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  1. Cant tame hesperonis Fish in hand but hesperonis doesnt want. Also has the decay timer always been 20 seconds on coel ? like thats way too quick imo. Also i tested on 3 different hesper incase this one was bugged. all the same
  2. Stop Giving New Dinos I enjoy getting new Dino's to test out and play just as much as the next person but why is that basically the only thing we seem to get new with dlcs...that and a new map (big woop) that might I add, dies out quick. Especially ab and ext...anyways why not make more outfits for our characters, new hairstyles, better character customizing, new food recipes, different crops varieties, new weapon types maybe idk... Basically I'm just saying can you stop focusing what new dinos to create and actually gives us some variety in other things. We all love the new dinos and whatnot but it's not the only thing that keeps us coming back. And anyone who is PvP probably sees this and thinks "DILO no, just all around no" but guess what, you have a huge player base that is focused on PVE not to mention single player as well. Quit leaving us out because whinny pvpers, we've put up with getting the short end of the stick for long enough.
  3. New Building Materials I fully understand why WC doesn't add a lot of decor type items (even though I'd love them) but could we please have more building materials to freshin up our builds. We've been looking at the same ol wood,stone, metal, etc for years. And tbh it's not even really great textures, I mean the wood is gag. Maybe do a tlc pass on building structures and redo some of the paints to actually be visible. Like white, for Peet's sake. That would be awesome af imo
  4. If you are attempting to test and find bugs on the beta, then you do so in single player....if you want to go back to live official servers you need to go back into arks properties and opt out of betas. Let it download then you're ready to play live
  5. I knew this would be a problem with official....simply being you have the no collision thing. In my opinion it makes these fence posts useless. oh well if you can make it look good on the top cause your gon have a big hole in the bottom defeating the purpose of a wall. I have always wished we could have no collision on official cause there is still a point it gets to that it wont allow it to accept it being obstructed but its more lenient than this. There is a little work around for the larger gaps like above but it doesnt work on the gap to the left that is much smaller.... Snap a fence foundation to the fence posts, then place the fence post on top of the fence foundation. u get a snap point for a wall on the fence foundation and then one on the fence post. end result is pretty clean for the large gap... showing the problem on a larger scale without my work around trick...then 2nd photo is with work around. Which looks pretty clean but i dont think thats the point here. Fence posts in my opinion shouldnt need something else entirely to make them work properly. most people arent going to have that patience to try to figure it out I dont know what you could do about it but finding snap points with the ridiculous amount of options on the fences posts is a thing nightmares are made of ***Purdy please can we have greenhouse walls work with the fence posts. they simply will not snap in them. its on me if i chose to have a squishy, but beautiful, glass wall around my base. I also cant see where letting them be placed in these would be a problem
  6. I dont like that you place the fence posts from the side like this because of the example from the photo, if something is in the way of your character you couldnt get the fence posts flush up against the wall or whatever.
  7. Tek dedicated storage Recipe doesnt work on SE, AB, or EXT because of the ammonite bile portion being unobtainable on those maps
  8. Double door problems....they only open 1 direction being inwards and secondly every door can be picked long after the 30 pick up timer
  9. For some reason this triangle roof sits higher than the rest even though the ceiling underneath is the same. Do note though, it was the first triangle ceiling I placed then snapped the rest off of it. weird half snap points inside of other triangle ceilings. it will let me place also. Endless pick up timer on greenhouse triangles. Ever other flat triangle ceiling's timer seemed to be working properly. it counts down the 30 seconds but remains able to be picked up after.
  10. You get some weird ass middle snap point when trying to attach ceilings to triangle foundations.
  11. I could put triangle foundations inside normal square foundations it created a new snap point for normal foundations to clip through no problem ^^This allowed for ridiculously easy foundation stacking If you switch the top to smooth variant. no one would ever know you stacked them if you demo the triangle foundations the ones above do not fall and are supported. i tested 1 high, 2 high, and 3 high. Same thing on all you get floating foundations
  12. Mine allowed me to place. i have no clipping on though so that might effect it. I should turn that off for official settings testing.... Turned it off came back and it still let me snap. im using metal foundations for my test
  13. We PvE's play on official for the same reason you do...to have more ppl to interact with for many reasons: the company, the trading, the boasting, the bickering(for some), the begging(for some) hahah
  14. Now this is someone who doesnt understand PvE...First and for most, you can absolutely see PvP on PvE servers with griefers. titan kiting is a common thing. In the early days of my fresh server, dinos often got killed and base destroyed because people would aggro other dinos to attack your stuff(of course thats not a problem now). We need new servers because the people who play pve like to breed/tame and their simply is not enough room to support their playerbase and the [][][]'s dino's storage. So PvE quite honestly has some of the most toxic community because I think the "locals" get so stressed and offended when noobs come in and start taking their tame slots and there is nothing they can do about it. PvE servers in a nutshell are overcrowded and wildcard does not put much thought into their servers. Like they go and release a new batch of servers, using last batch as example, that includes 1 Na island server, 1 EU Rag, i think 2 SE, and 1 Ab server......this is all kinds of dumb in my opinion because there is absolutely no need for another ab server cause they are almost all open on tame cap and space to build(speaking just for pve). only 1 SE is necessary, 1 EU Rag is fine....but 1 Na island.....dah fack??? thats where the dumb comes in. I play that server and have felt the strain it has. When they do these new batch of servers they support way more players than 1 server ever should. Honestly, I dont even know why Im wasting my time rambling and complaining. In a nutshell "I love ark to all hell, but WC....you dumb and im sorry for that"
  15. What they said ^^ I'm solely a PVE player because I thoroughly enjoy the flow of it more. I am plenty skilled at the game, same or more than ppl who play pvp. I was responding sarcastically to the PVPers with elitest attitude who think pve is nothing but a joke and we're, idk, "too affraid" I've honestly tried pvp, and I kicked ass, with my "skills", but it wasn't for me.
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