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  1. Please note that all of the suggestions listed here should only be tried in the game. In real life, if you have a leech stuck to your face, seek medical attention.
  2. I can't say I agree. I played the map when it was still an work-in-progress mod, and always enjoyed it. Nice to see it get finished and optimized a bit; though I still have turn my GPU fan up a bit for this map. I find the map visually stunning, day or night. I really like the distinct regions, including the Eldritch; and it is super creepy with the right mod(s). I like the wyvern variants, and their way of being tamed. And the blood wyverns sucking the life out of you seems to make a lot of sense to me; almost like they are the vampires of the wyvern family. Only complaints I ha
  3. I believe the policy does have contact info. That is where I would start.
  4. @Oli4 Please try: http://playark.com/privacy-policy/
  5. Looking at the hi-res pic and going to the right side, it looks like they maybe (and I hope so...always thought that was the one thing they were really missing).
  6. For 1 and 2, as a consumer, you have the right to request a refund from the distributor from whom you purchased the game and/or DLCs. Each will have a policy and process in place, which you should make sure you familiarize yourself with before making any purchase. So your ability to receive a refund will obviously be predicated on those policies and processes. For 3, I would highly advise against doing this as you might find you can no longer create support tickets due to abusing the system. Also, you would only slow down any response/resolution you might receive.and will likely caus
  7. Please make sure you are updated to the correct version: Client v550.6 I have asked, and there quite a few servers running CI for PS4.
  8. I can't speak for you, but I went to my berry bronto, did a double tail swing (one left and one right), in the spot it is always standing (primo spot) and got twice the number of narcoberries I usually get. If you are just picking up stones, that doesn't always work correctly for rate verification:
  9. From the pinned announcement from yesterday: Deployment Times Deployments are set to begin at the estimated time below. We’ll inform you of any changes to the schedule proposed below: PC: 1PM PDT PS4: 3PM PDT XBOX/Win10: 8PM PDT Due to player congestion on console, we’ve been advised specific times to do these releases tomorrow to ensure optimal download speeds for our users, hence the staggered launch times between PS4 and Xbox. So, for Xbox, it is 8 PM PDT, which you will need to convert to your local time. See the full announcement here:
  10. They do read the forums. They just don't take the time to reply. It uses up more time than you would think; you have to be especially careful as any minor mistake will be used against them. And, they will also be met with toxic replies and/or off topic replies; I have seen this before, and not just on this forum. So, you post a suggestion in the suggestion forum; and there are also mechanisms for reporting bugs and for creating support tickets for in game issues. Suggestions are for a specific item(s) that someone has come up with. In addition, items in the suggestion forum can
  11. That is why there is a forum specific for suggestions: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/64-game-suggestions/
  12. For in game issues on official servers, you will need to open a Support ticket: https://support.survivetheark.com/ In game issues cannot be resoled on the forums. Please note that tickets are reviewed in the order they are received.
  13. Based on the patch notes, the Client version is 312.83, and the server version is 312.84. This is not uncommon, for there to be differences in the minor version, as sometimes fixes only need to be made to the client or to the server, so there is no need to update both. Version number difference are only an issue if it is a major version change, like going from 312.83 to 313.01. I am on steam, and currently running the 312.83 client, but my server is running 312.84, with no issues.
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