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  1. i play pve and this is how i deal with it. i pack enough velonosaurs into my base to ensure that if they are agitated it will crash anyone who isn't running a state of the art pc, and even then it will kill their frame rates. when the velonosaurs all start flinging spines everywhere they tend to stick them in eachother too which doesn't really cause damage but the client has to draw in every single spine. I personally don't know anyone who can suffer that many spines on their screen and still be able to move swiftly enough to avoid the corrupted they are leading. i have successfully deflected 4 seperate attempts that i am aware of with this exact strategy. works really well in pvp too but not as good as pve
  2. I wish i could give you more than one like for this. I am so tired of this crap. Also, if you guys want ark entertainment and aren't worried about information try out neebs gaming. They do cinematic gameplay of alot of survival games and they are so bad it's hilarious.
  3. not sure if it was mentioned, but i find shoving like a hundred velos into your base on aggressive works wonders. not just to kill the corrupted, i mean that works, but it often kills the raiders who are on birds as well because 100 velos packed tightly together swinging their tails tends to destroy frame rates.
  4. What i am hearing is "i am handicapping myself and i think everyone else should share my self imposed handicap" and no i am not in a mega tribe unless you count 5 people to be mega.
  5. saddle straps. allow us to skin saddles with saddle straps that let us tie ourselves on. the drawback is it would be a channeled wheel option to mount and dismount with a fairly annoying time. being tied to your mount would prevent dismounting, falling off when unconscious, and hell it would even strap your corpse to the creature unless something ate it off the mounts back. actually the part about the corpse sticking sounds like a technical nightmare.
  6. they would also need to remove dinosaur collision for the oviraptor, give it extreme egg weight compression, possible make it build "egg piles" that are like beaver dams where they store eggs. aas far as it eating eggs, it already prefers meat once tamed, like most other things that have wierd preferred taming foods so as long as it is in trough range it will be fine. even if it isn't they already prioritize low value eggs over large ones.
  7. that's a waste of resources, when you can play single player, non dedicated, or even make your own server. You can play solo or duo on any server that currently exists right now.
  8. They will not do that, cryopods take 30 days to expire unless you have been leaving them out. It's a case of them doing it wrong in the beginning and now it's less work for them to continue doing it the wrong way than redo it the right way.
  9. i'd like to see plant species Y make a comeback. maybe you could use them as bolas
  10. if i had a ingot of metal for every time i've heard an unconfirmed rumor on these forums i could pillar an entire server so nobody could build.
  11. i am totally sure. they just won't be in your wrist.
  12. Slaughter option The Slaughter option that ovis have should be on all dinosaurs. tired of trying to find quick and humane ways to dispose of unwanted dinos on pve.
  13. ammunition woes. let me put ammunition, or for that matter whatever i want, into the offhand slot so i stop accidentally transferring it onto dinosaurs or smithys. or if you want to add more awesome let us have craftable bandoliers or quivers or whatever that goes in the offhand slot that holds ammunition.
  14. or like a dinosaur that harvests specimen implants from unconscious survivors and turns them into fertilizer. or they could also design like a giant retarded bear that is partially melted to a chunk of ground. it would pontificate like the rock biter from never ending story while turning any element you feed it into fiber with it's hands like it's playing cat's cradle. or maybe a howard the duck looking dinosaur that you have to tame by feeding it your hopes and dreams. It would just spend all it's time trying to mate with your dinosaurs and resetting their mating timers.
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