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  1. Angler Taming

    He said that he can't use a Tuso as he's playing on official PvE where wild dino grabbing is disabled. All you can do really is make sure that you time your shots, if you can make them run into a cliff or the world barrier and get stuck that always helps as well. I've always just swum after them with flippers when grabbing hasn't been an option with my mount on follow, but then I always spec high Oxygen so I don't even dip a toe into the water until I can outswim anything.
  2. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Only had an hour or so between jobs today, so hopped on to check that the Fire Wyvern had enough food, then figured I'd pop to the scar to grab another couple of eggs. Left base and spotted Gigantopithicus so dropped down to check the level. 150 Female. Change of plan! Back to base, Quetz, pick, pen, drop. Now though, I don't have any snake eggs and I was the only one online, so I spawned in the kibble. Don't like doing it, but I haven't seen a 150 Bigfoot in a very, very long time. This does mean I'm now obligated by my own code of honour to go out and tame some bloody snakes and make the kibble just to drop it on the ground, but them's the breaks. I'm not happy with how cluttered my base is getting at the moment, especially since I've just added two honking great big Wyverns to it, with definitely one more to come if I can find a very high level Lightening. I may have to go on a cull, or relocate some dinos either to the mill by my water pen or the Highlands farm. I need a three metre tall hairy woman in my life though so there's no way I was letting this pass. After she tamed up I headed over to the mill and quickly added some dormer windows to the roof, a proper attic, and a spiral staircase up to the second floor. I'm still not totally happy with how the whole building looks, but that improved things a little bit. That was it for today, the Fire should be finished growing by the time I get home from work tonight so I'll probably take her on a little levelling trip, and maybe build some stables over by the mill to transfer some of my clutter over too, probably some of the mammals since I don't need to be around them regularly to get eggs dropping.
  3. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Been working on mods rather than playing, but popped on last night for a bit to check all was well since my server host has relocated my box, all good, D had everything under control and had got our other players informed of the change. Took the Ice Wyvern out for a spin and with her new reins she’s a pleasure to ride, although I’ve been using a Griffin for so long now I keep trying to dive on her Found an all white female 150 Daeodon, so blagged some more eggs from D to tame her up. Rubbish stats unfortunately but the colours are nice to go with Minstrel the black and white piggy. Hatched the 190 fire Wyvern egg and worked out that I’d need to be up at 6am to feed her. D’oh! So set the early alarm and logged, then when it went off this morning, I got up and logged in then lay back down in bed as it was loading, and of course woke up again at 7:45. I was dead, so quick respawned and ran out to see if the baby Wyvern was ok, and she was, just, down to 15 food! Quick gave her a couple of milks, and got another couple of hours sleep.
  4. So what did you do in ARK today?

    The Ice Wyvern is all grown up so I took her out for a spin, which definitely made my mind up about the mod I was thinking of. Keep an eye out for Valyrian Reins coming soon, a simple item that you can equip your Wyvern with that will make it not have a million mile wide turning circle
  5. Only 15 dinos in your pen, what are they?

    Hmmm, I would probably go for a Mammoth, Doed, Anky, 2 Theris (one power and one delicate) and Quetz for all my gathering needs. Bary for caving, Angler and Squid for pearls and all aquatic expeditions. Griffin for general transport, Thyla for all around goodness. Otter for companionship and insulation. Frog for fun and CP, Sloth because they’re awesome, and we can all live on the back of my Titan.
  6. So what did you do in ARK today?

    190 Fire Wyvern egg, and 150 Lightening egg. That is all
  7. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Hatched my 155 Ice Wyvern last night after work. Day off today so got up early for the first Imprint, then spent a fun couple of hours clearing the Wyvern scar of duff eggs. Must have picked up about 30 duds before finally getting some good ones to spawn, not good level ones though unfortunately. Lvl 95 poison was the best of the 4 I was able to get. Had to get one of the pigs working over time to constantly be healing up Stewie, but no bother since with all the Wyverns killed I’m swimming in Prime Meat XD. Might do the same thing again this evening. I don’t know why I’m so fixated on Wyverns atm since I don’t even particularly like using them, although I might be modding an item for them soon so may as well have a couple of decent ones around
  8. what does everyone like on a server

    Blackjack, and Hookers. In fact forget the server!
  9. Early game fiber collectors

    To answer your main question though, if you really want the fiber right now, your best bet is to tame a Moschops, they’re a passive tame and you’ll need either Mejoberries, Raw Prime Fish Meat, Cooked Prime Meat, Rare Flowers, or Rare Mushrooms to tame them, it’ll change to one of those every time it wants feeding. Put it on wander around bushes and it will gather loads of fiber.
  10. Early game fiber collectors

    But you’re missing the point. Those Ascendent Cloth BP’s, even though they are ‘just’ cloth, simply aren’t available to low level players, they’re RNG being a DireWolf from high level drops which you’re level 20 Bob can’t get because they’re in caves, the ocean, or simply level locked. If you hadn’t kept them then you wouldn’t be seeing them at all until at least level 60 when having fought your way through a difficult cave to a coveted yellow or red cave drop you open it and curse the heaven that all you have is a useless MC Cloth Boots BP!
  11. Dino Spawn Question

    Regular use of the Destroywilddinos command is recommended on SP to ensure spawns are regular and balanced. I petsonally use it every time I log into a single player game.
  12. Griffin Breeding (Console)

