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  1. I've been trying to set up a linux server and i can get it to run fine with minimal launch options, my problems is: is there any decent documentation on what launch options i can put in the gameuser settings that are currently listed under command line arguments on the official wiki? Working with the wiki is like looking at a large tree section you can see every ring of every iteration and change since WC has alot of redundant options and arguments. I know that sounded kind of rambley but my brain is fried been working on this all day. I need good up to date listings of .ini options and command line arguments that isn't the official wiki because it's kind of hard to understand.
  2. Kaprosuchus

    Update on Conquest Servers

    thank ya kindly
  3. Kaprosuchus

    Update on Conquest Servers

    i don't even know what a tea/dsg even is, google is not being helpful. is it a slang for something?
  4. Kaprosuchus

    Reaper King = Strong?

    also nobody has mentioned, reapers turn way quicker than rexes.
  5. Kaprosuchus

    reaper king trade- claiming and unclaiming

    I've always just unclaimed them, let the other person claim them and laugh as it wandered off and they freaked out.
  6. Kaprosuchus

    LAN Server

    I know you can for pc to pc as that's how i play i would be curious as to the answer to this question though. I'm not sure as to the cross compatability, i do know microsoft really doesn't want xbox players playing with PC players though on most games.
  7. Kaprosuchus


    i tame all of mine in the river that flows into blue in the east the one that doesn't have a ramp. i swim around in the river with my karkinos on follow until i find one then use the karkinos to pick it up, then carry it to fish to feed it.
  8. Kaprosuchus

    end game Fixing ARK!

    who buys multiple copies of ark to make alts? you know you can just make like 10 steam accounts and tell steam they are all family to your main account using the family tools and they can share your library but with their own account since ark uses steam logins. one copy of ark=10 accounts
  9. Kaprosuchus

    Update on Conquest Servers

    so it's like playing on an unofficial cluster where the alpha tribe is snail games... was pretty sure official players didn't like unofficial servers for this reason plus the chance of the admins flaking out and closing the server, which let's be real is still possibly an issue
  10. Kaprosuchus

    Can you heal a wild Dino ?

    actually when a wild carnivore consumes a corpse it heals. i often heal wild carnivores i've caged for a tame by throwing myself in with them naked they can eat my corpse to heal. wild herbivores though? nope.
  11. Kaprosuchus

    How do you imprint tuso on 100%?

    on my server, tuso imprints you.
  12. I've seen this question so many times my first thought when i saw the title was "I wonder if this could be used to solve the global energy crisis" As ridiculous as that sounds they are probably going to roll out alot of fixes during extinction, or maybe not. I see them moving on to other projects after extinction though. It's more rewarding to work on a game from the ground up using lessons you learned from earlier games.
  13. Kaprosuchus

    Ragnarok Underwater Caves

    Like pretty much every map but the center, the ocean is very lack luster since underwater building sucks and most map designers run out of interest/time before they get to their "wonderful underwater ideas"
  14. Kaprosuchus

    New Creature: Glyptodon

    we have the doedicurus and roll rat. ark already has enough redundant creatures that sit around people's houses to help complete their pokemon-esque obsession with collecting all the animals.
  15. Kaprosuchus

    Remove Implant

    because the former would be funnier than the latter. kind of like conan exiles.