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  1. Kaprosuchus

    Ragnarok Underwater Caves

    Like pretty much every map but the center, the ocean is very lack luster since underwater building sucks and most map designers run out of interest/time before they get to their "wonderful underwater ideas"
  2. Kaprosuchus

    New Creature: Glyptodon

    we have the doedicurus and roll rat. ark already has enough redundant creatures that sit around people's houses to help complete their pokemon-esque obsession with collecting all the animals.
  3. Kaprosuchus

    Remove Implant

    because the former would be funnier than the latter. kind of like conan exiles.
  4. Kaprosuchus

    Shooting off of flyers

    you have never been able to shoot from the back of birds in unmodded ark. ever. except for griffins
  5. or they swat bugs with a hammer, break the table then tape it back together with cold cuts.
  6. Kaprosuchus

    Giga spawns

    disregard this
  7. Kaprosuchus


    i think they should suffer the ill effects of things they steal, pegos and ichthyornis. oh no! pego just stole one of my grenades.... :3
  8. Kaprosuchus

    Someone stole my base

    you may be poor in dinos, but you are now that much richer in wisdom.
  9. Kaprosuchus


    I assume that the water in the garden plot probably washes the beer out of the soil. why would you want drunk plant species x?
  10. that's great, what am i even looking at? i've never experienced this bug
  11. Kaprosuchus

    Mutations and level do not seem right...

    essentially wildcard decided they wanted to add a system for mutation then threw out a bunch of random ideas on a table on cards and let a cat chasing a laser run around knocking cards off until enough were left to decide on a system
  12. Kaprosuchus

    tek dinos

    I took the time to reread your original post in case i missed something. i saw you complaining about the tek elements which i believe i addressed. as far as balance goes.. I personally feel the griffin was a mistake and agree with your comment on the flier speed nerf. I feel clustering ragnarok and the center in with the story maps was also a mistake as the maps are designed by different teams, wildcard likes to create maps with focused resource control to stimulate pvp and well... resource control. the center was designed to be flier heavy because at the time fliers were the.. meta? not sure if that is the appropriate word. Ragnarok you can't walk 10 feet without tripping over resources and 130+ tames. When all the maps are clustered together what you get is a very unbalanced experience where some maps are played heavily and some (scorched earth) are used as giant dino parking garages.
  13. it's gonna be a shoulder pet that hoots to alert you when night falls and flies off leaving you if you become critically injured
  14. Kaprosuchus

    Tell your favorite time for an earthquake

    honestly you guys covered all of them for me. earthquake is probably the worst thing in AB besides meshing and rockdrakes leaping the wrong direction after grabbing an egg
  15. Kaprosuchus

    Starting off on official?