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  1. Darlingfreaks

    Rework for paint

    I would love to have a TLC pass for the painting Dino's/characters system. This is such a neat thing in game that is honestly difficult af to use because how the paint strokes react to the models. You're painting the face, then all of a sudden there's a huge streak across the back legs or something
  2. Darlingfreaks

    Dino Cap is a huge problem

    Title says it all. To be honest I'm just doing filler posts to get out of early bird status to use trade forums
  3. Darlingfreaks

    servers New Server Clusters

    I would like to see new server clusters like you guys used to do on legacy. Thatd be cool
  4. Darlingfreaks

    new Sup Ark Peeps

    Been around for a while now, new-ish to the forums
  5. exactly, ive made post and few comments here and there but this honestly needs some rework
  6. Why hasnt this been revised. 4k hours played and can't use the trade forums
  7. Darlingfreaks

    Questions about Griefing

    I would like some clarification on some of the threats my tribe has been receiving in game. My tribe of 3 members have decided we want to live on herbivore island on the island map. Its a great beautiful location for water dinos as well as others. From the get go we have had trouble with people getting upset that we live there and that actually resulted in them aggroing brontos, trikes, stegos to kill our dinos. (its in the tribe log at the very beginning) We got tired of the worry of our dinos dying so decided either build a big resource blocking box or build behemoth walls to protect our dinos but also preserve as much of the resource and spawns as possible. We chose behemoth fence surrounding a good chunk of the island. It basically follows the outline of the water and along the cliff. Now the biggest complaint and threat we are getting is that we will log in one day and our entire structures will be demo'd without warning because we are blocking 1 maybe 2 metal nodes from access on foot. At the moment, a flyer would have no issue accessing it. We do plan to build a small house ontop of one of the nodes though(but would still preserve 90% of them). I felt like we were considerate of the noobies because they can pull their rafts up to the back side, tame dinos safely and get some resources while there. Ive been on other servers and seen herbi island completely walled off. I think we were more than fair. I also think it would be a little much to ask 70+ ppl not to ever build on any resources what so ever, so logically we arent in the wrong. Basically what I want to know is, are we in the wrong and to what degree? WIll our entire tribe structures be demo'd without warning?
  8. Darlingfreaks

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Im calling my server suggestion "The Forgotten Dino's Comeback" The most basic concept of it would be to only be able to tame non-rideable dinos, with the exception of three including Equus, Iguanodon, and Ovis. This way you still have mobility to cover the map. It would take longer than flying and have its challenges but also it's adventures! A tribe limit of 3-5 and 10 dino tames per person. I think max tribe of 3 with total of 30 dinos would be best. I'm imagining this as a more intimate play-through and a chance for the normally unused dinos to shine! You'd care more about the few dinos you do have. I also feel this offers the opportunity to build your character to have more of an impact on your game. Normally it's all about the dinos. I don't play PVP but i honestly would with these settings. It would make for some pretty interesting encounters. "Your 10 dimorphodons, to my 10 hyaenodons...lets go!" Also....Please tell me Im not the only one that gets such a satifaction out of commanding my dinos to attack other dinos...Especially when im on foot commanding 3+ Rexes to kill. Such an awesome feeling! Tamable Dinos List: Achatina, Archaeopteryx, Compy, Dilophosaur, Dimetrodon, Dimorphodon, Diplocaulus, Dodo, Dung Beetle, Giant Bee, Hesperornis, Hyaenodon, Ichthyornis, Jerboa, Kairuku, Lystrosaurus, Mesopithecus, Microraptor, Onyc, Otter, Oviraptor, Pegomastax, Purlovia, Titanoboa, Troodon, Vulture Equus, Ovis, & Iguanodon Now, sadly, this would only work, the way im imagining, on maps The Island, The Center, and Ragnarok. Id be interested to see how people balance the more utility dinos with attack ones with the 10 limit..this is where it would pay to make a few friends so maybe each one of you are only sacrificing 1-2 to have quicker fertilizer production, CP production, and whatever else. Another huge bonus in my opinion, it negates the need for cringe-worthy, server-lagging, mega box bases. For rates, I don't think they would need to be crazy high maybe 2x-3x everything. It ain't going to be a big deal to gather everything by hand because you wont have mega structures to build or maintain. I honestly just might have to create my own server with these settings. If I do and it's something youre interested in...look for it in unofficial with the suggested server name above.
  9. Darlingfreaks

    Your ARK Stories!

    Same as many of the others here, Ark has positively effected my life. I purchased the game at release, but could not figure out why everyone was hyped about it. It was too painfully buggy for me to even enjoy. So I let it sit for many months, then randomly one day I thought "let's see how this game is" ( this was Oct 2015 ) From the first five minute of playing, I was hooked and awestruck. I messaged my husband, who was deployed, to tell him how amazing it was and that we need to play it as soon as he got home. Well I messed around for 30 more minutes and set the game down to not spoil it for when he finally could play(that's how we do most games, fresh to both of us). A few hours had passed that day and all I could think about was how much I wanted to play! Ark was my drug and I needed my fix :P. Long story short, this was the only time I haven't waited for my husband to play a game. Since then, I've been hooked and clocked 2k+ hours, which isn't much to some other players but that's a rediculous amount of play time in one game. It must be a badass game to keep me interested for that long, and still coming back for more. There is still so much more I could say about Ark. But the last final thing of real importance is that I have made an online best friend because of this game. We met back in October/November 2015 and have been besties since. She is amazing! I have a better relationship with her than any of my RL friends.