    If you were talking official servers, then yes, you’re right, but OP wants to do this on his own private server and therefore if he wants uber Griffins, it’s entirely his call. On PC you could simply download a mod, but that’s obv. not an option on console, so it would be nice if an Ini option was available, unfortunately, I can’t see one being added, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  13. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Not much today, built a Wyvern trap. There’s a little spot right close to the scar that is perfect, nice and flat and high up. Did a bit of stone grinding on the Doed, grabbed some wood with the Mammoth, then made up a lod of foundations, a Behe gate, a load of dino gate frames and ceilings and got it knocked up. Then made up a set of Asbestos Armour (from one of my mods, perfect for tackling Wyverns as it makes you immune to poison like wearing a gas mask, and gives much protection against lightening and fire attacks) then search for a lady Wyvern, hopefully outside the scar. First of all spotted a 190 female fire. No thanks, she’d do some serious damage to Stewie if she caught me. Next was a 90 Poison. As I was considering whether she was too high a level she spotted me and the decision was made. Off we went and straight into the trap she followed. I circled around and shut the door on her, then down she went. 5 milk, no waiting. That went into the ice box with a decent enough spoil time and hopefully she’ll still be there later on for some more. Day off tomorrow so I can hatch up my 155 Ice after work tonight. Other than that, sorted through all my spare saddles and ground down all the crappy ones, turned all the best ones into BP’s and crafted a few of them up. After that, jobs a good un, and after yet another base re-arrangement thanks to a pesky Argent, I called it a day.
  14. Aberration Dossiers and the Survivors who wrote Them?

    The devs have said that Helena and Rockwell will feature, and the dossiers will be written by Helena since that’s her gig. They’ll also be notes from other characters just like John and Raia on Scorched to fill in the story of what Aberration is all about.
  15. So what did you do in ARK today?

    @Aushegun Lol! Yep, exactly like that! Had a bit of a weird day today. Logged in with three minds of what to do, build a Wyvern trap, attempt to kill an Alpha Wyvern, or explore the Carnivorous Caverns and look for the Artifact in there. Umming and ahhing and staring at my armour BP's I thought right, first of all I'm going to craft up these Riot BP's. Need Polymer for that so I head off to the volcano to slaughter Mantis' Whilst doing this I thought, hmmm, I haven't got a Mantis, maybe I should get one... Back at base, crafted up the Riot gear, and checked the strorage to see what the Deathworm horn situation was like, and I didn't have any. Weird, I should have quite a few, I don't collect them religiously but I've done a lot of runs of the Ice Dungeon and normally get a couple at least, couldn't find a single one though. D was online so talked her into doing a run with me, I tanked with my shield and she took care of business with her pump action. Not much in the way of decent loot, a nice MC Fur Boots BP and an Ascendant Paracer saddle were the pick of it really. That done and with plenty of Horns, headed to the Volcano with the Quetz. Didn't have to search too long before I nabbed a 140 Male, and trekked back to base with him. Decided to use my small inside base pen, but I missed the drop, he bounced off the wall, and before I could grab him he was attacking my Argents. That didn't end well for him, one of the Rex's took two steps forward and chomped him. Crap. That was worth the bloody long flight back to base. Did a quick rebuild of the pen to make it a 4x4 instead of 2x3, and back to the Volcano I went. 130's, 135's, finally after maybe an hour of combing the mountain sides including having to stop every night time thanks to the janky new lighting bug making it impossible to see anything between 12 and 4am, a 150 Male. Praise the Sun! Up he comes and back to base. Made sure to whistle passive this time before dropping him, and got him in on the second attempt. Made up the bug spray, donned the Ghillie, and 25 minutes later he was mine. Grabbed a nice JM saddle out of storage and took him on a testing trip. Things didn't go well. Straight away leapt at a low level bear, which aggro'd a much higher level bear that I hadn't seen that I had to do some deft maneuvering to kill with a decent chunk of health lost. Had a sword on me as loot from all the Mantises I'd been killing earlier, so decided it might be prudent to arm him up. 300 odd damage with a leap, not bad, except a leap didn't kill a Troodon and then all his mates were on me, sucked my stamina and were playing merry hell until I managed to get atop a rock and out of bite range. Sod that I thought, and when I could move again I jumped away from them. Headed to another area of the forest and did some leaps at some easier targets, a few deer, a diplo, then trying to hit a Galli and I just couldn't get the bloody thing. Leap, miss, leap, miss. Grrrr. Then all of a sudden I'm attacked from behind and it's a bloody Alpha Raptor. A 135 at that. I try to jump away but not enough stamina, I attack and my sword breaks. All I can do is a limping leap back to base with it unrelentingly chewing on my arse. Hopefully I can make it and some of my other dinos will come to my rescue. I make it though the gates watching my health drop dramatically with every bite, come on guys, come and help! None of them move an inch. I head towards the Allos and Rex's, any second now guys, come on, come help. Do you remember what I said above? 'Made sure to whistle passive this time before dropping him...' Cos I hadn't, I thought everyone was still on Neutral. Damn rookie error that I finally realised just as my Mantis died beneath me. Disgusted with myself I whistled Neutral and watched with some satisfaction as every dino not tethered to a hitching post came and attacked the Raptor. Awwwww, crap! Why did I do that for?!? Every bloody dino has come and attacked it! Why the hell didn't I just jump on a Rex? What the hell is wrong with me? These questions and more along with very many curses in elvish, entish and the tongues of men were exclaimed very loudly over voice chat as I started the clean up of putting everyone back where they're supposed to be. To her credit, D did very well not to laugh too much. Finally got everyone tidied away and D asked 'Where do you want this?' 'Want what?' 'Look up.' I looked up and she's hovering above my base on her Quetz with a 150 female Mantis dangling from its claws. Bless her little cotton socks. I asked her to put it in the outside taming pen