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  1. even though they are both PC, the steam version was so intimately tied into the steam back end it's best to think of them as different platforms completely because they had to make alot of changes for it to work with the EGS.
  2. I don't know. the game might have dismounted you into an insta kill volume. I have all that stuff turned off on my community's cluster and I have not had any problems.
  3. well considering almost every complaint on the forums is official only problems it's hard for that to not be the answer to most problems.
  4. all of the stuff that players are afraid of about unofficial admins, official admins/wildcard have already done to players on official servers.
  5. unpopular opinion: Mutton should have never occupied the tier of taming food it did. It made no sense. I'm glad they changed it. bring on the facepalms.
  6. Yikes, i don't even play anymore and i found this reason to be lack luster. It's not respectful to postpone a release of something that brings people happiness so that we can sit and observe something that makes people miserable. It's just an excuse. Hope you guys enjoy your summers of RL violence and pandemic. Get out of your houses and in the streets and get some covid and beatdowns y'all.
  7. I think you are having a problem that has been around a while. if this post doesn't help that's all i got man https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/353915309347748338/
  8. any time you play on anything other than single player your character and all progress belongs to whomever runs the server and they can do whatever they like and you have no recourse other than what is granted by the owner of the server. Same as with every online game ever.
  9. this has happened for a long time on my unofficial. it seems to happen more frequently if people try to upload things quickly. lost an entire obelisk full of cooked metal due it last week.
  10. play stupid games, win stupid prizes. if you play on an official server you are subject to the whims of the people who own and operate the servers just like any unofficial server and you have no recourse unless they themselves feel the need to grant it to you. Join an unofficial server where you can maybe interact and get to know the local police instead of having to submit pleas to uncaring deities
  11. there is a pop up prompt now asking if you really want to eat the fertilized egg.
  12. there is no point in them. i tamed two of them for the experience and haven't unpodded them since.
  13. no. the mutation, once it happens, is part of the base stat. in the example you mentioned, breeding them would be either a 30 or a 22 without mutation. a further mutation could put the stat of the child at 24 or 32. iI you get a mutation on a lower stat between a pair you should discard that child.
  14. also my bears are having trouble getting at them
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