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  1. More I've had to update 3 or 4 times since I lasted played
  2. Admin comands Recently I have not been able to use any dino spawn comands I've tried with and without admincheat b4 hand and case sensitive [spawndino] gmsummon and the other with and without full BP path for multiple dinos and they show after I selected and left page yet gfi still works has any one found or know a better way to spawn custom lvl tamed dinos
  3. I was hoping you guys can add more comprehensive controls to external attachments like the controller and keyboard and mouse or just keyboard I have used them all and have limited control but still enjoy screen controls- playing on note 9 Also custom control layout or configuration for screen and external devices would be great addition this is one of my favorite games it just sucks the player community is harsh and toxic makes it hard for beginners to get in and actually enjoy it
  4. Is this available with windows app store or is it for the steam version only and how do you get the developer or modder to create stuff
  5. I was trying to come up with other ideas I had like a hangar door connection wher you could manipulate wall ceiling/sloped to would function like giant gates. Or foundations that clip funtion to a certain point where they slope to lowered or raised foundations and less sensitivity to auto clip so cycle buttons work right and add option to continue walls from ceilings to seal ground difference between 2x wall or fence foundation
  6. I'm playing on xbox and can't wait to get these updates so I dont know, if it's an option but if you could make a reverse sloped wall that goes up on top side of sloped roof just like the other half of the wall just on the top part with limited foundation attributes so they dont require a permenent ceiling and half/third/quarter walls portrait style
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