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      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Best Aberration thatch collector?

    Really sounds like you just need to learn how to build taming pens.
  2. Reaper Queens Can Torp You Off of Rock Drakes

    Did you have a weapon or magnifying glass equipped?
  3. Non-aberration creatures on aberration

    All the creatures on Aberration are Aberration specific, the Wiki indeed has the full list.
  4. Am I going mad in Aberration

    Considering the lore in the notes with the Element 'singing' to Rockwell, and in turn Rockwell calling to Boris and the other fella, it would be so cool if they had randomly scattered voices around the map. Cool and creepy.
  5. So what did you do in ARK today?

    So, apparently, I'm an idiot! Watched a video, one of the Pooping Evolved gang, where they paid a visit to the surface. When they came flying out of the entrance and landed, it was exactly right where my base is. 'How on Ark have they managed that?' I thought. So intrigued I started looking around, I thought it must be high up maybe above my base so climbed around all the walls to no avail, went up the road to the top most part, nothing there, then eventually, I twigged, walked out of my front gate, and walked straight for 100 yards and there it was. Unbelievable! In my defense, another tribe has built in the very entrance, a load of dino gates, so out of respect I haven't gone snooping around there at all, but it turns out that the gates are just a Doed wandering enclosure that I can go straight past. This revelation has completely changed my plans for two reasons, one; if I stay where I am it means I have easy access to the surface at any time, and two; the cave is loaded with metal making my Biolum outpost completely obsolete. I do desperately need to expand, seriously running out of dino storage room with what I have currently, but I'm now in a quandry whether to stay where I am and claim some more land, or to crack on and move to the Biolum anyway. I did spend a whole night on the surface gathering drops, it was nice and serene, only two Reapers spawned, and only three Seekers caused any issues. Came back with quite a nice haul, the best being an Asc Shotgun that I might put to use in the easy cave.
  6. Anklyo Not Hitting Nodes

    Would you care to provide the exact co-ordinates of such a location so that I may investigate? I've not experienced a single node that I've had an issue harvesting that can't be solved by removing mushrooms either above or below the mesh.
  7. taming doed

    presuming you're on official, your options are wait for a boosted evolution event, or wait and see what happens with the eventual kibble rework. They purposely left Dilos and therefore their kibble out of Aberration, so making Doeds a time consuming tame is obviously what they wanted.
  8. Aberration favorite/least favorite creature

    The light pets each have a specific strength that they specialise in. Bulbdogs have the best capacity, Featherlight has the biggest range, Glowtail the fastest recharge, whilst the Shinehorn has a good balance between them all. So really it depends what you're looking for, some people swear that recharge rate is the thing to pump, some prefer a huge capacity, for covering all corners of the base some will want range, and others will want a bit of everything. Two things though that the Bulbdog does have over the others, higher base health, and the fact that it's an omnivore, makes having a light pet in those early stages a bit easier.
  9. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Not been up to too much lately, grinding metal, breeding the Megalos and Spinos. I now have a 228 male Megalo, which without further mutations is going to be the highest I can get I think with my current breeding stock so the search for new breeders will begin again. Also whilst bemoaning the lack of females that I've been getting, I went and got all female triplets. Made a start on the Biolum base, and immediately ran into a major hitch. My plan was to use a big flat area up above where I have my mining base for dino storage and run a ramp down to get dinos up there, but whilst the server has S+, it doesn't have floating structures enabled, and I cannot for some reason get foundation support for the ramps. Really don't want to have to make up a load of pillars either, so back to the drawing board on that one.
  10. Best Aberration thatch collector?

    If you have a crab, any crab at all, then the biolum should hold no fears whatsoever. Nothing will aggro on you whilst riding it except for other crabs, you can keep your light pet on your shoulder to keep away the Nameless, and if you're looking for shinehorns, snails, anky's or whatever just pick them up with Cab and leap away avoiding everything until you get back to base to tame them in safety. You also have the solution to any thatch problems in that you can hold two Moschops on wander and take them next to trees and they'll harvest lots of thatch for you, and well as tonnes of fiber as you walk over berry patches. Edit, also as Jerryn says, at the top of the Biolum next to the falls, there's an area with a lot of safe metal nodes, just look for the charge station at next to the waterfall and there's at least a dozen. That was my number one metal spot when all I had was Ravagers, not far from there you've got the path down into the Blue, and you'll often find beetles, snails, ankys, and the odd Megalo, plus plenty of blue gems all easily gettable without having to venture into the Blue proper.
  11. Best Aberration thatch collector?

    Personally I get more than enough thatch doing metal runs. Either when clearing stuff out of the way with the stego or with the anky itself. I filled a large S+ storage box with thatch today and still dumped a load of it.
  12. Tamed Reapers can roar!

    That's Ravagers, not Reapers.
  13. Arthropleura

    Use spoiled meat.
  14. Beacon transfer has been disabled on SP for a while, you can only do it through an obelisk or a Tek Transmitter of course.