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  1. I was using TEK. Maybe thats the difference
  2. 1. I think when the S+ is coming to official release, they will be implemented into console versions too. 2. Dilos for example are a good threat for low level characters. So they are not useless. And atleast the new kibble will reduce kibble dinos which will reduce server load!
  3. I am so happy they decided to make beta branch. They changed their way. Let's appreciate that.
  4. When you snap several storage boxes together, but placed on foundation, every storage boxes gets demolished, when u demolish the "base" storage box. For triangle Foundations there is a "Stacking" Snap-Point. But it does not work (see screenshot)
  5. On legacy there were really many duping tribes and wildcard wanted to wipe all legacy servers at release to get rid of the duped items but due the response of the community they decided to keep them alive and seperate them from new servers
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