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  1. Kruemel

    latest update

  2. Kruemel

    Transfering Without Trans?

    When it was your tribe mate, just ask him?
  3. How about that. Just let us paint dinos as we wish. I mean, the regions like on buildings. Not that supid painting system, we have now. Maybe people would stop to breed for color mutations and tame tons of low lvl dinos while an event is running But best would be, way more servers, like we had in EA and region lock maybe
  4. Kruemel

    Raptor Pounce. Really bad design.

    It seems there is a bug. Had it a few times now that i bug into smaller dinos. Like raptor, terror or saber. It looks like the raptor pounce. And it will only stop when whether the dino or you die.
  5. Yeah. But when im not wrong pegos are the only creatures without taming efficiency. Maybe thats why they work a bit different.
  6. But the points fit always and every stat is green. Maybe pegos get a special boost while taming like double the hp points.
  7. I also tamed 2 pegos(150) and both had 55+ points in hp. Seems like they have a tendency for high hp stats
  8. Kruemel

    Question about TEK Troughs

    Tek Generator needs Tekgram to use. Tek Trough doesnt need it
  9. Kruemel


    What server number was it?
  10. same happend to me 2 months ago. After rollback i was back at surface and got instantly burned aswell as my 185 hatched drake (48 points in hp -.- ) and time told me its midnight. Support told me, they cant do anything cause i have no video of it to proof. they also said its not known as common bug.
  11. What do you plan to do against the massivly overpopulated pve servers? daily new players start on the old maps like The Island or The Center and get the message "too many tamed creatures on this ark" as a welcome. On the other side u have lots of legacy servers with only a low player count where no new player wants to start because they fear Wildcard could wipe those servers.
  12. Kruemel

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    There are enough server hosted by Wildcard. but sadly a bunch are wasted on the legacy cluster where only 5-10 players are playing in the rushhour. Repurpose them into the new cluster and the players would use them and the massive load of players may have enough space to build and tame.
  13. Kruemel

    old server getting lesser player online?

    The main Problem is even with those less players the new pve servers are dino capped. i wanted to play a bit on the island while waiting for my drake to grow. but its kind of senseless when u join and the first thing u read is "too many tamed creatures on this ark"
  14. Kruemel

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    79 also on/off cap