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  1. LOL?????? and you blame the rates? just enjoy DILO the lag its due to the servers gen are new nothing new
  2. Server 502 PVE official is Now PVP ? and we cant connect So its been a few days server is always down and now it shows PVP and tranfers are Down..... What does this mean?
  3. I like to think people still have real life outside of ark ?
  4. WORLD is in quarantine and WC will give us some event? So every countrie is realeasing the lock down so everygamer will be at home !! Will wc leave evo event for us? ?
  5. people dont cry.... i was tranfering finaly for extinction 220 dinos in cryos on me when i arrive there nothing on mE........ So yeah for me its a GG .......
  6. So after last patch something happen with tranfers can you pls fix and roll back pls?
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