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  1. Jerryn

    How to become an admin on nitrado?

    If you don't have it, you may want to also check out this link: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands
  2. Jerryn

    How to become an admin on nitrado?

    Should just be the following: EnableCheats <Password>
  3. Prim+ Bug Reports: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/4914-bug-reports/ General Prim+ Discussions: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/5136-general/
  4. Jerryn

    Early bird!

  5. Jerryn

    Question Regarding My Account (for SurviveTheArk.com)

    Open a Support(https://support.survivetheark.com/) ticket to Forums and Forum Accounts, and explain your issue.
  6. Jerryn

    How do i get in contact with a GM?

    Submit a Support ticket at: https://support.survivetheark.com/
  7. Jerryn

    Servers being offline unacceptable

    Currently known server outages and reason(s): PS4 469-471 connection issues PS4 (L) 923 connection issues Xbox 627-630 connection issues
  8. Jerryn


    Let's not turn this into a PvP vs PvE discussion, please.
  9. 1. WC does not send me to do anything. I happened to be out early today than I normally have for a while. I Wander across this when looking through the forums. But, you keep using the logical fallacy if it helps. It might surprise you, that the mods are also players of the game, and we actually have a right to express our opinion. 2. If you think I made a sexist joke, you literally do not understand what I said, or are just deliberately taking my comment out of context. Either way, that is just bad (again, I am trying to be polite). With that, I can find better conversation else where....or....did WC tell me to move to another topic? (that is sarcasm, just to be clear)
  10. Of course, this entire trying to tie the Kings Harvest Event to Mother's Day is just a logical fallacy, and one that is truly pointless.
  11. I have been playing since summer of 2015. Evo was most definitely not always here. And, servers are already on 2X Evo compared to what they used to be. As for the other, I clearly stated I thought it was hilarious(I was being polite in the my choice of words). Please feel free to copy and post it at your discretion.
  12. I get it just fine. What part of the fact that this was never part of the original game and it was at WC's discretion do you not get? I also remember the original rates were 1/2 of what they are now. From my POV, official servers have been on a permanent Evo Event since they 2Xed them. All a matter of perspective. And, none the less, anyone claiming 'cooking and gardening' are insulting while wanting 'breeding and harvesting' (much less saying it is more appropriate) for Mother's Day is pretty hilarious, to put in nicely.
  13. I like both sides of the game. Early game can even be more fun, at least for me, when trying out a new map(official or mod) and/or a new mod that changes things up, with new dino tiers and/or random NPC tribes; these can be much harder for you to get a foot hold and/or you have to change your tactics to survive. Once end game hits, it become a little more about finding those perfect tames, building outpost for fun/challenge/scenery, and trying out new ways to doing things, like experimenting with boss runs, caves, etc.
  14. The 'Evo Events' have not all been the same or even always been the same cadence. Matter of fact, the Evo Events were not even around during the early years of Ark. They have been done at the discretion of WC, once the started doing them; not sure where there is bait, much less switch. I don't even remember Evo Event being mentioned when I purchased Ark. Also, I find it a bit 'ironic' that people complain about the event being for cooking and gardening, but have no trouble if the event was for breeding and harvesting. The hypocrisy of the indignation of one over the other is simply stunning.
  15. You do so by constructively participating in the forums. Also, please check out this topic: Which you can find listed in here: