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  1. have any of you tried installing the windows client through steam? You can set steam to allow you to install things that don't have proton support yet and try to use proton with it. I won't go into too much detail, you are linux people and know how to google. and i don't want a mod or dev seeing this and being like "oh look linux people fixed linux problems" and just write it off.
  2. i love these titles sometimes, you go in expecting one thing and get another. when i read the topic i imagined these survivors getting attacked by pillars.
  3. It's hard to put my finger on it but it feels... bad? the lighting always feels bad in this game i spend all my time gammaing and it's not simply that i can't see because i never try to mess with the light levels in conan exiles. Something about the lighting whether it's day or night irritates my eyes and i can never seem to gamma to the right level ever. Maybe someone who knows more about this could shed some light on the subject? pun intended.
  4. fishing rods, meks, enforcers, scouts, not sure if the high end tek gear BPs do or not. there are no recipes outside of extinction that do aside from fishing rods as was mentioned above
  5. @Skorpa yeah i meant, those are the numbers i find comfortable for my own servers and try to find similiar ones when i play on others.
  6. i usually leave exp on 1X and taming on 4X it's quicker but not so quick as to make kibble meaningless. 10x breeding 2x gathering yield, 2X to the gathering node's "health"
  7. not that i am aware of. All of the avenues of contact with wildcard go through the ticketing system which means you will have to deal with GMs. keep in mind they cannot always discuss the actions they are taking with you if it is against another player. they also like to gather alot of evidence to make sure they are making correct punishments.
  8. I spend a large amount of time in game teaching people things. like how to build wyvern traps that don't require electricity or doors, how to properly tame rock golems, etc. but i never give people anything but my time and knowledge. sometimes i will also defend someone if i see them under duress by someone/something. and i generally answer any questions people have in global. as far as things people have done for me, mostly i've been snatched up by random flier mounted players when i got into trouble before but that was on a unofficial where i knew all the people so it hardly counts. now that i think of it i've never received help from strangers because i usually don't reach out to the community of a server until i've established myself because to me that's the fun part of the game.
  9. i have really bad luck with decorative greenhouses lol
  10. until something stupid breaks them
  11. honestly i learned more about dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures from this game then i ever did school. i was in another game besidesark and someone was like "I need to find a gigantopithecus, what sort of monster is that?" so i was like "Giant monkey" and they were like "nerd"
  12. Na którym oficjalnym serwerze grasz? Przepraszam, jeśli polski jest zły, używając tłumaczenia. Prawdopodobnie powinieneś umieścić bilet wsparcia, jeśli jeszcze tego nie zrobiłeś.
  13. I don't have alot of waking moments about ark but i did start out of a dead sleep once yelling "WE NEED TO IMPRINT THE WYVERN" when SE first came out. my wife patted me on the back and told me she would go do it. I do often try to mentally do text searches when i am trying to find things in books. or sometimes when in the store i wish they had a compare function because i hate searching for crap. if you guys have back problems try those standing desks they really help alot.
  14. I stand corrected. Crystal isles isn't just rough on the client it's rough on the server too depending what provider you use, or if you use your own hardware.
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