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  1. Wildcard ain’t a AAA studio. I don’t believe it’s 100% game problem. Some people like myself can login on official. Either wild card has a new defence system for cheaters and it’s tagged some people wrongly or your ISP/router firewall doesn’t like a change they made and it kicks you out.
  2. Will there be engrams after 100 in genesis? Really no point leveling after 105, no engrams or no engrams points either. I’m max level on PS4 official PVE, Endgame rather boring.
  3. If I’m honest dung beetles have become redundant with owls and gacha about. Defo need a TLC
  4. Agree, tranferr timer on pve need to be lower. Saw nice tame on server I was trading on had to wait to tranferr out to get stuff and wait to tranferr back again to tame but when I got back it was gone/killed so had to wait to go back to my home server with stuff
  5. Very true but when the lagg stops that’s when you worry ???
  6. I’d say make gas lines like water pipes and just add a tank where you full the tank up like generator
  7. I know this is for S+ while your messing with realigning piece’s that don’t fit well together can you fix tek behemoth gate so the door align’s with the frame so the door doesn’t hang lower. As seen in picture the the frame built on ceilings but the door isn’t level. Thanks in advanced and keep up the great work ?
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