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  1. How? Or where within the settings?
  2. I went into the Ab zone on singleplayer. Got really confused that I didn't see any creaturesfor like 10 minutes. Thought its a singleplayer thing...
  3. Lets be honest, stealth isn't in this game anymore but could be a great aspect of it. If Parasaurs, Troodons and Scouts couldn't detect players wearing a full Ghillie suit it would already be a great change. Wild and tamed Pegos and Ichthys not targeting Ghillie would be amazing. A lot of people hat these little critters. Tek should still be able to detect everyone. Not sure about snow owls. Re-Post from my reddit post that got really good feedback.
  4. WILD Gorgonopsid. Simply speaking the name gives me shivers. This magnificent beast is like a Rex on four legs. Fast, strong and deadly with the hight of a Diplodocus. Gorgonopsid are known for picking up and ripping aparteven the biggest of creatures. The whole Island is the Gorgonopsids territory. It will roam the beaches, stalk the Redwoods, slender along the rivers and even climb the Volcano. Because these ferocious carnivores are loners and will quickly kill its own kind there are never more than two on The Island. Lucky for us. . Domesticated I have only ever witnessed one man being able to tame the monster that is Gorgonopsid. It proved to be of immense help to the tribe. In war times it stood its own against the mightiest battle Rexes, during travel nothing will approach it and its ability to safely carry large creatures in its jaws across the Island is unlike anything I have seen before. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everybody, this is my first dossier. The Gorgonopsid is a creature I wanted in Ark for years. It is a creature that equals the Rex in stats, is large in stature and a late end game tame. Its strenght makes it a viable boss creature, its rarity a treasured mount. We have flyers that can carry a lot of creatures. The Argent, Wyvern and Quetz mostly, but we do not have a single land creature that can carry bigger creatures into your taming pen / base. The Gorgonopsid would give you just that. What do you guys think? tl;dr: A creature suggestion: The Gorgonopsid. A strong land mount that can safely carry large creatures in its mouth and viable as a boss creature.
  5. Any chance you could update the download link? Amazing work tbh
  6. I´m guessing you play island (just guessing from the second pic) If you actually are on Ragnarok, search in murder snow. Usually find some Thylas there, most high lvl.
  7. You mean the 2 Megalocers, right? I heard that is glitched atm. After your server restarts they will spawn once. If killed they will respawn again after the next server restart. Meaning if somebody was in there before you, you might be screwed
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