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  1. Aberrant dinos vs vanilla dinos

    Do you have a link to Jens tweet?
  2. I live in the southern desert part of Ragnarok, close to the metal mountain. Of course I want to explore the oceans, tame all kinds of creatures and have some adventures. If I want to do this I have to swim 1/4 around the whole map though. The southern underwater part is still lacking a lot. Will this be changed? There aren´t any anglerfish, tusos, eels, ammonites, leeds, dunkleos, mosas or eurypterids. (Dont care about Liopleurodon since its very specific and isn´t supposed to be common) I´m not saying these spawn are supposed to be everywhere, God no, just some spawn points in the south would be nice. Most of the mentioned spawns appear in the north, east and west so I believe this may come with another update, just curious.
  3. Sharing is Caring! Ragnorok Loot crates

    Try the ice queen cave. No need to fight anything at all for some decent loot. Basic Fur aromor, a flyer and some medical brews are enough. Fly in, go straight down. First drop. Go straight up, then left. Next drop. Just fly along the wall, there are like 5-6 drops in there. The bears wont aggro unless you get super close. I got mastercraft saddles / rifles and even ascendant stuff just from there. You could solo the whole cave if you raise a vulture or dimorphodon army (doing that myself atm)
  4. Looking for a different base location.

    This is just from the online map or ragnarok since I´m not home atm to be more specific. 81.3 59.7 If you are atop the mountain that has tons of metal (79.9 62.4) just go east to the coast. That should be it almost. Maybe go a little north, its really not far. Directly at the water, its the only large flat space, cant miss it.
  5. I need a base spot for solo

    A hidden base spot for solo on official pvp is gonna be tough. If caves are an option check behind every waterfall. Otherwise go into the desert, build in the canyons. My experience is almost nobody goes there.
  6. Imagine having Onyc inside your base, hanging from the ceilings. They wont attack unless somebody walks underneath them. Basically somebody can blow up your door - Onycs chill. Somebody walks into your base, underneath the Onyc - they swarm ´em. They should aggro all together in a specific radius if one of them aggros, not when creatures or the base are attacked. If one Onic is shot at only that Onyc is aggroed, preventing people from easily getting all of the Onyc out of the base. This would make base protection easier as it takes time to get all the Onyc out safely, giving you the time to go online (looking at you officials) to protect your base. tl;dr: Make Big Ass Bats hang from the ceilings inside your base swarming anyone who dares to enter. They shouldn´t be aggroed other than somebody being underneath them or being attacked themselves
  7. Looking for a different base location.

    Viking Bay definitely comes to mind. There is a waterfall cave which is huge. Its mostly water, but you can walk up at the end of the cave. Or fly up, build a foundation and ramps down. Easily defendable, you can build defences outside the cave so it doesnt take x7 damage. I built stone pillars + ceilings to be able to store dinos "on top of the water" worked amazingly well. Another location (not as easily defendable though) is in the desert. You know where the metal mountain is? That one pointy mountain with a cave in it. Its the place with the most metal in and outside. Fly north-west from there. You will find a big, flat space with a big hole in the center. Underneath is a "semi-cave" where you could store water dinos safely. I am building on this spot atm and its amazing. One metal run with a quetz and anky is right around the corner with thousands of metal. No need to build a water pen. Build some behemoth gates to keep Megalodons out and your tames are pretty safe down there.
  8. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    I wish they would make the phoenix work like a torch at night. Should be able to turn on / off though. Great idea dude
  9. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Not sure if you devs are still reading suggestions here, especially because quite a few posts here aren´t real suggestions. Still hope you guys see this. Gorgonopsid This would be an amazing addition to Ark. Especially Scorched Earth. After reading this I got even more hype for a Gorgonopsid: " Gorgonopsids were patient and implacable hunters, which could gallop at a top speed of 50 km/h (30 mph) and had a strong sense of smell. Once a Gorgonopsid smelled blood from its prey, it would relentlessly track and pursue its prey at all costs. After hunting down and killing their prey, Gorgonopsids sometimes stored it in trees to eat later, in a manner which mirrored behaviour displayed by modern-day leopards " Possible abilities of a Gorgo: - Make it a good allrounder, with a 2 seat saddle. - They could be rare, but aggroing one would make them chase you really far - Now the best suggestion. If you kill something while riding your trusted synapsid it should be able to carry the corps of its victim back to your base. Also extending the decay timer of said prey. This would allow tribes to down an animal and have a second person bring prime meat carcasses to the tame, giving you the ability to harvest prime meat whenever necessary. The last suggestion could also be implented by giving the Gorgo double spoilage time on prime meat / mutton. Combine with preserving salt and people might actually use prime meat over mutton on SE.