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  1. they are not all horrible the issues they are plagued with can be fixed by switching to a new unofficial server shop around official servers have unfair admins as well. official server rules change and are enforced at the whim of admins as well. ask legacy server people, sometimes official servers just go away when the admins tire of them as well. the thing is, you don't really know what you are getting with officials, every time i've tried them on anything but the arkocalpyse servers it's been too laggy to play. the population is just too dense. playing on a mac sucks. playing on linux sucks as well but i've been doing it for years now. steam offers the information the company provides them as well as a fairly large amount of user reviews. there are also literally hundreds of thousands of hours of video and reviews on youtube, twitch, reddit, ark's own forums.
  2. You asked a question that i have too many answers to and my brain is stalling to find only a few to list. I'm gonna go dig up the essay i wrote about this a while back and update it for extinction and valguero because i wrote it back when AB was the newest map
  3. pretty sure that eco's mods are the only mods i even bother running because they add such a plethora of artistic expression for players without making anything feel real exploitable or easy.
  4. ok so what i have noticed is that if a baby becomes a juvenile while in stasis it often doesn't realize it can eat from the trough, also i have noticed that if a baby is in stasis and the server resets the baby may need to be re-rendered in to remind it that it can eat from a trough.
  5. if it's a suggestion add it to suggestions because i agree that clipping should be allowed with terrain but not other player structures, it would save alot of wierd snapping issues too if they could disable snap points that are "illegal" in the current situation. I'm actually working on this in a mod i am working on right now but it would be great if they did it themselves.
  6. if you are having trouble finding the blueprint path for an object in the future, turn on creative mode and use the admin rifle in it's green scanning mode to look at an existing object and it will print out the blueprint path. it's how i figured out how to wipe eggs off the map without having to go pick them all up when they spoil.
  7. i am surprised this discussion went beyond the second post because it was answered correctly. it is not illegal and it's not corrupt. The fact this is even a question makes me scared for future generations. to go further i could very well request that people on my server give me their SSN and nudes, still not illegal. just kind of disturbing and gross.
  8. i'd much rather have freedom and choice than having choices taken away from me. most adults don't need to be hand held to make decisions with their money.
  9. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration#PerLevelStatsMultiplier https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration#PlayerBaseStatMultipliers this allows you to change the amount of weight players start with and how much they gain per level up which is a kind of work around for allowing people to carry more things.
  10. no only officials that are lag free are the ones that are offline filtering by ping through the lobby is a joke because the lobby server is a joke. the game isn't designed to be played by as many people play it. there could be alot more information that a server reports back to the lobby, like pretty much any configurations, metrics, mod IDs, etc, but it doesn't, it doesn't even see all of the servers.
  11. make sure you are not more than 25 power lines out from the windmill. the windmill can only power up to 25 lines from itself.
  12. i don't think i have ever actually used the kangaroo pouch for other players because of the fact they fall out frequently. i wouldn't mind if that was removed, since they aren't going to fix players bumping into objects as a passenger and getting dismounted cuz "meshing" Why go to a doctor to get a wound sutured when a staple gun is cheaper at the hardware store. that sort of mentality drives the majority of fixes.
  13. the goal of balancing things in a game is to make nothing appealing. once you internalize this all attempts at balance will make sense.
  14. i am not happy about the drag weight change but it seems pretty par for the course at this point. they really don't want people bothering with anything that isn't one of the obviously OP dinosaurs. I am guessing this also affects their ability to be grabbed by argents as well. as a breeder of procoptodons, this seems like an obnoxious change that i now need to mod around :X
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