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  1. Building Question

    I have used that or variations of that many times, especially for bridges and such. However, for my main buildings, I like to have the extra support, just in case I do something dumb(which I have been known to do, from time to time). Though, I like to build in difficult spots for the challenge, and less for the aesthetics. Now, if you were on a server with collision turned off, then you can just use wall, which give a very nice look, especially if you mix up the materials, reverse the direction, and/or point them. Though, on servers with collision enabled, I have used fence foundations(and sometimes regular foundations) and walls to fill in the gaps for when you cannot run your walls all they way down. It is not perfect, but usually like it better than the gaps, and, in some cases, I put my log out spot there(at least in really big bases that lag when you first log in).
  2. Humans NPCs

    I just removed some off topic convo; sorry, but if your post contained or quoted the off-topic convo, I had to hide it.
  3. Building Question

    If you are on PVE, the best way is just with Pillars and Ceilings. Eventually, if you build out far enough from your foundation, you will need to use Pillars anyway. If you don't like the look of pillars sticking through the ceiling, then build your floor layout with Thatch Ceilings and the Pillars out of the Material you want to use. Once you have the layout done, destroy the ceiling, and then put in new Ceiling using the material you want to build with; these should not stick to the top of the pillars with no nub sticking through. And, if you plan to expand in the future, then leave a few of the Thatch Ceilings in place, and when you expand, build your new layout from those first, and they like before, remove the Thatch Ceilings and replace with Ceiling made with your chosen material.
  4. Question for the oldies.

    I can remember when you own tames could get stuck in your buildings, like a rex 1/2 to 3/4 buried in your main building. Would have to whistle follow and run to different angles, until it could contort/dance free. Was a pain, but sometimes, really funny to watch.
  5. The-EU-PVE-Ragnarok33

    If you do not see your server in the thread linked below, follow the instructions in the thread to report the server. This can be found pinned in the General Discussions forum:
  6. Did i miss something?

    Just removed a bit of Off-Topic that was turning into a pointless fight. Please stay on topic and if you want to disagree, you can do so with out name calling.
  7. Because no one should be publishing anything about their servers anywhere except for the forums that allow server ads. Otherwise, the excuse to spam up the forums with 'try my server' responses would skyrocket. If you are interested, you can PM them for the information. Or, you can check their posting history and see if you can find the server ad that way; assuming someone else is not handling the ad. As to the actual topic: Some of us prefer a small group, as we play for out own reasons, and don't need the 'accomplishments' of official PVP; sorry, that type of comment always makes me want to giggle. I play for fun and like to play the way I want, and that is all the matters, no matter anyone's opinion. Never understood why these Official vs Unofficial vs Single Player, or PVP vs PVE, discussions have to to be turned into a mix of rocket surgery, generalities, hyperbole, and backhanded insults. As I said, I play the way I like to play, and don't need anyone else to actually care or believe my way is the best way; and, it is not the best way, just my way. For me, my personal value in the world has never been tied to performance in a game. Plus, you get strange reactions when you list your game accomplishments on a resume...not sure why thought. (So I see you designed an accounting system for tracking over $1b of inventory and $600m in monthly transactions, and you also helped establish an alpha tribe in PVP...very impressive.) Now, contrary to myth, there are multiple servers out there that have been running since 2015. Some have hardly, if ever, wiped. Some will start new maps if players become bored or want a change. Some do run different mods for different experiences, sometimes with it being known the server is short term and just for trying things out. And, the great thing is, no one is forced to play them. If you don't like the settings, you don't have to play that server. If you don't like the mods, you don't have to download them, because, you don't have to play that server. And, for those who do not want to deal with any of that, there are the free Official servers.
  8. They can PM you or contact you on PSN. Server ads are not the place for conversations, and also not a place for others to mention/advertise their servers. Else, if you don't cluster, you now have their ad in the middle of your ad, plus it creates other issues. Including bumping issues.
  9. Character lost 2nd time

    Yes. You need to create a Support ticket. The link is at the top of the forum.
  10. If you are buying it on steam, and you already have SE on that account, it gives you a 33% discount and you do not get a 2nd, 3rd, extra copy.
  11. legacy and official servers

    Going to leave it open for now, as others are having conversations, and it is good place to merge redundant threads on the same basic topic.
  12. Season Pass does not include base game???

    Well, the steam pages makes it clear you need to buy the game: Downloadable Content This content requires the base game ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam in order to play. And, I have seen the same for Fallout 4 and Witcher 3, to just name two. Downloadable Content This content requires the base game Fallout 4 on Steam in order to play. Downloadable Content This content requires the base game The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt on Steam in order to play.
  13. What are you saying? If Structure Collision is ON, then you cannot place most objects where they are blocked by the terrain and you cannot place objects within each other. Obviously, there are a lot of reasons Structure Collision would be active on official servers, especially PVP servers If Structure Collision is OFF (bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true), they you can put walls below the ground, have foundations that run into slopes, and overlap things like forges, fabs, fridges, vaults, etc. If you are saying Structure Collision is of OFF on a server, can you tell us which one(s)?
  14. If you have a server experiencing issues, please follow the instructions here to report it. For anyone that knows of an exploit/hack, or someone using one, should report it per the instructions in this thread. If you can't waste time reporting it, then don't waste time talking about it on the forums. Lastly, I have removed an off-topic conversation in this thread. If someone has useful info to offer the OP, please do.