the taming is slow although there is an x4 on the taming. Le kibble is the fastest way to tame an animal and yet it takes a lot of time. It happened to me with the taming of different animals. Anyway I'm on a PVE server.
  2. Am I wrong or the taming is very slow despite the kibble? It is several times that I jot down animals to tamarli and despite the x3 and croquettes I am taking really triple the time to raise it. But is it normal? I'm trying to get a level 15 pteranodon and I'm taking two hours with the croquettes.
  3. Yesterday I played too, very bad, he threw me out of the server many times and every time I had to restart the game because he didn't let me in.
  4. But one should understand why this server disappears out of the blue. It's already the second time!
  5. The point is not so much that you cannot access the server, but the fact of not seeing it on the list that really causes anxiety ahah
  6. Where did the na-pve-xbox official-ragnarok917 server?? go? I can no longer find the server listed!
  7. Sometimes it unlocks, but I don't know what is due
  8. After hours and hours I managed to get in, but will they solve this?
  9. But I see so many people connected, why can't I go?
  10. I can't log in to the server anymore I can't get into any servers for two days, I always connect to the host and I don't have any network problems and my teammates also have the same problem. I just can't understand what it's due to. Help me!
  11. But how do I understand that the dodorex is on the map? Because I saw strands of light in the sky and then the writing "Dododex has fled!" and I didn't understand if he had arrived or if he had left.
  12. I play on Ragnarok and I agree on everything. However, the moon on Ragnarok is also missing.
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