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  1. for me was water dinos im on a public discord some guys says its fine others its random If its true or just a bug idk people i just posted this for people be warned and check too
  2. Hello People Hello wc after last update dinos starving in cryopods !! For player uncryo and cryo this should solve the problem ( i got more than 25 cryos full so gg ) For wc Look after this pls hurry ! people have been loosing dinos!
  3. https://9gag.com/gag/aqK6W1Y
  4. what about simple holes like the one in suken forest thats its really ez to find and never have been fixed? its not an excuse its wht we are facing ..... this update was tested for 1 mouth and now we get there is still snap problems? kibble problems? lag problems? in my server im not even able to get out from my base i try cryyo dinos for dont starve lag hits and cancels cryo....
  5. this patch is the proof that we are getting forgotten many devs went work in atlas and now a patch with so much bugs so much freezes takes ages to get fixed with out getting news or ETA community and fan base here waiting waiting and devs dont even make some post about whats happening working on its the last thing i heard 14 h ago
  6. time is passing , there isnt any news from devs...... people still waiting for: --> Why alpha dragon dont give engram and beta does? --> Why only island boss give engram when center and rag same boss as they specifided on latest patch's --> freeze in game making impossible to play breed or farm --> new kibbles still not fully working? The beta test was out for alot time and now that its out there is so many problems? whos fault? compatiblity? Wc you got alot of pressure but what we really need at this moment its some news even if they arent that good ! Some ETA for new patch?
  7. people dont cry.... i was tranfering finaly for extinction 220 dinos in cryos on me when i arrive there nothing on mE........ So yeah for me its a GG .......
  8. So after last patch something happen with tranfers can you pls fix and roll back pls?
  9. yup WC for the moment is fine with people stealing your work but if you even think about revenge you get banned ^^
  10. So this keeps happening we spend time doing drops OSDs and on end people come grief and take loot Shouldnt this be an act of grief? you can just tame a owl follow where titans are or drops camp then go and steal loot and we cant do anithing? Tek shield would prevent this but not worth putting since he takes many dmg that he dont even survive 1 wave on purple or red .....
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