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  1. We PvE's play on official for the same reason you do...to have more ppl to interact with for many reasons: the company, the trading, the boasting, the bickering(for some), the begging(for some) hahah
  2. Now this is someone who doesnt understand PvE...First and for most, you can absolutely see PvP on PvE servers with griefers. titan kiting is a common thing. In the early days of my fresh server, dinos often got killed and base destroyed because people would aggro other dinos to attack your stuff(of course thats not a problem now). We need new servers because the people who play pve like to breed/tame and their simply is not enough room to support their playerbase and the [][][]'s dino's storage. So PvE quite honestly has some of the most toxic community because I think the "locals" get so stressed and offended when noobs come in and start taking their tame slots and there is nothing they can do about it. PvE servers in a nutshell are overcrowded and wildcard does not put much thought into their servers. Like they go and release a new batch of servers, using last batch as example, that includes 1 Na island server, 1 EU Rag, i think 2 SE, and 1 Ab server......this is all kinds of dumb in my opinion because there is absolutely no need for another ab server cause they are almost all open on tame cap and space to build(speaking just for pve). only 1 SE is necessary, 1 EU Rag is fine....but 1 Na island.....dah fack??? thats where the dumb comes in. I play that server and have felt the strain it has. When they do these new batch of servers they support way more players than 1 server ever should. Honestly, I dont even know why Im wasting my time rambling and complaining. In a nutshell "I love ark to all hell, but WC....you dumb and im sorry for that"
  3. What they said ^^ I'm solely a PVE player because I thoroughly enjoy the flow of it more. I am plenty skilled at the game, same or more than ppl who play pvp. I was responding sarcastically to the PVPers with elitest attitude who think pve is nothing but a joke and we're, idk, "too affraid" I've honestly tried pvp, and I kicked ass, with my "skills", but it wasn't for me.
  4. ah thats right, if you dont play ark pvp than you have no "real" skills at this game
  5. My question is why more pvp servers? You should've already released like 3 sets of fresh servers since the last ones in June. I thought, maybe you weren't to stock up for the new servers for extinction, then you come out with these pvp crap server which is how ppl seem to play pvp anyways. It drives me nuts how you take pvp more in consideration than pve when making any decisions
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