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  1. Please make a video of this and post it in the video section.
  2. Merge two similar threads together. One was newer than this one, but I think the title for this one describes the problem a bit better, so easier for the Devs to see and follow.
  3. Wonder if they had really raised that Wyvern on their own or if they traded for it? How funny would it be if they actually paid cash for it. ETA: BTW, good job to the OP and their tribe. They did some real PVP. +1
  4. Surprised this has not been reported more. I am finding that RPG hits to a Rock Golem is not longer inflicting Topor. Basically, any attempt to tame using Rockets will just kill them.
  5. I am locking this thread and moving the duplicate conversation out of this thread and into the other thread. I will personally bump this thread a few times a day (already set alarms for this). You can discussion on the merits of wipe vs no wipe in the other thread:
  6. Doesn't really belong in Bug Reports and Support, so moved it here. And thanks @mleii for trying to not derail the Patch Notes thread.
  7. Server issues need to be sent via a Support ticket: Tickets go to the support team, and are answered in the order they are received. However, make sure to include as much relevant information as possible. Posts here will be seen by the developers, so if you have additional info that might help the understand and/or replicate this issue, that would be of use to them.
  8. Yes, I did, and you will see it answers some of the questions.
  9. Always take with a grain of salt, but a good place to start: You will see the different breath attacks do work differently, especially fire.
  10. I have moved to PC Bug Report and Support. If this is for a different platform, please use the Report feature and tell us which platform. On a side note, I am going to test part of this on PC, as any damage done to a creature after it is knocked out will reduce the TE, even if you have not put food on it yet. Had this happen just two days ago with a Thyla; got antsy and shot it just as it passed out. But, I have never hit one with a club after knocking it out, so it might work differently.