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  1. Kaprosuchus

    Did they add a subversive auto kick?

    there is a auto kick feature based on how active the server is at the moment. if it's full it can be less than forgiving.
  2. Kaprosuchus

    Ark YouTubers you watch?

    yeah i didn't think of people watching ark youtubers to learn how to play, neebs and them are definately for entertainment purposes. not saying you can't learn from them it's more that they don't have the same level of hand holding as dedicated how to videos.
  3. Kaprosuchus

    Weigh In: Options for the future of Primitive+

    I think it should be added to the main game. I think it should be added in a way that will allow existing prim+ servers to not lose progress when they transition. this can be done by preserving blueprint paths for items in such a way that existing maps still recognize everything, or by some script or light weight tool that converts the saves in some manner. there should be a guide posted for existing people to quickly remove all non prim+ engrams and items from drop tables so that their servers will not experience any real change in gameplay. I think existing prim+ officials should be changed in this same fashion so that their gameplay is not interrupted too severel either While i think adding the items to main would enrich the game i do not want to do it at the expense of a passionate playerbase who is probably now quite worried about losing their homes.
  4. Kaprosuchus

    Ark YouTubers you watch?

    neebs gaming is a nice gaming group that does cinematic style ark gameplay with high amounts of editing, everything they do is stuff they learned through trial and error or viewer comments, and they are fairly crass. keep in mind their early ark stuff is a bit rough because they started years ago. Syntac can be funny to watch sometimes. I think that's about it.
  5. Kaprosuchus

    pvp Help needed with abusive alpha on official

    I don't think they wanted to know how to curl up and die or run away. I think they were wanting to know if any bored megas wanted to come smash the alpha on his/her server. and it's a fairly legit question because some megas DO enjoy doing that sort of thing if for no other reason than to bathe in the salty tears of another alpha
  6. characters exist in server architecture as a file with your steam ID and as an entity saved within the map save as well, they both have to be there for you to utilize the character. I accidentally erased the character files once on a server i was running and this exact same thing happened to everyone. I hope wildcard has access to some super secret admin abilites to fix it because i had to make everyone make new characters, destroy the old characters, and change every dino everyone owned to the imprint ID of their new characters. I do not envy their predicament.
  7. I've played both for a long time but never at the same time because as you mentioned you have to.. paradigm shift kinda sorta. alter your mindset. free yourself of attachments to things. accept you will die and lose everything over and over, but try to make sure you are doing the same to others at least that has been my experience. I was on a unofficial pve server once and someone kited a giga into this guy's base who had no walls up he just had all his stuff on a flat slab of stone all open air like and his first response was "this shouldn't be a thing people can do, why is this allowed?" so of course i gave him instructions on how to build and offered to help him farm mats because i was bored and i enjoy farming. his response was "No, i don't want to build that way, they need to change the way the game works to accomodate me" well i paraphrased that last part. Ok, i really need to stop getting off topic 😮
  8. Kaprosuchus

    Unofficial server option or cheat

    yeah just check the steam workshop. unless you are running your server on a console or something.
  9. Kaprosuchus

    Unofficial server option or cheat

    taming cave dinos, you'd need a mod to change and allow them to be tameable, same with alphas and corrupted dinos and such.
  10. Kaprosuchus

    Is the Giga Rage mechanic still needed?

    I can't recall ever really triggering it lately, they have nerfed it so many times. i think someone drove some kentros into my giga's mouth in pvp once and that triggered it.
  11. Kaprosuchus

    Crystal Isles

    honestly, crystal isles is huge and pushes ark to it's limits i am not sure how well consoles would run it.
  12. Kaprosuchus

    Should Ark get NPC humans?

    oh i wasn't saying that for balance, it's because i am a pervert.
  13. Kaprosuchus

    Managarmrs still op

    abberation was my favorite map : /
  14. Kaprosuchus

    Managarmrs still op

    You caught me that's exactly what I do. I used mine to clear corrupted gigas out on extinction, now i use other things to do it. you'd be surprised how much of the letters on my keyboard have transferred to my face. Humor aside, that wasn't really called for, I was asking you a legitimate question and you just insulted me because you couldn't come up with an appropriate answer. what do you want them to do to them and when will it be enough? If you just never wanted the meta to change at all you could just say "please stop releasing new dinosaurs period because they will be so overpowered i won't like them, or so underpowered i won't use them" and just be done with it
  15. Kaprosuchus

    Official Wipe?

    I feel like i keep reading and answering the same posts over and over. if you want to play fresh there are servers that reset once a month, if you don't like that idea it's probably because you only want a fresh start so you have an easier chance of getting on top and staying there like the current alphas are. people who have been playing this game for years can climb the ladder to dominance in less than a day, so all it will do is ruin everyone's breeding lines. If i roused my gaming clan from their real lives we could probably pillar an entire server in a matter of a few days and we aren't even really that great at the game.