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So what did you do in ARK today?


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Its been a few days since our last update. We finally tamed a lvl 135 male spino and soon after bred it with our female as well as our megalosaurs so we now have a nice pair of 100% imprinted spinos and megalosaurs.

We finished the 2nd floor of our base but soon realized after breeding the spinos that it was too small, lol. So our current project is to build a fence all around our base to keep our spinos and future crabs in.

We also tamed a lvl 225 female megalosaur (max on our server) named her big bertha because she had 12k hp after tame

So the rest of this week and into the weekend we hope to finish the wall around the base and then farm a mountain of pearls to get turrets up for nameless defense. After we get some levels on our spinos and megalos and if the crashes are at a minimum we may even venture into the red zone and try stealing some drake eggs

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After a few weeks of looking for a high level Bary, we finally found a 145 last night. In the swamp.

2 of us chased the poor guy on land and by air to make absolutely sure we wouldn't lose him. Almost managed to but eventually he found a spot to defend himself in.

We immediately threw bolas. My buddy hit the Barry.  I boloed my buddy. Oops. 

Intrepid dino took the opportunity of a Sarco attacking it and us to head off into the swamp once more.

We tracked it down, boloed it, and proceeded to shoot up with a longneck and ascendant crossbow.

Due to the damage it had sustained in trying to avoid us (and being attacked while running)...it was already injured.

So naturally a perfectly aimed headshot dropped it. Not unconscious. Grrrr.

Thinking I may look for a Basil instead for a while. :P


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Not been up to too much lately, grinding metal, breeding the Megalos and Spinos. I now have a 228 male Megalo, which without further mutations is going to be the highest I can get I think with my current breeding stock so the search for new breeders will begin again. Also whilst bemoaning the lack of females that I've been getting, I went and got all female triplets.

Made a start on the Biolum base, and immediately ran into a major hitch. My plan was to use a big flat area up above where I have my mining base for dino storage and run a ramp down to get dinos up there, but whilst the server has S+, it doesn't have floating structures enabled, and I cannot for some reason get foundation support for the ramps. Really don't want to have to make up a load of pillars either, so back to the drawing board on that one.

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Had our first server crash last night (Unofficial Aberration).  No idea why but the rollback meant that the last 45 minutes we had spent getting a drake egg was wasted as I logged back into the server to find it had rolled back to previous save.  I was in the nest with the 165 egg prior to when I died multiple times attempting to get it and climb out with climbing hooks.

We decided that it probably wasn't the best idea to try that one again as it ended with me dying twice last time before we found a 150 egg in a low nest on the easy wall so climbed back up and out and went for the safer 150 instead. Not sure if you can build down there as had no building supplies on us but going to try tonight and hopefully it'll work.  It's not at bottom of the pit but on a high nest near the path so hopefully it'll allow me to put a ramp or two down to give me a better chance of getting back up before being attacked.

Again I managed to get from our outpost by the small pink ponds on the way down back up to the fertile lake but again I have no idea how.  My headless chicken routine seems to have a vague sense of direction and I know the paths from certain points but the parts in the middle I don't believe I have EVER taken the same path twice. Quite amusing really, no idea how I manage to get to and from our outpost down there but I have done on multiple occasions now - might have to take some signs down with me net time to place better markers than the odd wood pillar.

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Kind of a blasé week. Didn't really progress towards a boss fight too much which was a bit disappointing.

I have felt that even when it was a down week we always made some progress towards a boss fight and right now we are so far behind everybody else. I think the crazy Wyv hatching week we had may have set us back but I'm not sure my tribe mate is as interested in doing the boss fights as I am. I want to keep our Rex line going but I may trade for some better eggs to tide us over and get us to the boss fights a bit sooner while we continue to work on our own breed. 

Was able to finally breed in the new wild/clean hp into our clean line. Now I need to get a male and a few females with these stats. This one needs to finish raising first I suppose, lol. 


RNG is a son of a gun. 

