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      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. dinosaurs should want to breed

    i use the "follow me" targettable whistle once breeding has happened on each dino, turn their wander off, then release them from follow as they do not wander whilst following
  2. dinosaurs should want to breed

    actually if my dinosaurs would eventually mate on their own that would be fine too but "wandering" doesn't really create a hierarchy of needs that we are "allowing" them to observe instead of reacting to our issued commands, that would be amazing. "wandering" just makes them randomly try to walk for no reason or purpose.
  3. Attack repetition

    let's not forget hand cramps
  4. gasoline Aberration Gasoline - 2 Suggestions

    so i've never really had this issue. the larger the tribe the larger the resource consumption, i get that. but it also means more hands doing crap. tell your tribe mates to get off their ass and get oil or start pulling dino privelages. if you can't tell whoever is in charge you need help because you can't get that much oil on your own. with 40 tribe members you should be able to scour any area with oil in a matter of an hour. If you have alot of people not online often... well maybe you should let them know that if they are going to use stuff they need to replace stuff.
  5. dinosaurs should want to breed

    the "set to wander" option really serves no other purpose as dinosaurs can't really even graze and feed themselves. Please make my dinos stop wandering away while i get them to breed, it's supposed to be an enjoyable experience but it ends up feeling kind of skeevy when you have to essentially trap them both in a box and be like "NO YOU CAN'T LEAVE UNTIL YOU HAVE SEX"
  6. Glider Suit + Tek Armor (Rad Resistant)?

    if it were me i would design a slightly blingier looking suit you unlocked through fighting rockwell. you would craft it using existing pieces of tek armor combined with whatever they decided you need from this ark. it would add hazmat properties that would consume helmet energy, and the rocket punch would allow you to stick to walls like a climbing pick. also maybe possibly they would at some point let us remap tek suit controls. main reason i never use mine.

    they added an option for unofficial servers to remove that animation so they know it's something people hate. The fact it's still on official servers after that addition does not bode well.
  8. tek refrigerator, something with "stasis" in the name. possibly longer spoilage reduction, restacks contents occasionally. tek vault of some sort that can teleport contents between other vaults in the same power grid, possibly auto sorting to vaults with specific names. possibly more storage. make tek trough restack contents occasionally. also, planting a crop in a larger plot than needed should have higher maximum yield since there is more room than needed and they take up more in game real estate.
  9. industrial grinder produces organic polymer

    that is the idea but it's not really an issue. given the returns on the grinder it would be just as much work to make crap to grind up as it would be to just go farm the obsidian and cement paste. Logic would dictate that when organic polymer is "worked" into products it loses it's degredation because the products made from it do not degrade and fall apart. Why would disassembling it suddenly make it "raw and unrefined" again. If anything the current model just makes it easier for people to monopolize resources, none of the story maps have super spawns of obsidian anyways that are not easily monopolized.
  10. What Animal Family do you think the Reaper is in?

    Honestly I don't think it was descended from anything. whoever runs the ark has proven time and time again they can tweek and combine dna into whatever they want. I think this is a predator designed with a purpose, that purpose being to keep people out of the "personnel only" areas of the ark. it is not coincidence that they can ONLY reproduce by infecting survivors. SUCCESSFUL evolution always serves a purpose.
  11. lost a crab to 40 something rock drakes crawling under him, yes that is alot of rock drakes but he could have killed them if he could have fought back. instead i sat and stared at him die for 35 seconds
  12. Paracer use on Aberration? (PvE)

    I use mine to gather vegetation for consumables, used it to gather thatch a while back. with a pack of something like ravagers escorting it i use it as a mobile respawn/crafting platform when i am out building outposts. Tried using it for karkinos but i developed a better raft rig for taming them. I tamed 25 of them so they also tend to make a good defensive army as well.
  13. The best dino you ever tamed

    tusoteuthis with 45 levels into health and 41 levels into melee
  14. Dragon Boss

    I usually bring two yutas just so they are mate boosted. and replace rex army with therizin army with sweet cakes. unless that's been nerfed recently. been a few months since i did dragon.
  15. How do you raise wyvern with a full time job?

    very necroed thread, you guys do realize this was posted like in august imprinting rates are much more lax now.