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  1. better off looking in the caves for a good longneck. tame the Lio and get that loot buff, then do runs on the ice queen. After this bug is fixed of course.
  2. Are you just reporting here or are you posting on the official outage report link at the top of this page? Also, are you searching for your server or looking for it in your favorites? Some servers have new hardware as of this weekend and they wont show up in your favorites because they are on new IP addresses.
  3. Keeping large number of dino out does not have the same affect as duping. Those whom i suspect have been around a long time and have been present during the major events where our stability failed and werent here for the two hours this morning when we didnt crash and as soon as they logged in, we crashed again. I was attempting to be discrete by asking who you were in PM. I did not think you would appreciate being asked in the public forums. We didnt have a conversation, let alone a sneaky one, let alone hide a sneaky one... but thank you for calling me a coward.
  4. 68 down again and i think we have dupers. Things were fine for more than 2 hours. then the same small group that was here for all our previous crashes logged back in and sure enough we crashed.
  5. I agree. i think this was all side effects of the anti-dupe efforts. Possibly from the wide spread duping that is gonna happen during a heavy breeding event. I do not think those who have been screaming about DDoS attacks actually pay attention to the network as a whole or the would have realized that so many servers were going down
  6. 68 down again after being up less then an hour. almost exactly 30 minutes.
  7. I totally agree with your first two points. The anti-dupe patch was a disaster and we all know the servers are on poop-tier hardware. Live server staff have been hustling to replace crash/rollback losses and honestly, i have never seen them respond faster to it. People were getting the notice to schedule their appointment in under 24 hours. So i have to give them this one. As for the community and PR staff, Cedric posted yesterday on twitter that his father died. Maybe thats smoke, maybe it isnt but a lot of people have died from Covid. I cant attest to the level of backup/on-call staff but you are probably right and yes, it does seem like forum staff are ill informed.
  8. You seem to think your server is the only one out there. You understand that more than half the official network was crashing every other hour all weekend? Some servers werent even making it a full hour before crashing again. Some servers had to be put on new hardware. How much time should all that take when 10-20 servers were dropping at a time?
  9. i never said they were taken down for maintenance. You should take your own advice on reading a post. If a server goes down and has a problem going back up, they have to fix that. that may take more than the normal 30 minutes. So if you were down that long, you had a problem and it wasnt something so simple as rebooting the server. You however seem to think that they just arent doing anything about it because they dont stop to inform you every time they take a crap. I'm very well aware of how battlemetrics works and i account for the delay in query times.
  10. yeah dude.. i can come to your server and tell you that. doesnt make it true does it? You are being suckered. When they come to your server you tell them to F off and knock the server down and then laugh when it doesnt happen. The fact remains that dozens of servers have been going down all weekend and it wasnt DDoS attacks. Why should yours be the exception?
  11. its not DDoS. WC activated new anti-cheat systems that are buggy as hell. The whole official network has been crashing every few hours for 4 days. Those people who are trying to scam you are just lying about it to get you to pay.
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