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  1. It is moved to Off-Topic as it not about the game. Notice, the thread is still here. Also, did the OP a favor as they can now discuss this as much as they want in this thread and not hit their max post count for the day, being they are an early bird.
  2. I believe these are unlocked on Ragnarok.
  3. Jerryn

    Switch chinese to English

    Because this thread is about the forum and not the game. The other parts of the forum about the game, whether suggestions, bug reports, support, game play, tribes, etc. And, if you scroll down, there is an option for selecting language.
  4. Jerryn


    You have to be active on the forums, by contributing to conversations (not just spam or me too posts) and/or helping others with questions/advice.
  5. Jerryn


  6. I have done a little clean up. There is no need for name calling, bickering, insults, and such. Please, let's stay on topic. Thanks.
  7. Jerryn

    Gold Chain Collar disappear

    Did you follow the instruction above: Please submit a Purchase Issues Form to receive compensation for the collar you lost.
  8. Jerryn

    Lost Character

    Sorry...used the wrong grammatical tense, and should have said: "They are already extremely busy, and having to scan the forums for possible player issues and initiating contact would be very inefficient." Though, I did say in the very first sentence that they don't. I believe the automated message, like the automated audio/text messages you get in all kinds of systems, is to suggest you may want to check the forums/faqs/support site in case there is already a solution for your issue. In the case of a lost character, it will probably require the intervention of a GM, who work based on the ticket system.
  9. Jerryn

    Lost Character

    Because the team that supports the official servers does not use the forums. They are already extremely busy, and having to scan the forums for possible player issues and initiating contact is very inefficient. Also, the support system is based on a queue, so that it is first come, first served; not first noticed. These forums are for general player support, community(finding tribes/servers and trading), discussions about the game, suggestions, game play help(players helping other players), and providing feedback(good or bad) to Wildcard.
  10. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us Use the Sign In button in the upper right, and then you can create a support ticket using the link next to it.
  11. Jerryn


    Did you report the server(s): http://ark.gg/outage
  12. Jerryn

    Question about official PvE

    OP asked questions about playing PVE and limitations; not another PVP vs PVE discussion. I have removed some off topic comments(or anything that quoted off topic comments) and ask that you return to the topic; do not continue to hi-jack this thread.
  13. Jerryn

    tek dinos

    @DJRone89 @d1nk I ran a test on those overrides on one of my servers. So far, no Tek dinos spawning in. Had all three on the server previously. Will do a few more dino wipes and scans, just to be sure. But, I know some about some of the issues that come with trying to get certain things to spawn in, or spawn in more often; a few of the dino mods are harder to do than others.
  14. Jerryn


    For refunds, you would need to find and follow the policy of retailer from whom you purchased the game. As @ForzaProiettile pointed out, there is both a single player mode and there are also private servers; you can find advertisements for them here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/10310-dedicated-server-discussions/