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  1. You guys stay safe over there, I'm sure the vast majority are fully understanding of the situation and are happy to wait. There are bigger things happening in the world right now than pixelated dinosaurs.
  2. So, apparently, I'm an idiot! Watched a video, one of the Pooping Evolved gang, where they paid a visit to the surface. When they came flying out of the entrance and landed, it was exactly right where my base is. 'How on Ark have they managed that?' I thought. So intrigued I started looking around, I thought it must be high up maybe above my base so climbed around all the walls to no avail, went up the road to the top most part, nothing there, then eventually, I twigged, walked out of my front gate, and walked straight for 100 yards and there it was. Unbelievable! In my defense, another tribe has built in the very entrance, a load of dino gates, so out of respect I haven't gone snooping around there at all, but it turns out that the gates are just a Doed wandering enclosure that I can go straight past. This revelation has completely changed my plans for two reasons, one; if I stay where I am it means I have easy access to the surface at any time, and two; the cave is loaded with metal making my Biolum outpost completely obsolete. I do desperately need to expand, seriously running out of dino storage room with what I have currently, but I'm now in a quandry whether to stay where I am and claim some more land, or to crack on and move to the Biolum anyway. I did spend a whole night on the surface gathering drops, it was nice and serene, only two Reapers spawned, and only three Seekers caused any issues. Came back with quite a nice haul, the best being an Asc Shotgun that I might put to use in the easy cave.
  3. Not been up to too much lately, grinding metal, breeding the Megalos and Spinos. I now have a 228 male Megalo, which without further mutations is going to be the highest I can get I think with my current breeding stock so the search for new breeders will begin again. Also whilst bemoaning the lack of females that I've been getting, I went and got all female triplets. Made a start on the Biolum base, and immediately ran into a major hitch. My plan was to use a big flat area up above where I have my mining base for dino storage and run a ramp down to get dinos up there, but whilst the server has S+, it doesn't have floating structures enabled, and I cannot for some reason get foundation support for the ramps. Really don't want to have to make up a load of pillars either, so back to the drawing board on that one.
  4. Only popped on today to check troughs and take the latest Megalo on a bit of a levelling run. Logged in to see that my level 205 turtle with over 10k health had got killed by a level 95 Raptor, despite having a Carno, 2 Spinos, 2 Paracers, 2 Crabs and a pack of 4 Ravagers all pretty much right next to it on Neutral. Weird. So took the Megalo out and I decided that apart from 3 or 4 much needed levels into Stamina, as he's pretty much a disposable unneeded Male, I'm gonna have some fun and level him exclusively in Melee. So a few runs up the river, nearly killing the server owners crab in the process, and I'm hitting for 540 a bite, when a crab doesn't die after 4 bites I check its level and it's a 150 male. Swift change of plan and rushed back to base to get the crab taming Paracer, pen up, down he went, pretame stats 31 points into weight and 29 into melee, sweet. Babysat him until he got up and got everyone back to base. Health's not great but he gains almost 300 points with each level up into weight so he can be a weight crab. Rebred the Megalos, my melee mutation is getting consistantly passed on but yet another bloody male and no further mutations. Ah well, this one can be a tanker. My last bred Spino was a 224 Male so bred him back up with his Mum and got a 226 female with a Stam mutation, unfortunately no change to the colours. My spinos are decidedly drab which is annoying, still cursing the death of that orange baby. Also bred up the 150 Bulbdog I found last time I was online with my best female, and that was it for today.