I put down two 150 Rex's and both had the same exact HP and melee. 5280 hp, 200% melee. I didn't tame either as the bounce would have to be super favorable in either to top our current highs. 

I'm considering breeding the color mutated Rex's we have a bunch and then offing them. They are just clutter right now and I think if I get like 6 eggs from each I should be able to get that mute back. I may move them over to the island server and use one as a mount and try to sell the rest. 

Speaking of that got most of our new island outpost set up. Found a nice piece of land near Green ob that won't kill many spawns (some trees). I am going to keep it small. I may still find a water area. It's a decent market since a lot of the fresh faces start out on the Island. I chose this server because I have done several trades with one of bigger tribes on the server and ended up conducting a few more trades over the weekend with other resident's including two Wyvern's and a Golem. Added bonus was I have 3 tribes on there, the new guy and two from my Legacy server, that were able to vouch for me off the bat. That helped ease transition and I've already have other Golem order's as well as Ravager orders. 


Since I mentioned Ravager's I did get some babies from them this weekend. Triplets popped out. I sold off one of the babies right away but kept a male and female that got the red xmas belly from their mom. I can now breed them up but I want to level them and take the pack out once and see how they fare. Not the greatest stats out there but I'll keep my eye out and in the mean time breed for some stat mutations. As can be seen in the picture I also got the high stam and melee from our saber line onto a male xmas saber. That works out as a female has our high HP

I also raised another Thorny for the Island server. Having a 2k weight thorny over there will definitely help with the plan there.

So here's the full plan for the island character. 

Crafting character. I think between 800 and 900% once I reach level 100. 

Offer up services to craft BP's for people as well as custom consumables. The low spoilage time is fantastic on these (especially when trying to stay fed while waiting a transfer upload timer) plus they just give you more food, hp, water, stamina, whatever. 

A familiar place that is more compact for cross server trades. some people don't want to come to Ragnarok to do trades and I don't blame them. It's a gorgeous map but it's very big and so spawning in right, finding, picking up and taking to the ob is a headache on both ends. Also with no real water drops (outside of the extremely random loot crates), water dino trades are frustrating. You have to make sure you hit the pirate ship just right really to have a chance. The center is probably best for that to be honest and if we ever get going on Basil's and Angler's I may set up shop there just for water trades. 

I'm not really there to tame. I'll be vocal in chat because it's what I do but I don't plan on adding to their tame cap outside of trade animal's and a few farming and transport animal's (I have two Golem's one for trade one for base defense, 1 Wyvern, 1 Argy for weight carry, 1 Tape for passenger transport, 1 Theri and Doedic for farming needs, 1 Bulbdog to show off my Bulbdog. I may bring over one of the mutated Rex's just to have that land mount that can handle anything outside of a Giga or Titan. I may opt for a Bear but I can get knocked unconscious from a Theri on a Bear. I don't plan on raising anything over there and if i do I'll use one of my allies breeding rooms. It may be nice to have something imprinted specifically to that character. That's down the road though. 

The base set up is simple and I am currently statting myself more as a builder than crafter. I'll mindwipe once I got what's needed built. So right now, I have a metal platform, ran wires and generator underneath, traded for a chem bench and industrial forge (so I can accept raw metal as a payment form), have 4 smithy's so I can craft multiple items at once, a greenhouse with the 4 veggies, old school compost bins (I'll trade for fertilizer if needed), 1 fabricator though I plan on adding 3 more, 1 vault though I plan on adding 10 more at least, and it is all open no enclosure. Ramps all around to conceal underneath but also so people can fly/walk up their delivery method to the vaults. I definitely need to grab a picture. 

I built a small two wall high square stone house to put my character and off of one of the dino gate entrances I built a small enclosure to keep the Theri and Doedic. I may still build off on of the behemoth's as a place to store the bird's but I haven't decided or scouted that yet. I placed a sign that details our raw material conversion rates. I also plan on distributing our coordinates in all trade markets so people can come by at any point and check our wares which will have signs with their prices listed. 

