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  1. Turret Nerf - Alternative Discussion

    Oh..I just like to brainstorm. Sometimes, the best results are the combination of different thought streams....and sometimes you get Attack of the Clones. Hopefully, this will be better. But, I like the idea of the blueprint search. If I understand what you are saying, get as many varieties as possible, so that it is hard to find every possible combo, at least quickly.
  2. Let's get back on topic. If you want the developers to hear you, then offer some constructive input. Maybe consider the idea of compromise and thinking outside of the box. Up to you how you use or waste this opportunity. ETA: Just in case it needs clarity, constructive input does not mean you have to agree with the developer's vision.
  3. Turret change discussion megathread

    To be honest, and this is my personal opinion, but page after page of, "Roll back the nerf or else!!!", "Ptera/Quetz are slower than turtles!!!", "Flyers are useless!!", "It takes 30 minutes to fly anywhere!", and similar(and sometimes a lot less polite) comments really did not provide anything useful to the devs. And, any attempt to offer up suggestions, compromises, and such were drowned out by said comments; I know I gave up trying. Will be interesting to see what happens. You have someone that is reading, listening, and even replying. Hopefully enough constructive comments, ideas, and compromises will get a chance to surface this time. Though, I have already seen attempts to drown out a suggestion thread with the same type of posts.
  4. Turret Nerf - Alternative Discussion

    While I am not an expert on the subject, my guess those would be more client side. They would still have to do the calcs on angles and if the shot would be blocked and such.
  5. Turret Nerf - Alternative Discussion

    @Arkasaurio My comment was not aimed at you; but some others who were way off-topic (and their posts are not longer visible). Sometimes, when we do a big clean-up, a moderator will drop in a general comment about staying on topic/no fighting/etc., which sort of draws a nice line in the sand. And, Mendoza's suggestion thread deserved better than what some were posting in it. Now, to the topic at hand. A possible variation(and one I have not thought out fully), could be that turrets(or higher grade turrets, from BPs) could have 1 or 2 attachment slots. Then you could make, from BP and/or engrams, attachments that modify the turrets capabilities, such as: better range improved damage faster rate of fire faster targeting improved accuracy knock back improved knock back armor-piercing; lower damage but can get through plating/shields to the target, and does minor damage to the tame or shield(since the round is passing through it) bleeding wounds; with slowing anti-air mode; more damage to fliers, but less to land, or maybe only targets air, increased capacity burst mode; fire 2 or 3 shots at once, with a slight decrease in the rate of fire head-shot mode; aims for the head, but with a lower accuracy dismount shots; low damage, low range, but a chance to knock a player off of a mount...great for close in defense Explosive AOE / collateral damage mode (lower damage, multiple targets); maybe damage both rider and tame Incendiary mode, which sets target on fire; chance of panic There might even be attachments that have bigger buffs, but also include a nerf; a damage buff might come with a decrease range. If a turret allowed two attachments, some might not be able to work with each other; for example, armor piercing and knock back are counter to each other. In reality, some of these really should be types of ammo, and not attachments, but sometime like this might be easier to implement. And, to steal an idea I saw earlier, from @waterKeeper (to get it on the table), is the possibility for additional turrets in the area, that are off and in backup mode. Then, they only come on when another turret is destroyed. This could be tricky, depending on base design. It might be necessary to put turrets in named groups, so that backup turrets would be placed in the same group.; or, when being placed, they are yellow instead of green, which indicates they will be backup turrets to the closest group of turrets(maybe with an arrow point in the direction of the turret group it will be assigned). There would probably be a limit on the number of back-up turrets, possible 50 or so, but no more that the max allowed(the currently planned 100).
  6. Turret Nerf - Alternative Discussion

    Please stay on topic and only post comments that would be related to this suggestion thread. You can post other comments in the mega thread or technical discussion thread.
  7. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    You may want to review these follow-up post by TheRightHand, as they may answer some of your questions/comments.
  8. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    Stay on topic and drop the fighting/insults.
  9. The point of playing ark

    So many things, which is the great part about this game. Love being able to try doing the same things, but different ways. Sort of like working the same puzzle, but figure out different ways to solve it. Been helping to admin servers since 2015, and love being able to tune them to make it enjoyable for our small community. On some servers, it is about building (sometimes in very difficult spots), taming, and/or breeding. On others, with certain settings and mods, it is about surviving. Others are just for fun to try out new things with new maps & mods, high settings, and recycling the server after a month or two. Sometimes, helping a new player learn the ropes, especially in a map running a more challenging mod. Occasionally running experiments to verify a game play mechanic, or helping to show and issue with, or dismiss a myth about it. And sometimes, it is just about wandering around and exploring, to see what you might have missed along the way. Once in while, literally just sit on a peak or outcrop, and watch a sunrise/sunset or just go fishing for the fun of it. Just a get away from my get away.
  10. Annoying stuff about Ragnarok map

    Or, you can just learn about the map settings and add this to your GameUserSettings.ini [Ragnarok] EnableDevelopmentZones=true Now, the wall is still there, but they can pass through it. I do it on my Ragnarok servers, no fuss, no muss. Just remember to warn your users that anything the build near or on the other side of that barrier can go poof with the next map update.
  11. more spam

    This is a complete false premise to form a strawman. You can chose to make quality posts, or you can risk what happens when you spam pointless posts. But, no one is forcing you to do anything. If you have not done so, I would advice that you review:
  12. This is not a PVE vs PVP discussion, or an official vs private servers(just in case someone decides to throw that in), so let's stay on topic please.
  13. Ark: Aberration

    One of the rules of programming: Everything will take twice as long as you say it will. So, if you think something will take 2 hours, and you say 4 hours, it will really take you 8 hours. However, the reverse does not help you: If you think it will take you 2 hours and you say 1 hour, it will still take 2 hours. Yes, you get it done sooner, but it still takes longer than you say.
  14. Attention: Please take discussons about settings and facebook groups to another venue, such as PMs. Ads should only be used for advertising a server; not for conversations. Thanks.
  15. Server 160-162 down

    If you have reported it via the online submission form, then they are aware and would be working on the issue.