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  1. on our unofficial server that is unmodded when the wild astrodelphis pass through the bridge in space they are no longer tameable or respond to anything. also grabbing them with the skiff also breaks them. is this intentional?
  2. I do other things, over time doing any activity for a prolonged period of time will lower the dopamine you get from the activity. try taking a break and playing or doing other things for a while, when you come back you will be fresh. loss of interest is a natural human thing, it's not something that needs to be fixed my dude.
  3. I'm sorry this is frustrating you. have you considered playing on unofficial servers? they are generally way better and more stable because you don't have hundreds of players trying to do laggy crap on them. usually when i am unhappy with a free service i try a pay one so there is more accountability.
  4. no microsoft doesn't have to certify steam games unless the steam version also utilizes microsoft's gaming services as well, and the steam version does not.
  5. i see alot of people here complaining about the release date like they have never dealt with wildcard before.
  6. when using tpcoords you treat all the biomes as one large map not seperate maps. tpcoords works fine there.
  7. why do you care about hype? you either want to play it or you don't at this point.
  8. it's going to release at 11:50pm pacific time so that they can then tell us that it was technically july 2nd.
  9. ark 1 will eventually come to an end not soon but nothing is permanent. if they ever decide to pull down official servers completely they would most certainly provide you copies of the saves so you have all your stuff.
  10. eh it's just a trailer. hell it's an early trailer at that. they were just trying to find a more visual way of telling us it was coming, than just telling us
  11. eh i don't really need more oversight applied to me on how i use my software. i have run a cluster for years on my own hardware for alot of my friends and a few new friends. I don't need a third party authentication server. people want so hard for this to be a mmo but it is not. the official servers are offered as a free of charge service since the game and software itself is perfectly capable of running without it. if they want to add some sort of special back end on their official servers to force these changes, fine. i just know wildcard's track record when it comes to negatively affec
  12. they are releasing ark 2 to lay a better foundation and to also get paid for their work and more importantly to avoid backlash from the sunk costs crew who will commit suicide if one of their top tier mutated dodos accidentally gets eaten by a bug. the work they need to do will wreck most saves so... better to release a sequel
  13. they are working on genesis 2 still you will prolly see stuff after they have finished up genesis 2
  14. i disagree with the OP on pretty much every point. i think he needs to vote with his wallet. it's an early trailer, plenty of games do them and the final product rarely looks the same as the earliest trailers. it was designed to reveal what they were working on in a visual manner as opposed to text.
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