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  1. Kaprosuchus

    Which charge pet do you carry?

    I often wish that glowtails moved like rockdrakes when they traversed so that i could stick them to walls like sticky lights.
  2. Kaprosuchus

    light pet spawns make no sense.

    oh lore wise i am not too worried about it it's just it feels like they intended it to be the other way around but for some reason, didn't. inconsistencies bug me.
  3. Kaprosuchus

    Why doesn't the sun move in Extinction?

    because the designers of this map hated night time, alternate theory
  4. Kaprosuchus

    Managarmr vertical strafe

    needs a backwards strafe :X
  5. Kaprosuchus

    Can't harvest dead Triceratops [FIXED in 292.103]

    verified this is happening as well.
  6. Kaprosuchus

    can i turn off velonosaur spines?

    still relevant
  7. i like the emojis but facepalm is the most negative emoji i can give when i often feel alot worse about a post. Please add an emoji that represents an extreme and unbalanced amount of vitriol at a post bordering on unhealthy. I'll leave it up to the WC forum team, as they probably experience more rage at posts than any player but they can't often express it in a toxic way.
  8. Kaprosuchus

    Toxic community, Servers, and Noobs...

    I breed purlovia for the sole purpose of burying them all over the place, especially in places that are common "perches" not to defend anything, but just to drag people off their managarmrs. bonus points if the mana is on neutral.
  9. Kaprosuchus

    What is your faverotie animal in ARK??

    Ahh, yeah, that. I couldn't use one for base soaking they are too cute to voluntarily drive them into damage.
  10. Kaprosuchus


    they are fairly easy to get and breed. if you are on pvp you can fill your house with them. you need like 100 or so but if you set them to aggressive the spine shooting alone will crash most people who approach your base.
  11. Kaprosuchus

    What is your faverotie animal in ARK??

    Gasbags. they are super cute and are very fast if you know how to handle one. Probably the cutest thing in the game right now.
  12. Kaprosuchus

    Suggestions for how to do caves???

    all of these are good, i will add gigantopithecus as another option, they can jump now, they hit pretty hard, and they can throw you if you need to reach something and have no 3D movement gear
  13. Kaprosuchus

    Managarmr gets attacked by everything?

    that combines with their inability to attack in multiple directions easily is why i never use them. (the basilisk, not the mek)
  14. Kaprosuchus

    308 mana dead over lagging server

    i keep cryopodded extras for times like this, that way they come in with tons of levels from whatever VR simulation they play whilst in cryopods.
  15. how did mobile deal with that problem that differed from official PC servers? I am surprised a guy offered to unpillar for you that is actually pretty rare. @alextaff08 nobody really experiences the original official experience nowadays they boosted the rates signifigantly since launch and have evolution events frequently which just forces everyone to log in at the same time and lag everything. I can't think of anytime i had fun staring at an unconscious animal for several hours. 4X taming seems to be my sweetspot as it still retains the usefulness of kibble a little.