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Structure Plus Beta Feedback


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This is a thread dedicated specifically to the Structures Plus changes currently testable on our beta branch. 

Please leave all of your structure-related feedback on this thread specifically so our team is able to read through your comments and reports efficiently.

When leaving bug reports be as specific as possible. Providing step-by-step introductions, pictures, and/or videos help us speed up the bug reproduction process and help us fix things faster.

How to access the beta:


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Just a bit of feedback about structure icons and whatnot.

I think it would be nice to see brand new icons for the new structures, since they look a bit out of place when compared to all the base game structures that were already in before these additions. Also the 4x wall has both sides as the "outter" side of the normal walls respectively, which could be fixed in one of two ways. Allow a hold E option on normal walls to where you can make both sides the "outter side", or allow that change to be applied to the 4x walls.

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i don't like the way if u demo the bottom 1 all vertical row drops in the  dedicated storage even if u support it with another row is that intentional or just a bug? and the triangle foundies have the s+ look to them 10k hp and are stackable  unlike the normal ones which is very odd when using the normal foundies (tested with tek)

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  • Wildcard QA
45 minutes ago, CTheRain said:

Make tek storage able to be pincoded (pretty pointless in PVP). I dislike the chain explosive. If you guys could only make them stackable 3-4 high and get rid of that would be 10/10. Why is triangle foundation stackable but not the normal foundation.

I have added it to our notes it was there in our last build not sure what happen but i am sure it will be added back

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I'm playing on xbox and can't wait to get these updates so I dont know, if it's an option but if you could make a reverse sloped wall that goes up on top side of sloped roof just like the other half of the wall just on the top part with limited foundation attributes so they dont require a permenent ceiling and half/third/quarter walls portrait style 

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Tek stairs get the "glow" placement from tek ramps

Tek stairs look like tek ramps when destroyed on the ground



Vaults dont drop through the lowest dedicated storage:



Dedicated storage can not hold items with a spoiler timer/items that have durability

Tek triangle foundations have 2 height snappoints(not sure if intentional or not, but floor can get uneven if you arent careful)

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5 hours ago, FaaB said:

When you snap several storage boxes together, but placed on foundation, every storage boxes gets demolished, when u demolish the "base" storage box. 

For triangle Foundations there is a "Stacking" Snap-Point. But it does not work (see screenshot)

Mine allowed me to place. i have no clipping on though so that might effect it. I should turn that off for official settings testing....

Turned it off came back and it still let me snap. im using metal foundations for my test 


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I could put triangle foundations inside normal square foundations


it created a new snap point for normal foundations to clip through no problem


^^This allowed for ridiculously easy foundation stacking


If you switch the top to smooth variant. no one would ever know you stacked them20190112101915_1.jpg?width=400&height=22

if you demo the triangle foundations the ones above do not fall and are supported. i tested 1 high, 2 high, and 3 high. Same thing on all you get floating foundations


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For some reason this triangle roof sits higher than the rest even though the ceiling underneath is the same. Do note though, it was the first triangle ceiling I placed then snapped the rest off of it. 


weird half snap points inside of other triangle ceilings. it will let me place also.


Endless pick up timer on greenhouse triangles. Ever other flat triangle ceiling's timer seemed to be working properly. it counts down the 30 seconds but remains able to be picked up after. 


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