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  1. Currently it is not, there are two versions of the season pass, the only one that will work at all is the Xbox version, and even then you will only get the skin if you log into the Xbox first (it will show up on the PC version after logging into the Xbox).
  2. A work around is to get the Xbox version season pass, log into ark on the Xbox then the skin will show up and will still be there the next time you log in to the PC. Another note the Genesis desktop season pass is unusable since it is not compatible with the playanywhere version of ARK.
  3. If you purchased from a PC you may have gotten the desktop version which is not compatible with the playanywhere/Xbox version. By extension the Xbox version is also not play anywhere compat, so you won't get your skin on the PC.
  4. S+ was implemented in the homestead update earlier this year, other than some new structures (triangles, pickup, dedicated storage, etc... ) no other features are planned to be implemented (aka, automation and pull system). You can modify stack sizes in one of the ini files, this will not modify the per item weight like the mods do and it does not modify single stack items (aka, prime meats.) This is all based on posts made a few months ago, so WC may have additional plans they have not made public.
  5. S+ was implemented as part of the Homestead update earlier this year. The implementation stripped out the automation and some of the structures while implementing triangle structures and a pickup mechanic. So the answer is yes and no, yes we got it, but no, it is not everything. As far as I can gather, WC has no intention of implementing the rest of the S+ features.
  6. Here is a link to a similar topic which I replied too, doesn't fix the problem, but should allow you to get the skin if you have access to an XBox.
  7. This is speculation. The Genesis DLC is not play anywhere, meaning there is a separate DLC for the Xbox and PC in the store. ARK is a play anywhere title meaning that the desktop version is not compatible. If you have an Xbox, purchase the DLC from your Xbox, run the game on your Xbox and you will receive HNLA bot then load the game on the PC and your bot will be there. This is a work around until they fix the store entry. Microsoft does offer refunds for DLC purchases if done within a week of making the purchase, just go to the store page and search the help page for digital refund. This is what I did so I was not buying the DLC twice (I assume that WC will fix the entry at some point)
  8. I was able to request a refund from Microsoft. I then purchased the Xbox version and logged in on my Xbox, that gave me the HNLA skin, which I then was able to use on my PC play anywhere version. It's an annoying work around, but until they make the season pass play anywhere it works for me.
  9. ARK: Genesis not play anywhere compatible The current listing of ARK: Genesis is not a play anywhere compatible title in the Microsoft store. There appears to be a seperate listing for PC and Xbox. It is weird, I went to buy the season pass on my PC, but it gave me a desktop version, which is not compatible with the play anywhere version of ARK installed on my PC. I went to the Xbox and searched for ARK Genesis and it shows an Xbox version that I would have to pay for seperatly, I've not purchased this version yet, but it says Xbox only.
  10. You have to dig a little, but its there. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1113410/ARK_Genesis_Season_Pass/?curator_clanid=8729288
  11. I don't know if this is related, but occasionally the terrain does not render in when traveling around the map, no rocks or trees and sometimes no land at all.
  12. Broodmother Arena - Not rendering I have seen this happen on two PCs (Play Anywhere ARK). Instance is a Nitrado XBox server. Both PCs are using a NVidia RTX 2070 cards with AMD processors. On one of the PCs the problem happens every time we have fought the broodmother (3 fights), on the other it has happened one out of five fights. I have attached a screenshot as an example. Additional note, it is acting like the arena has not rendered in, the creatures are bouncing up an down.
  13. Not going to disagree with the fact that Extraordinary Kibble is a real pain to get, but I would like to note the island creatures original kibble for reference. Kilbble for Yuty (Kentro) 1x Kentro Egg 1x Ammonite Bile 1x Golden Egg Kibble for Megalania (Baryonyx) 1x Baryonyx Egg 1x Savaroot 1x Raw Mutton Kibble for Thylacoleo (Titanoboa) 1x Titanoboa Egg 1x Longrass 1x Cooked Meat Jerky In comparison: The Yuty is a wash, it originally required the Golden Egg, and could be consider easier since you can bypass the need for a water tame to get Ammonite Bile. Megalania, could be considered to be slightly more difficult now, but getting mutton is not an easy process until you have a breeding pair of Ovis, once that was accomplished it became a non issue. Thylacoleo, I feel this has become very difficult compared to the original requirements, Titanoboas are not a difficult tame which is probably why they removed them from the extraordinary classification. My Opinion: My issue isn't that a Golden Egg is required, my issue is that there is a random factor in if I can get a golden egg. There is a chance you can spend an hour feeding the hesperonis fish and simply get no eggs because the random number generator doesn't like you. And if you are attempting to tame a Yuty at default rates at Level 30 its ~12 kibble, at Level 150 its ~39 kibble, that's a huge time sink. I feel that Extraordinary Kibble is disproportionate to the other kibble in collection requirements (on the Island) compared to the other types of kibble. My suggestion is to remove the random factor for the Golden Egg, I don't mind the process to get the Golden Egg, but I don't want to waste time, as much as a I like the game, I do have real life to deal with.
  14. I would recommend if the players has AlwaysAllowStructurePickup=True then the timer allows for quick pickup for the duration of the timer, but the player has to open the menu and hold E (Similar to Demolish) after the timer expires.
  15. Test Results Attached video showing some issues I ran into.
  16. Not a bug, but for dedicated storage, can we get the icon and count displayed on top, see attached image for example of some creative building with dedicated storage.
  17. Extension of the noted bug, square ceilings can not snap to triangle ceilings as expected. Tested with Metal and Stone
  18. Dedicated storage can not store fridge type items (Raw Meat, Cooked Meat, Rare Flowers, Kibble, etc) The one I am testing with is being powered by a Tek Genartor per the description.
  19. Switching Metal Stairs to Ramps results in a texture that simply looks weird to me. Similar issue with Tek Stairs
  20. K, here are the specifics, I set General Shadows and Terrain Shadows to Low, I've tweaked once I discovered that those two settings were key. I've attached a screenshot in case anyone wanted to see specifics.
  21. While testing, I found if I turned the shadows all the way to low (everything else set to ultra) my BSOD went away on my RTX 2070. Not in front of computer but there are two Shadow related settings in the optiins menu on the bottom left of the page.
  22. Yes you can make kibble on Extinction, it works the exact same way as it does on the other maps. They simply introduced 6 new kibble types to the map that work slightly differently than regular kibble. As far as rockarrot spawns, there are none on any map (except Ragnarok) you are suppose to find the seeds by harvesting bushes then plant and grow them.
  23. Just a little theory crafting here, but I felt it is worth thinking about. Most everyone is assuming that the new Kibble will be implemented into every map as part of the kibble rework. Lets take a moment to review the facts. The new kibbles are listed as (Basic, Simple, Regular, Superior, Exceptional, and Extraordinary) But the Extinction Kibble is listed as Augmented Kibble. Lets note that fact, on Extinction, this new kibble is reported as Basic Augmented Kibble, Simple Augmented Kibble, etc... Taking that interesting modifier to the kibble, it is possible that on other maps the kibble will also get a modifier to it (Aberration gets Aberrant Kibble, Scorched Earth gets Scorched Kibble, and possibly the island gets no modifier to its kibble) and thinking through this further, map specific kibble will require map specific resources to make for map specific Dinos. Just some random thoughts on how WC may be tackling the kibble rework.
  24. Isn't that what mutton did for Carnovores?
  25. This could be unrelated or just coincidence, but I did a destroy all wild dinos command on my single player game and the resources started spawning in again. But I still had to be in the area before the respawns occurred.
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