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  1. Please report PC Bugs here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/pc-bug-reports/
  2. The run special rates from time to time. For the Summer Bash event:
  3. Agreed. Like being in the ocean and having to kill every sea creature because it aggros on your mosa (why would an angler every want to do that). I would like to see wild rexes and other carnivores be tougher(and maybe a bit fewer), but also don't kill everything in the area all the time. If they eat, they don't kill the next thing they see for a while(time based or maybe hunger based). You time moving through their area based on watching them and picking your moment. Also, stealth, concealment, and maybe scent cover could be a thing; apply a little strategy to being in the wild.
  4. Enjoy the victories, big and small, no matter your experience. Sometimes, experience leads to playing the meta, and not playing the game; enjoy the game.
  5. Mods are currently available only for the Steam version of the game. They may become available for the Epic version of the game, but I don't think there is any time frame for that to happen.
  6. If you have filed a support ticket, there is nothing else you can do: https://support.survivetheark.com/ In game issue requiring support or a GM cannot be handled on the forums. Please note, tickets are reviewed in the order they are received.
  7. That should not be an issue. Server version and client version can be different on the minor version number, so long as the major version number is the same. If it was 311 vs 312, then that would be a problem. Sometimes, if a fix/change only impacts the server version of the game, then only the server version gets updated. Same if a fix/change impacts just the client version, then only the client version gets updated.
  8. Currently, no. From the official announcement: Also, not a suggestions...so I am moving this.
  9. There is a Trading and Breeding forum under each platform. I would point you to the correct one, but I don't know if you are PS4, XBox, Switch, or PC. Go to the correct platform and look for:
  10. Some info might help. Map you are on, your level, what resourses/weapons/tools you have a available. Do you have an Ichthyosaurus? With an Ichthy, you can shoot from the safety of the mount (so long as you don't let the Dunk kill it). But, Dunks are slow, so it is possible to tame them by just out swimming them; assuming you are using scuba or similar. And, if I recall correctly, they will not come above a certain depth, like Mosa and Plesios. Do you have access to Harpoon Launcher and Tranq Spears, or just Crossbows and Tranq Arrows? For a high level dunk, I would bring enough crossbows and arrows for about 300 shots (you should not need that many, but you could need 264 for a 150, based on a 100% Crossbow. Dunks take reduced damage, so it take a lot more hits to take them out. With a crossbow, there is a risk of killing a high level Dunk if they have low health. And, if you have it, you will want to use Superior Kibble(or better). Mutton also works, but you will lose TE. Another way to tame them it to build a taming trap on the ocean floor with pillars, ceilings, and a dino door (I believe they fit through those). Ceiling does not have to be solid, can be ever other row. If you have a good Tuso, that also works, and is safer that crossbow. If you can lure them to a where you can get out of the water, such as an underwater cave, then that opens up using a Long Rifle and Tranq Darts.
  11. Have you tried verifying your files through Steam? (click on Library....select Ark...right click...click Properties....Local Files tab....click Verify Integrity of Game Files) If that does not solve the issue, you will need to file a PC Bug report: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/pc-bug-reports/
  12. It was not delayed. Direct quote from the announcement on May 9th:
  13. Generally, the only time there is an issue with versions is when it is a major version change, like 311 to 312. Also, it is possible for servers to have a different version than the client; that is if a patch is only needed on the server side, they make it for the server code, and the same if a fix is only need for the client.
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