I kind of wanted to go away from the trade market this second time around but running a store of sorts, appeals to me. I like knowing I have stuff other people want and are willing to trade their hard work/best stuff for. 

So just a quick recap of this weeks dino's then i'll let you rest your eyes a little. Lol.

Tamed a 150 Argy that had 32 points in HP and 30 points in melee pre-tame. Neither rolled to a higher stat than we had so after being unable to trade him, I offed it.

Tamed a 130 Golem. Technique was flawless, every hit counted, still not sure why it's not taming to perfection according to Dododex. Guess they are off as our last 130 tamed out to the exact same level. Have a buyer for one of the Golem's and then the other will become our island server defense. 

Tamed a 145 female Basil. Right after the Golem tame we found her by her lonesome kind of stuck in the water below our trap. I ran back to base grabbed all the Theri kibble and then swam with her for a bit. She tamed out with 20k hp which bests our current of 18k.

Tamed a 145 male Basil. Swimming the female back to the water pen I spied this guy in the open ocean. I had our new tribe mate with so i gave him the female basil and then grabbed another one from the pen and went to show him how the tame goes in the open ocean with manta's and sharks to deal with. He got a little overzealous trying to fight off a shark and almost hit the 145 male but luckily missed. It didn't have anything that tops what we currently have so I will try to trade it. 


Real basic. People like our mutated Doedic's so I have been raising them. Did a purple spike and a red spike this weekend. I did the Sabertooth and the Ravagers pictured as well the Thorny I mentioned and am in the process of raising the clean stat female Rex. 

Coming up:

I have some trades on the Horizion as well as a best offer for a 170 Xmas Lightning Wyvern. So far I've been offered a 50/50 blue Giga egg and 2 grown mutated Spino's. Another guy offered me a full grown mutated green Giga and three 270 melee hatch Giga eggs. I don't even think those exist on PvE yet so I am cautious about that. The offer runs until Sunday at 5 PM EST so I will be fielding offers for several days. He's definitely top so far but that is just the Facebook page. 

I will probably raise the Yuty's and Quetzal's this weekend, more Rex's, some Anky's (get the new HP on the line), Ravager's, Sabertooth's (get the HP and weight hopefully together), Thorny's, Doedic's if requested (have one order outstanding so far). I'll also clean up and add a little to the Island server, more vaults as I prepare further to open for business. 

See ya next week. 

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i came to ragnarok to pick some wyvern eggs, i was ready with my fire wyvern when i transfer to ragnarok i lost my inventory  the only important thing was my gas mask that i use to figth with poison wyvern so  i decide to go anyways, i clean all the area and start to pick eggs, i found 1 ligthning 175 and 1 fire all good at this point, 1 poison wyvern follow and hit me twice and the die, my old friend my fire wyvern was in passive, so hi died.



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I know what you mean - our Island isn't visited often these days due to us spending all time in Aberration.  We completed Ascension at Gamma on our Unofficial (max 120) Island server so need to return and work on the Beta and Alpha Dragon and Tek caves and maybe re-purpose that server to Ragnarok.  Then if we manage to complete Aberration before the next expansion re-purpose the Ab server to Extinction when it's available.

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OK then. Interesting turn of events.

Logged out last night in our breeding/hatchery:


Just logged back in now to this:


Luckily I'm server admin (unofficial PvE) so was able to enable cheats and teleport back to some map co-ords by the fertile river just in time before running out of oxygen and dying.

I logged with 2 Drake eggs out that Hep then put away when they were nearly hatching so not sure if that's anything to do with it - might try and reproduce another day to see if it's a bug but that was definitely a BIG surprise.

Edit: Hangon, aint that The Island I woke above not Aberration? Guess similar to how in-game map when viewed in orbital (K) mode still shows The Island

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Better look at image.
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So, apparently, I'm an idiot!

