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  1. leave auto decay off its stupid on officials when u can see whos online or offline by just looking at timer you already made parasaurs so stupid u cant ninja soak anything
  2. he did it to show you guys and fix these spots i was meshed a few days ago on center ice cave because you never fix the same mesh spot since legacy i didnt lose anything cause mesher had no brain but damn the game is having a bad time and these mesh spots make ppl run away from it and we dont want that wildcard ...
  3. i don't like the way if u demo the bottom 1 all vertical row drops in the dedicated storage even if u support it with another row is that intentional or just a bug? and the triangle foundies have the s+ look to them 10k hp and are stackable unlike the normal ones which is very odd when using the normal foundies (tested with tek)
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