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  1. Issue involving official servers, including issues with your account, cannot be resolved on the forums. You will need to submit a support ticket: https://support.survivetheark.com/
  2. Spamming useless posts with either not help you, or, in some cases, will earn you a warning and reset.
  3. Are you talking about the lake with the fishing mission? If so, I didn't think Penguins spawn there. I added them on my server, cause I think it is a good spot for them, and also a additional source for oragnic polymer. I was actually thinking of adding 1 or 2 beaver spawns in the bog, along with the beaver damns, for an early source of cementing paste(and also a source for beavers). Want to take one to the ocean biome and use it there. Is this your server, or is it run by someone else? If it is someone else, you might also talk to them about adding beavers to one artic and/or bog biomes.
  4. I ran into a similar issue early on. Now I make sure my mount is not close to the glitch when I fix it, and I have not run into the issue since. Is not a fix, but it seems to avoid the issue, so far.
  5. I will try the upload. I know a restart cleared up the issue on my Sabertooth, which got TPed by HLNA by accident (huge teleport radius). After I brought him back, he could almost jump from one side to the others of the plateau I have my based on. Funny, and a bit scary at the same time (didn't know if he would go over the side with me or not). I have not given it a name yet...now I am going to call it Moon Landing.
  6. Server reboot also seems to clear the issue. Are you playing on official or private server? If private, are you using HLNA or a mod to teleport?
  7. Hair and Wool work as substitutes for pelt; you need scissors of course. You can also make hide, and with some points into Fortitude and/or some Fria Curry/Shadow Steak, you can prowl the out edges of the Artic biome for creatures that drop pelt. And, if you manage to tame a wolf while there....then you have a great pelt harvester.
  8. Every build I do, I put the generator in its own locked room to prevent myself, or anyone else, from turning it off by accident (or on purpose). And, I build and play as if I want to keep out thieves, vandals, and other riffraff. With that said, it is sad some players get more joy out of messing with other people, instead of playing the game. But, sometimes, you just have to ignore them; and even feel a bit sorry for them.
  9. You will need to open a Support ticket: https://support.survivetheark.com/ Please sure to provide about your server and base location; use the CCC command in the console(press Tab) and paste the results in your ticket. Please note that tickets are reviewed in the order they are received.
  10. Yes. And, some of the biomes, similar to Aberration(if not better than), offer vertical living (not just building really tall structures). The trees in the center of the bog, the deep ocean, and the lunar biomes, to me, are more than flat earth play; I consider mountain sides and similar flat earth, as you are playing on a single (roughly speaking) surface. Also, fliers are not completely useless. They can follow you and carry stuff; which can be very useful in an environment where you may be living vertically.
  11. Sorry, I misunderstood. In short, there is an additional part you need to download. I don't own a PS4(or XBox), but I am passing along a possible solution, which is working for some.
  12. This topic was for PS4, so I post a PS4 solution; it is not intended for PC.
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