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  1. i'm happy to be able to build a base that can dive underwater and hopefully an underwater worth living in. extinction not having water was a huge let down for me.
  2. raptors can dismount you on pretty much anything if they can connect with you, the rider. i've had them dismount me off tall things because i was standing near something tall and they were on the tall thing.
  3. they have already been nerfed to the point i don't tame, breed, or use them at all so further nerfs will not really affect my current usage. That being said they probably shouldn't have been designed the way they were in the first place because they break every rule that wildcard themselves set in place for "rapid movement" on the map. Most manas i have ever owned could run faster than i could load the environment.
  4. people will always find a way to grief around your protections. it's best to make sure the protections don't interfere with normal gameplay. i think having carrying disabled interferes with normal gameplay. i think ORP makes people lazy.
  5. I've used the cage method on dozens upon dozens of quetzals for my breeding projects and have not had it fail a single time provided you do not remount the capturing quetzal after it has been caught and do not unload the cell
  6. but he did ask though, instead of believing what some random says. he wouldn't have posted if he had just taken it at face value. I don't really think it was worth mocking.
  7. I wish i could give you more likes. spirit paw. @MasterChief117 why do you feel the game would be better by removing options and play modes? that would result in less customers, less money, and less content for your playmode ultimately mate.
  8. not complaining they did it. was complaining that it seemed like an inelegant solution to allow lower levels to craft cryopods. I have no problems with non-tek users crafting them.
  9. i was refering to the actual center of the map like if you were trying to teleport, i apologize. the drawn map coordinates would be 50,50 yes.
  10. no, you are correct, offense is ridiculously easier than defense and it should be the other way around. It's not, so you will need to adjust your gameplay signifigantly or find an unofficial server with modified rates to balance it out. for the record, i agree with you, I just learned long ago to not build things in pvp unless you have the manpower to defend it.
  11. dropping on top of a quetzal with a snow owl and freezing it will knock it earthward. if you get a flyer that does low damage and snap at it occasionally, it will eventually make it's way to 0,0 you can build a trap on your existing quetzal's back to capture the new quetzal and tame it in midair.
  12. if you can't you shouldn't Nobody asked you to make excuses for them, that's your own denial at work. If you bought it in beta then you paid a paltry amount for it at the time like the rest of us and have gotten 4 years of gameplay out of it, that is an amazin return on your investment. It's your money, your responsibility to practice due diligence when spending it, purchasing unfinished games doesn't make you a shareholder. White knighting is a buzzword designed to shutdown an opinion when you cannot actively refute an opinion of another and doesn't endear people to you. I'm glad we have you here to throw down the gauntlet for us, "fix it or bury it" vote with your wallet. We are getting another chance to determine the fate of the franchise soon enough, if you are that pissed don't buy genesis. That's one way to impact production signifigantly, unless the majority disagrees with you.
  13. on the forums it seems like it. in the general population? probably not. i imagine the vast unspeakable majority of people who play ark don't even have forum accounts.
  14. games that only have one season pass do so because they do not have planned content past that pass. When they do, they release it ala carte because they are never sure if there will be another dlc until the current one reaches whatever metric in sales allows them to keep on milling that cash cow. ark released another season pass because they have guaranteed planned content to put in it. I think you shouldn't spend money on things you do not believe in. They won't get the message if you keep giving them money.
  15. alot of the random movements in the game aren;t completely random, it's why when you hit quetzals they eventually make their way to 0,0 on the map. there is a much higher chance of creatures that are not in stasis to move towards the center of the currently loaded area, and the player is always the center of the currently loaded area. so dinosaurs have a much higher chance of making a "random move" towards you than any other direction. the quetzals will not wander to 0,0 but they will flee there because dinosaurs that are fleeing try to move to the center of their spawn zone and the quetzal spawn zone is usually the entire map.
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