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  1. Moved to the proper forum, as bug reports and support is not for general commentary. And yes, they do read the forums and the bug reports.
  2. Last I saw, it cannot be extended. The Extra Life event and the TLC are Nov 7th (according to the Crunch), so Fear Evolved ends sometime on Nov 6.
  3. Plus we had to walk up hill, both ways, in 3 foot of snow, 150 degrees....and that was just to get to the keyboard and mouse.
  4. Moved to the forum for discussion Xbox servers.
  5. If you have have an issue with an enforcement action, you should open a support ticket: https://support.survivetheark.com/
  6. The rocks have a good arc to them, so it can take practice. Also, you have to watch them. If they get beat up to much, you will want to heal them. You can do it by feeding them or by using the snow owl freeze. Before snow owls, I would build an extra fence around the taming area, and the bring wild stuff it could kill and eat.
  7. You need to open a support ticket and submit any information and evidence you have. https://support.survivetheark.com/
  8. Please note that all of the suggestions listed here should only be tried in the game. In real life, if you have a leech stuck to your face, seek medical attention.
  9. I can't say I agree. I played the map when it was still an work-in-progress mod, and always enjoyed it. Nice to see it get finished and optimized a bit; though I still have turn my GPU fan up a bit for this map. I find the map visually stunning, day or night. I really like the distinct regions, including the Eldritch; and it is super creepy with the right mod(s). I like the wyvern variants, and their way of being tamed. And the blood wyverns sucking the life out of you seems to make a lot of sense to me; almost like they are the vampires of the wyvern family. Only complaints I ha
  10. I believe the policy does have contact info. That is where I would start.
  11. @Oli4 Please try: http://playark.com/privacy-policy/
  12. Looking at the hi-res pic and going to the right side, it looks like they maybe (and I hope so...always thought that was the one thing they were really missing).
  13. For 1 and 2, as a consumer, you have the right to request a refund from the distributor from whom you purchased the game and/or DLCs. Each will have a policy and process in place, which you should make sure you familiarize yourself with before making any purchase. So your ability to receive a refund will obviously be predicated on those policies and processes. For 3, I would highly advise against doing this as you might find you can no longer create support tickets due to abusing the system. Also, you would only slow down any response/resolution you might receive.and will likely caus
  14. Please make sure you are updated to the correct version: Client v550.6 I have asked, and there quite a few servers running CI for PS4.
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