Watched a video, one of the Pooping Evolved gang, where they paid a visit to the surface. When they came flying out of the entrance and landed, it was exactly right where my base is. 'How on Ark have they managed that?' I thought. So intrigued I started looking around, I thought it must be high up maybe above my base so climbed around all the walls to no avail, went up the road to the top most part, nothing there, then eventually, I twigged, walked out of my front gate, and walked straight for 100 yards and there it was. Unbelievable! In my defense, another tribe has built in the very entrance, a load of dino gates, so out of respect I haven't gone snooping around there at all, but it turns out that the gates are just a Doed wandering enclosure that I can go straight past. 

This revelation has completely changed my plans for two reasons, one; if I stay where I am it means I have easy access to the surface at any time, and two; the cave is loaded with metal making my Biolum outpost completely obsolete. I do desperately need to expand, seriously running out of dino storage room with what I have currently, but I'm now in a quandry whether to stay where I am and claim some more land, or to crack on and move to the Biolum anyway.

I did spend a whole night on the surface gathering drops, it was nice and serene, only two Reapers spawned, and only three Seekers caused any issues. Came back with quite a nice haul, the best being an Asc Shotgun that I might put to use in the easy cave.

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Today we continued work on our wall and are now maybe 70% finished. I also decided that this weekend we should make a bridge across the pond at the bottom of the waterfall coming from the fertile river. It will save us time once we start making regular trips to the redzone and will also make it so we dont need to deal with all the crabs, eels and jellyfish that frequent the pond. The bridge would be high enough to be just out of a crab's reach

Started working on it today, but grappling hooks were causing the server to crash so laying down pillars weren't an option, not sure if its a problem with the reusable+ mod or grappling hooks in general, but hopefully its resolved by this weekend


Update : discovered reusable + was the cause of the crash, so I replaced it with utilities plus and all is good now

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On 23/03/2017 at 2:29 AM, Zagan said:

Raised some babies, got a really weird neon mutation, traded some eggs, failed to solo tame a tapejara that kept trolling me and a dimorphodon broke some windows. I'm still hating that tapejara.

Eat some rare flowers, take the aggro and hit it with a bola.  Easier to tame that way imo.

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Started today taking our doed out gathering stone. Usually I have atleast a ravager follow me but figued it would be fine because I wasn't going far from base...that was a mistake. Ran into no issues untill i headed back.

Got almost back, and into one of our fenced in areas and a lone ravager attacked (none of are dinos are outside yet). Got the bleed so no chance to flee so I called to my wife for help as I fought him off. By the time she scrambled to the scene the doed was dead and I finished off the ravager. It was low lvl but one of our first tames on Aberration so it was a little sad. I could have saved it...but paniced in the moment and forgot I could bola it and attack while mounted :(

 After the loss we went on a hunt for a replacement and found and tamed a lvl 202 female near our old base by the fertile river

Our plan for today was too work on the bridge but had to tame a new doed instead. I think we will look for a 200+ male this weekend so we can breed a few spares. And now that I think of it breeding our ankys wouldn't be a bad idea either

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We restarted on the island on an unofficial ps4 nitrado server last week.  Last night i bred rexs and argi's to hatch this weekend.  Killed a couple of alphas raptors for loot and prime to make into jerky with an argi.  Another guy on the server wants to start breeding spino's so helped him get set up for it.  Snagged a couple of dossiers for the xp boost and ground out a couple more levels.  Collected a ton of eggs from the kibble farm and put them away.  Pretty laid back night.  

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6 hours ago, AVENGED said:

Been hoarding titanoboa eggs forever. Finally made a crap ton of kibble and went Thyla hunting.

I searched for six damn hours and found two... One level 25 one level 85.... Finally gave up and called it a night. Hopefully there are some high level ones next time. 

I´m guessing you play island (just guessing from the second pic)

If you actually are on Ragnarok, search in murder snow. Usually find some Thylas there, most high lvl.

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