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  1. I mean that's your call i was just trying to shed some light on the process. I mean the fact they mentioned it could be modded means it's obviously a resource issue on their part and they don't mind players doing that work. if it's a deal brekaer for you i don't really know what to say.
  2. to all of you who are complaining about third person view only, it is probably a design choice so they don't have to waste resources trying to make a dodge roll look correct in first person especially if they are going to be designing a heavy movement oriented system. I mean, i dunno i am not like a part of the team, i just know if i was going to be designing a game with alot of that sort of movement i probably would enforce third person as well. *shrugs* plus parkour just looks cooler in third person.
  3. my first experience was.. like.. november of 2015 maybe? i dunno tbh. but i remember i spawns on the east beach in the south east part of the island, on that sort of trench bordering the swamp. my first experience was me and a friend spending 3 hours trying to get a titanboa out of our house because he decided to take up residence. i remember another friend had our bronto on follow and forgot and lead it out into the ocean and it dround. another tribe mate took our first quetzal into the swamp and didn't know how to use whistles and it died because a big bit him and the quetzal got in a fight with a swarm of bugs and got really high in the sky. all dumb things
  4. oh, you are offended. gotcha. see that isn't how you put it, just semed like you were trying to invalidate my opinion because it was contradictory to yours without really providing any data to take your opinion into the realm of fact instead it's just another opinion that differs from mine. i can't really do anything about offended, i mean i could apologize but it would be insincere and i don't really think an insincere apology would make you feel better.
  5. your response doesn't feel well thought out. seems like you are trying to belittle and demean my opinion by linking me in the minds of the reader, to people who get up in arms and compare everything to the world's worst woes instead of actually refuting anything. you could have just as easily just face palmed and moved on your way. It's not "digital slavery" sharecropping wasn't slavery. sharecropping was the act of letting others utilize your land to grow crops and do all the work in exchange for a cut of your profits. All digital media content platforms do this now and the proceeds content creators get is small compared to the profits the platforms themselves reap. All i was saying is that I personally do not have any interest in participating in such a process, and whatever snail games decides to cook up i guarantee you they will be profiting more than their content creators from the relationship, hence the sharecropping analogy.
  6. I have 0 interest in virtual real estate it's the digital equivelant of sharecropping from the slave days.
  7. honestly the story didn't feel very engaging to me until extinction and onward, it was practically non existent unless you read the notes
  8. yeah if you have the capability to do what you set out to do then do so, if you are asking if you bit off more than you can choose? that's amazingly ambitious honestly. i'd enlist a little help if you want it out in any decent amount of time.
  9. I'm sorry this is frustrating you. have you considered playing on unofficial servers? they are generally way better and more stable because you don't have hundreds of players trying to do laggy crap on them. usually when i am unhappy with a free service i try a pay one so there is more accountability.
  10. they are working on genesis 2 still you will prolly see stuff after they have finished up genesis 2
  11. I totally get that. word associations are important for communication, hell i am fairly certain most people will call them tek wyverns, that's what i called them when i pointed them out to my wife. me: hey babe they adding tek wyverns that look like they gonna breathe lasers her: don't lightning wyverns already breathe lasers? me: well technically yeah, but these probably won't be tameable her: *starts to do inventory to make sure we can build them when they are released* me: *let's her remain optimistic*
  12. you have the capability to run your own servers and they will of course provide you with any data from the official servers if they are ever brought down. unofficial servers will persist pretty much until their respective platform does something to break the game irrevocably. for those worried about your investments, keep in mind you have probably gotten an insane return on investment on this game and they ultimately are going to cater to the people who want to do more than log in refresh your timers and feed crap then log off for another week or so, which is what most official pve servers turn into. it's virtual real estate that you didn't really pay any upkeep on other than time, which you volunteered. if they ditch their current official format just set up your own server with your friends. honestly i've been playing since november of 2015 on an unofficial server almost exclusively other than a few few ill advised forays onto official. although i did like the arkocalypse servers.
  13. you really gonna argue non copyrighted fiction?
  14. been playing forever and have done all of the sorts of things you mentioned. Them adding easier ways to accomplish tasks that i struggled to do does not bother me, it does not diminish my accomplishments. This is what progress looks like, accomplishing tasks you used to struggle with easier. It's like if the first settlers were to get angry that we have airplanes and modern cars because it took them months to travel across the country.
  15. i know it's not alot of help but what causes this usually is you upload to a server then it crashes rolling back to a time before you were on the server. Server data is saved once every 15 minutes at minimum may be longer on official servers, transfer data is saved as soon as any changes are made to it ie. downloading or uploading.
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