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  1. the server is down because they have too many people and too many things on them, and they break stuff.
  2. still cheaper than eating out for the same amount of time you have racked up in game. Not defending their messups just saying raging out on the forums isn't gonna make anyone take you seriously. Not sure what the refund process is for ps4 but i bet it's alot more brutal than steam's. I'd suggest in the future, if the amount of money you spent on this game was important to your budget, you do more research on the thing you are spending money on. There are several years worth of reviews on this game and this company to inform your decision. If you are not a new player and you've had the game for years already and you are now demanding a refund, shame on you, that's not how owning things works. You didn't give them money to hold for you until sometime in the distant future you wanted it back because you stopped having fun.
  3. find some rare flowers, eat them, lead them into a pen, tame them in the pen. kill everything that you are not wanting to tame, the hyaenadons won't get the tame option if they are close to other hyaenodons, you will have to leave and come back to calm down the hyenas.
  4. i could barely read that, please do better. they have teams to do both things you mentioned, combining two teams would not result in better results, coding is not like team lifting. If you are upset with response time maybe you should play on an unofficial server with active admins.
  5. I am not really against it, I just don't think it will solve anything. I am not sure why people are obsessed with giving wildcard their money when there are alot of free options out there already for unofficial servers. I see this pop up over and over, people basically want a walled garden but they want wildcard to do it for them because they can't be bothered. I hear that the main appeal of official servers is large community and a stable neutral game environment. I have not known it to be any of these things except the large community part and the thing is.. most of this games problems come from it not being designed for large amounts of people.
  6. made a forum account to complain about kaprosuchus nerf a long time ago, now i spend more time on the forum than in the game.
  7. good lord. i can imagine it now, the waterways will be filled with hundreds of giant turtles and global chat will be filled with people screaming "STOP BREEDING MY TURTLES, I CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO TURN THEM OFF."
  8. I don't buy things I don't have information on. I value my money too much to make purchases without research. That's why. I don't care if i am the "first one" doing things, i'd much rather give it a week and see how it pans out.
  9. I remember my first basilisk, i thought it was a new resource so tried to pick it, then fled back to my house, not knowing how well they could climb, i didn't have a roof on yet so the basilisk took over my house until he eventually decided to despawn or someone else killed it/lured it away i don't know. all i know is i just decided to built a new house elsewhere and let him have it. I think my worst harrassers were ravagers. they systematically destroyed everything i had until i could saddle a spino.
  10. I started in both maps fresh with no transfers. I found the city in extinction to be fairly easy and there were no serious environmental hazards to look out for. in abberation i was constantly being harrassed by predators no matter where i started and i remember at one point looking out of my wooden house at like 20-30 death pile light shafts. Of course my experience is from the perspective of playing on a lightly populated unmodded unofficial server with rates comparable to the evo weekend. I am sure some people will wish to disregard my experience as "not real" but i figured i'd be honest.
  11. I hope it isn't beginner friendly. aberration was the best expansion because of how difficult it was to progress in and you often had so many bad starts. Extinction was too easy.
  12. They have different people working on new content from the people working on bug fixes. coding isn't like lifting things, more people does not equal better outcome. There is a sweet spot where you reach maximum efficiency and adding more people makes things worse or has diminishing returns. This topic shows up regularly. Thing is, they could fix everything if they went back down and reinvented the game but people would lose progress and they already said it was easier to just release new content. You guys have already told them you would refuse to buy a brand new game, why would they put the work in for a brand new game?
  13. I am sure you've gotten plenty of answers and people telling you how you are wrong. I'm not gonna do that. I'm just going to tell you that I am sorry this happened to you and that you lost your things. I hope you feel better.
  14. I found those in the patch notes, i run a linux script to launch my cluster from my own hardware. I just add them into that script. but do not add both i think they are mutually exclusive. if you are renting a server you will have to consult with their documentation or staff. it was added for pc in server version 304.445. I am not sure if ps4/xbox has caught up to it yet but you can find the patch notes on the forum.
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