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  1. I can tell you, that these forums are read by the developers, all the way to the top. However, they spend most of their time working on the game, and, generally, only respond if there is a need. Ironically, it is because they read the forums and take comments and suggestions from the community, that the scope of this game has expanded so much. And, there are definite instances where the voice of the community has caused changes, even on newly released content/changes. Just because everyone does not get their way every time, does not mean they don't listen to the community.
  2. Good thinking on tagging me in the edit. There is a cool down after a certain number of posts for new members; slows down the spammers. My understanding is that you each would need your own copy for your own accounts to play at the same time. If you use the same account, you would not be able to play on the same server. That is, if you create a survivor on a server, and then she joins that server after you are done playing, she will be using your character. If she tries to create a new character on that server, it would erase your old character and replace it with her new character. Howerver, if you play on different servers, then there is no issue. But, if you decide to get a second copy one day, for her own steam account, she would not be able to use the character she created under your acccount; because it is tied to your Steam ID.
  3. @jbaker4433 Survivors are per server and tied to your Steam ID. If you have a survivor on two servers(for the same Steam ID), and you Cross Ark travel with your character from one server to the other, I believe you have to either take over the other character(replace them with the character you are using for travel) or you cannot transfer. As for sharing on Steam, I am pretty sure sharing had been turned off a while back, so as to prevent banned players from creating a new steam accounts and then sharing with that account to get around bans, and/or for other shenanigans; I am double checking on that. Even if sharing was allowed, I doubt for a game like Ark that they would allowed shared accounts to run the game at the same time. I know for me, I have two accounts on Steam and each with their own licenses for Ark and Scorched Earth. One is for a special admin account for my servers, that I use to create special raidable structures and other things on the servers for the other players to find/attack/destroy/claim/etc., leaving my other account free for just playing and regular server admining. The upside for that is that I only have to download the games, mods, and updates once, since the accounts share the same executable; but it is always a bit of a pain having to log out of one account, log in to the other, and start up everything again.
  4. Some of the posts are drifting off topic. Let's stick with discussing the topic and points being made, and less literary critiquing of comments.
  5. Well, it was not titled as a game suggestion and certainly did not start off as one. And a quick scan still makes it hard to see any suggestions. I don't mean that in an offensive manner, simply providing my own observation. To me, if I really wanted some suggestions to be seen and understood, I would write up the suggestions individually, title them in a way that it was a clear they were suggestions(that is, the title indicates what is being suggested), and then include the info that is specific and relevant to the suggest would be included. Usually that starts with a concise summary of the suggestion, then a detail version, if needed, and then followed by any additional or ancillary information that might provide some context. In the case of both suggestions, they already have been made(multiple times), so repeating them, instead of offerring support to the existing suggestions, does not really help. Seems to me, people would want a unified voice, easy for the devs to find, instead of multiple discontiguous voices spread around and lost in the noise. But, that is just me.
  6. Skipping all of the opinions on what is and is not a good admin, because the will vary by server, style, and what the players want: 1. Yes, it is easy for a group of 6 to build that base on a 10x server, especially if the 10X applies to harvest, XP, and tame, as you get an indirect multiplier for XP due to the fact you harvest more(more XP if I am not mistaken) and you can craft more(definitely more XP), pus XP sharing. Then throw in well planned use of Exporer notes and a few other tricks, and a tribe can power level in no time in those conditions. 2. If you decide that you don't trust the server, server community, and/or admin(s) on the server, then it is probably best to move on. The only caveat I would add to that is to make sure you are not looking for problems where there is not one(and not saying you are). Not sure how active that server is, but if it is light activity or if you built off the well traveled paths, so that your base is mostly in stasis when you are not online, then animals won't have time to spawn in, kill stuff, and wander off; as they would also be in stasis. And, when trying out servers, as you try them out, get to know some of the community and see how you like it. Don't get overly invested in a server. I have tried out servers before and then left after a few days because it was not for me; I even took down my base and unclaimed my dinos, so that I did not leave a mess behind me.
  7. I like to get at least one high level one, hopefully with a high weight, and use it as storage for organic polymer, that I collect from the other Achatina or that it get from other sources. One advantage of the high levels, once you have them, is that you don't have to feed them as often. They will still use the same amount of food over time as a low level, but you just don't need to baby sit them quite as much.
  8. No, you cannot. For Ark, that is blocked. Each account needs their own registered key. The program can be downloaded just once, but each account will need a separate and unique registration; I know, as I have two accounts for my severs(player and admin/boss).
  9. That type of stuff needs to be reported.
  10. Currently, there is no way of assigning a buildings or other object to players as part of normal game play. Even with the dinos, most will need to be unclaimed, unless there is some sort of personal ownership(and even then, not sure what will happen in a tribe split). At best, if you split into 2 tribes, a server admin would have to join your tribe and use a console command to claim a building into the tribe. However, I do not see WC support doing this, as it would be a lot of extra work, and does not always work as smoothly as you would hope. Your best option appears to be pin coding and tribe alliance.
  11. And oddly enough, on Steam, it list Single Player, along with Multi Player, MMO, and Co-op. For some, it is their preferred way to play, and so, let them. Same with people that want to play on private servers, with or without mods, with or without modifers, or PVP/PVE/Primitive/Primitive+/Extinction/Hardcore/Solo/Tribe/whatever.
  12. It would be nice that if you get disconnected from a server, but don't exit the game, and then try to reconnect to the same server, that it does not go through the task of reloading mods; so long as both the client and server are still running the same version of the mods. You already do this somewhat, with the Cross Ark Server transfers, so I am wondering if the concept could be extended to reconnects.
  13. There is no need for fighting or insults, and I have removed those as they are off topic and unnecessary. I know this topic might be difficult to discuss rationally, but I am asking that you do.
  14. Yes, any comment, by anyone, is considered a bump, as is explained in the rules for this sub-forum(see below). So, this post now resets the 24 hour timer, before you can bump again; or reply to this post. I know some people hate this rule, but it is to keep it fair for everyone; some people would be bumping their ad every 1 or 2 hours, and you can see what a mess that would make. It is also why we watch for proxy bumps. Also, if you have other questions about the rules, please feel free to start a thread in the off-topic forum.
  15. I thought I was agreeing with you; other than pointing out a small math mistake. No offense was meant.