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  1. It's easier than you think. You just have to have your $#!+ together. The argy beak grab is a big part of it. If you have fish baskets and cryo pods you can pre-tame fish and store them for when you find a good otter. The most important thing is to have an Ichthyornis. Fish caught with an Ichthy give a huge taming bonus. You can get max TE on a 150 otter with 2 fish that are 1.5 or better. A 2.4 salmon caught with an Itchy will give you a good 83%. That said, fish bigger than 2.0 can get in the way and make it hard to feed it to the otter. This is why the beak hold is so important.
  2. Suggestion: Ichthyornis TLC "Capture & Retrieve" Yes i know most of you hate Ichthy and i understand why, but for those of us that tame high level otters they are essential to the process. They can already pick up small creatures when they "Hunt" and "Hunt & Retrieve". My suggestion is that they also be able to scoop up small creatures and bring them to their owner. It would make taming otters, monkeys and other shoulder tames much easier.
  3. Were you honestly running out of space? Because unless you had your entire map built up and your tame limit maxed, i find it hard to believe you were.
  4. I do not care for these kibble changes. The old way created a progression that you had to follow. It created focus and gave players goals.
  5. I want my single player to reflect official. I just dont want to have to deal with days long breed times because my single player wont be running all the time. there is no challenge for me in stunting dinos or harvesting. that isnt a challenge, thats just more work. The challenge is in the danger and the risk, not in more labor.
  6. I been trying to find the balance here myself. I want breeding to be quick and painless but i still want the challenge of official. I spent a good portion of my ARK life on official pvp and single player feels super dumbed down out of the box. Spawn rates and levels are by default "kiddie pool" and just because i am alone doesnt mean i cant handle the spawn of an official server.
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