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  1. Kaprosuchus

    Would you really quit if.....

    this guy here, that's what i'm talkin bout.
  2. Kaprosuchus

    wild stat allocation

    alright. I didn't know if the chances of a stat being distributed to changed based on how many had been allocated before but if the chance of a stat being allocated to remains the same always then that helps my understanding a bit better. thanks.
  3. Kaprosuchus

    wild stat allocation

    So I was curious when looking for some higher end breeding stock if there is a certain percentage of a creature's wild levels that can be allocated into a stat, like based on it's level when their stat allocations are being calculate. For example, a creature being spawned in at 150 not being able to allocate above a certain percentage of it's levels to melee, or hp or oxygen. or is it theoretically possible to have a animal that somehow put 149 levels into one stat as statistically unlikely as that is. This question is with regards to wild creature generation to reiterate, not bred animals. I looked on the forums and didn't see anything that answered my question specifically.
  4. I agree with this whole heartedly. high level dinos should be neat find not the norm. as it stands on ragnarok most people just ignore anything that isn't max level or close to it.
  5. Kaprosuchus

    Ichthyornis - pro and cons

    I've had alot of runins with these birds and from my experience they only "take" consumables and they do so from anywhere in your inventory. if you have an item wielded they can disarm that from you to the ground. I've never had them even aggro on me if i had no consumables, this includes walking right up to landed ones. They can also take consumables off of unconscious dinos but not kibble, so they can mess with your tames. They are always an early game tame for me because they can turn small things into prime meat for taming things easier as well as prove to be a good fighter against enemy ichthyornis.
  6. Kaprosuchus

    In-game hours

    3329 hours since november of 2015 with only one monitor and not enough ram to do anything constructive alt tabbed.
  7. Kaprosuchus

    bary or carno

    I recommend...... bears, lol. bary works well too. Bary's gain a large amount of health per fish you force feed so they bounce back from encounters really quickly.
  8. Kaprosuchus

    Any good Lightning wyvern names

    zap brannigan is the name i use for mine you are welcome to it
  9. Kaprosuchus

    How did you die last?

    was taming a allosaurus in ragnarok, megalania gave me megarabies.
  10. Kaprosuchus

    Most Underrated Dino

    ha, this so much. procoptodons now properly statted can cross a map faster than really anything if you include their super jump to scale mountains. I'd like to add the megalania. it's great for caves and it gives mega rabies. i've done alot of caves by walking on walls with the megalania with a flock of dimorphs with me to deal with bats.
  11. Kaprosuchus

    How Long Are Your Days and Nights?

    i have the ratios default on my dedicated server and i have gamma changing disabled server side because as someone mentioned earlier day/night is pointless with in game gamma changing.
  12. Kaprosuchus

    Underwater pens

    I've always just built boxes from walls it has never been an issue. if it's a taming pen i use doorframes and hatch frames. I've never had an issue producing stone building pieces. If you are on pvp metal works well of course, i don't think jamming pillars close enough to create no gap would be cheaper resource wise.
  13. Kaprosuchus

    strategy for lava cave

    which map? like most of them have a cave with lava in it.
  14. Kaprosuchus

    Moschops harvest nerfed with new rideable version?

    pelagornis are reliable at poly gathering provided you have something with weight to carry it