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  1. Kraken

    Would you really quit if.....

    I restart all the time, early game Ark is the funnest Ark.
  2. Kraken

    Titan vs Fire Wyvern

    Titans being herbivores have a natural resistance to fire damage, Lightning Wyverns are much more efficient at Titan killing.
  3. Kraken

    Primary attack by default?

    Shameless plug; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1286914584
  4. Kraken

    Why do tamed Griffins randomly just fly off?

    I had this yesterday and it turned out that it had somehow been set to Passive Flee after a server restart, the flee however didn't kick in until I took it out for a flight between bases, as soon as I landed and dismounted it hared off by itself repeatedly until I twigged and set it back to passive after parking it inside so it couldn't disappear over the horizon.
  5. Kraken

    Titanboa eggs

    You have no hearts above their heads because Boas have no gender and therefore cannot be mate boosted.
  6. You're missing the point of the Moschops if you're comparing it to a Reaper. Reaper is an end game tame that requires time, effort and a bit of skill in the most dangerous area of the map to obtain. Moschops waddles around the starter areas and can be tamed by a very low level player at any time with a bit of luck on the feeding requests, or with a bit of prep to get the more awkward things like Prime Jerky or Prime Fish. It's like saying why bother with a few Dilos to defend your thatch beach hut when you can just go and get a Giga.
  7. What??? In what world is a Moschops an end game tame? They're nothing to tame at all.
  8. Kraken

    When will I...

    I can't answer, I can't answer that. (Shows age, shows possible poor taste in music, hangs head in shame)
  9. Kraken

    Most Underrated Dino

    Procoptodon, pretty much my main go to non flyer mount, the new kick attack is boss, they gather berries like champs, quick, agile, can jump to almost anywhere, and they're fun af.
  10. You can easily disable spawns of any dinos intrduced by AAD that you don't fancy like Troodons, Terrorbirds or the flyers, and the Aberrant Thyla is indeed immune to radiation.
  11. Kraken

    What did you tame in ark today

    A breeding pair of 150 Baryonyx, a 145 Daeodon, a 150 Megalania, a 135 Megalosaurus, hatched the 170 Rock Drake, and two 150 Coelocanths.
  12. Kraken

    What did you tame in ark today

    135 Baryonx and picked up a 170 Rock Drake egg that I'll hatch up later on
  13. Kraken

    Abberant vs Standard Dinos

    The health reduction is on tamed only, the damage increase is for wild and tamed.
  14. Kraken

    Best Aberration thatch collector?

    Really sounds like you just need to learn how to build taming pens.