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  1. Remember, accusations can go both ways; and I have seen that happen. Basically those type of posts either turn into a pile-on or, if the other party learns to accusations against them, a fight of 'we said/they said'. So, the protection goes both ways. The proper action to take is to open a support ticket and submit any evidence you have collected. Being that there can be multiple sides to a situation, it will have to be investigated. I understand how someone might want instant justice because they believe they have been harmed by someone else. However, imagine if someone had 'evidence' of you doing something wrong and you were wiped or banned with no review or investigation. The forum moderators are volunteers who help with the forums; that is our priority. We do not decide the validity of any accusations made by one player against another player. We remove such items and issue a notice to instruct you on the proper action(s) to take.
  2. Jerryn

    Please help me

  3. Jerryn

    Delete my account

    Create a Support ticket and route it to Forums and Forum Accounts.
  4. Jerryn

    pve Now that OSD’s can be claimed...

    Let's keep on topic without insulting other races, cultures, nations, etc.
  5. Jerryn

    Corrupt reapers in starting spawn

    Probably was kited, either on purpose or by accident. Most dangerous thing I have seen in the city are Raptors, Carno, Argys, and Spider; not counting the stuff that you aggro by attacking them (Enforcers). However, they are extremely aggressive, and on our server, I have seen them get close to the city by just chasing stuff, though I never seen them in the city. I live on the west side of the city(near the green obelisk) and sometimes corrupted stuff makes it way in that area (mostly Ptera chasing other Ptera).
  6. I believe you are playing Extinction. If so, I think these are placed by the Scouts; either player controlled or automatically by Scouts running around the city. I know this is a link to the Enforcer, but it mentions the Scout ability to mark/tag a creature/player. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Enforcer
  7. Jerryn

    Update far too large

    That may be normal. Steam does that to me all the time. Downs and the processes(unzip, copying, etc.), then starts downloading more. And yes, it is annoying.
  8. Jerryn

    Extinction Release Megathread

    No more fighting, insults, or name calling. Please try to discuss the topic rationally and with some civility.
  9. Jerryn

    Leavemealone commands

    @Foxis @Soursun cheat leavemealone does 3 things: turn on god mode, turn on infinitestats, and set enemyinvisble true. God mode pretty much ignores most damage, environmental effects, and debuffs (but not all). Infinitestats constant replenishes food, stamina, health, etc.; however, if god mode is not on, and you take more damage than you have health, you will die. Enemyinvisible true prevents animals, turrets, and such from targeting/noticing you. If you are on a mount when you do cheat leavemealone, the god and infinitestats will apply to the mount, not you. Same if you do cheat god or cheat infinitestats. cheat god and cheat infinitestats are toggles; that is, for example, if god mode is on, cheat god will turn it off. cheat enemyinvisible requires either a true or false cheat leavemealone does not toggle, it only turns on/true. If you are not sure if god or infinitestats is on/off, you can use cheat leavemealone to turn everything on/true, and then use the appropriate command(s) to turn off the stuff you don't want on/true. Again, remember, that when you are on your mount, those commands apply to the mount, except the enemyinvisible(which will still apply to you).
  10. Jerryn

    Cryopods in pvp

    Or, they could apply logic that says if there is no room in the cap, the dino stays in the cryopod.
  11. Jerryn

    About VAC!!!

    VAC is usually handled by Steam, so you may want to start here: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/9/ (VAC Discussion Forums). However, if you still believe Wildcard is responsible, you will need to open a Support ticket; link is on the menu bar at the top of the page: https://support.survivetheark.com/ Your issue cannot be resolved on the forums.
  12. It is moved to Off-Topic as it not about the game. Notice, the thread is still here. Also, did the OP a favor as they can now discuss this as much as they want in this thread and not hit their max post count for the day, being they are an early bird.