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  1. you know man i actually agree with you believe it or not. I don't feel like magmasaurs should be affected by the lava spit. That is my opinion on a design choice though, not a bug, and it's a design choice i can work around.
  2. if it is near the sea you can built a tuning fork shaped pier out into the ocean a bit and lead the giga out and off it in between the "arms" of the tuning fork to dround it. trap it and shoot it with something if you can't get it to the sea.
  3. people are made of meat, we eat meat, and we love to mate with other meat. but if i ball the meat up on the end of my arm and strike other meat with it, it will damage it. we're also made mostly of water, that should make us immune to water pressure. FYI lava is molten stone, silicate, and metal, that is some heavy stuff my dude.
  4. gasbags forcing tek skiff to land every time i try to put my gasbags on my tek skiff it auto lands and won't take off. gasbags only has like 1000 weight worth of garbage on it tek skiff can hold 16k weight. is this a bug?
  5. you shut down the only suggestions i have OP. alot of people here will tell you that technically there is non prime real estate to build in on official servers but personally who pays to buy a game and essentially live in the ark ghetto hemmed in on all sides by greedy bastards trying to gentrify your neighborhood into a park with the cunning use of pillars.
  6. hehe roughly the same problem when i tame them in a box. once they get out they tend to despawn completely on me when they revert to small form after a rampage. i've yet to tame one successfully.
  7. yeah this making it a pain to farm in the volcano with my gasbags because he seems to stall out right around the top entrances to the volcano caldera. i was puffing about to get element and normally when he hits the roof of the world it takes time for his buoyancy to shift, but this "barrier" just causes him to lose all buoyancy no matter how much i expend gas and it's annoying. thanks for your insight.
  8. the short answer is that you can't transfer anything from official servers to anywhere else that isn't also official
  9. gasbags altitude bug Gasbags when it reaches a certain height that is NOT the normal top of the map suddenly loses all ability to move upwards and gains like... normal weight during flight? don't know how else to explain it. Basically i've tried this on the volcano and the ocean and after a certain point i can't getthe gasbags to even get off the ground all he can do is waddle along until i move him further down the volcano paths.
  10. dude you specifically asked people's opinions on genesis, you can't then act like the opinion was unsolicited. especially on a public forum
  11. i did try changing my taming group and i can whistle attack other dinosaurs like my megalodons and basilosaurus, i was just curious because i haven't owned a pelagornis since they were first released and i wasn't sure if this was just one of their behaviors or it was a genesis specific behavior.
  12. weird things with my pelagornis on genesis so i tamed a pelagornis on genesis and was gonna use him as an attack bird for hesperornis in the ocean except he ignores the attack this target whistle. is this like a normal thing they have always done?
  13. Yes, that's pretty much it. the guy who made the center map, and the guy who made s+ were both hired on at wildcard, i think the s+ guy is working on atlas at grapeshot now. correct me if i am wrong. thisss man i would love the devkit to come out
  14. yes and the s+ mod was discontinued by the original creator and made open source if i am not mistaken. mod developers are expected to update their content to be compatable with wildcard's changes, like every mod. the sponsorship is a program where they pay real money to modders they like to continue developing their content. We can argue about this as long as you like but in the end they are allowed to do whatever they wish as long as everyone keeps paying them for it, as long as they are transparent to the consumer, which they are.
  15. "let's give players a way to get some use out of garbage rewards and items, like some sort of grinder, but not for genesis"
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