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  1. I was using TEK. Maybe thats the difference
  2. 1. I think when the S+ is coming to official release, they will be implemented into console versions too. 2. Dilos for example are a good threat for low level characters. So they are not useless. And atleast the new kibble will reduce kibble dinos which will reduce server load!
  3. I am so happy they decided to make beta branch. They changed their way. Let's appreciate that.
  4. When you snap several storage boxes together, but placed on foundation, every storage boxes gets demolished, when u demolish the "base" storage box. For triangle Foundations there is a "Stacking" Snap-Point. But it does not work (see screenshot)
  5. On legacy there were really many duping tribes and wildcard wanted to wipe all legacy servers at release to get rid of the duped items but due the response of the community they decided to keep them alive and seperate them from new servers
  6. Hello Developers, hello Wildcard, hello Community. ARK DLC Extinction has been announced. It looks really awesom and sure i am curios what the final story part is telling us. Actually we had the ARK Vanilla, ARK Scorched Earth and ARK Aberration. This is 3 of 4 Story Parts - 3 of 4 of the game. And i went through 3 of 4 of this game with dealing heavy bugs. When ARK Extinction will be released and we finish the story game, we "enjoyed" this game completly buggy. I don't think that this is what u want for your players. I think you want provide an awesom adventure. But actually this adventure is more frustrating then enjoyable. There are so many bugs. And so many bugs are really old. For example the two buggy oil veins where you can't place pump coz of nearby beacon drop. How can this not be fixed? I think its 1 hour work to fix. Or even less. Why is undermeshing still a thing? Why is character loosing still a thing? Why are structures handled on client side first? For the ones who don't know what i mean there: When you build a wyvern trap and you trap it in and then you go out of render-range of the trap you can watch the wyvern just leaving the trap. When you spawn in your big base and base is not rendered you can walk in through not rendered walls. You can even place c4 in before server sais: "oh no you can't be there". I really don't understand why you still push so much content instead of fixing the game first. Every new content you release CAN interact with existing bugs creating new bugs - creating new frustration or unintended game mechanics. Like for example the tents combined with climbing picks which you can use to undermesh. As a marketing manager i really recommend that you fix your game and use this as marketing strategy. Fix it and make big advertising: "ARK finally fixed". I already have an idea for a trailer So many players quit this game coz its to buggy. Maybe you can get them back with friends who will buy your game. ARK could be such a great experience. Please don't focus on content only. I will be really pissed when i will walk through extinction and beeing forced to deal with stupid bugs. #60dollarGame
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