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  1. @irishstorm Hey man i figured it out thanks for the report. ?
  2. Okie I will play around with it see if i get lucky since i got to find a repo for it now. If you happend to remember what you did or if you manged to get it to happen again let me know
  3. Hey Irishstorm what did you do to overfill the Dedicated Storage box?
  4. I have added it to our notes it was there in our last build not sure what happen but i am sure it will be added back
  5. Skittle

    Managarmr Crash

    Hey guys do you have more info on this issues with the Managarmr client crash? We haven't been able to reproduce this issue. Could you please paste the crash you getting here or into Pastebin.com
  6. Skittle

    Floating Castle

    Skittle Floating Castle that i been working very little on the side when i get the chance to.
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