  5. Bred up the Megalos and Spinos again, got 224 babies with both and the Spino finally survived, huzzah! Another trip down to the Drakes and again only a sole lvl 20 egg to show for it. I think it's because people are grabbing eggs then running and we haven't had a dino wipe for a while so I may take a Spino down there and murder everything to try and force some spawns. Hunting for Basilisks on and off and just not finding any, and the odd ones that I do find are crappy low levels. How I wish I could have an S+ Tek Transmitter :-(
  6. Have now made my first couple of forays down to the Drake nests which was nerve racking at first but not too bad once I sussed out the proper route. Unfortunately it was to not much avail. My first trip not a single egg was to be found, second trip I managed to find a lvl 20 egg and ran like hell, third trip there was again a lvl 20 in the same nest as the first which I left and explored a bit deeper, found a 55 which did the old Wyvern egg thing of despawning when I picked it up. What's most annoying is that according to my Bulbdog the area is littered with high levels, but none of them seem to be creating eggs. Other than that plenty of metal and crystal farming, I think my biolum base is going to be a metal and glass affair. Bred up the Megalos again and failed once more with Spino breeding. I have one bred Spino who I keep mating with its mother. First time I ate the egg instead of dropping it, second time a Ravager dropped into my base and attacked stuff causing the baby to run away out of range of the trough and starved, and with this one I forgot to activate the S+ Nanny and only realised a second before it perished. That one was the most annoying as it had an awesome orange mutation and all my Spinos are boring green.
  7. Finally lucked out and found myself a 145 female Megalo, so immediately bred her up with Fungus and got myself a nice 222 male baby, Orc, who kicks all kinds of butt. Also nabbed a 135 male Anky, who I bred up with my female, not hatched it yet, but having a spare good Anky and a back up means that I can start to make my base in the Biolum. After much umming and ahhing, I finally settled on a location somewhere in the middle, up high at the end of one the stone bridges. It has everything I required in a location, a plant Z, a charge station, a gas node (actually 12 gas nodes!) access to lots of metal and crystal, and looks pretty as it has a large collection of giant glowy crystals. So far it's just a mining outpost, made a 6x4 shed to store an Anky, Roll Rat, Megalo and Doed with a load of forges and crafting stations. Looking to get an Industrial Forge up and running in the next day or so, and do constant metal and crystal grinding runs until I can start building in earnest. Finally had to bite the bullet and venture into the red. With 12 gas nodes to plug I needed those red crystals, so took the Drake down for a very quick jaunt, only troubled by a single Purlovia. I really do need to man up and head down there properly though!
  8. It's been Megalo madness the past few days. I set off with the sole intention of taming up a high level Megalo, all the gear I needed to build a taming pen on the fly, and loaded up with tranqs, extra crossbows, extra hazard suits everything I'd need, hopped on the Drake and into the big blue I went. On the way down I spotted a lvl 100 just standing by some rocks at the top of the road down. Thought briefly about taking him but surely there would be better out there so I left him be. Down I went, I explored every inch of the biolum, all the way through the crystalline swamps to the very edge of the Spine. I scouted many beautiful potential base locations, and killed many, many low level Megalos, the highest I could find was a 95. A solid four hours I spent searching, when finally at almost the deepest part of the Overlook I found a 140 male. Huzzah! Quickly I set out the pillars, and excitedly fired off a shot from Drake back to get his attention and into the pen... And I'm sure you've already spotted the flaw in the masterplan, I used pillars, and Mr Megalo simply waltzed straight through the gap. Cursing myself for such noobishness, I decided that screw it, I was taming this bloody thing even if Ziggy the Drake had to tank it forever. And so I shot and shot and shot, and Ziggy tanked like a champ down to almost quarter health, until it started to run and I gave chase but the downside of course on Drakes you can't see straight ahead with a weapon out, and so it was a hopeless chase of stop, turn, fire, miss, until eventually it just ran straight off the edge and disappeared down into the red gloom where I wasn't even going to attempt to follow. Disgusted I picked up my pillars and sloped off home, more low level Megalos taunting me as I passed. Eventually I found my way out and on the road back to the green I checked to see if the level 100 was still there. It was, not only still there, but suspiciously in exactly the same spot as where it was earlier. I watched it for a few minutes and sure enough it was turning on the spot but not moving an inch. Don't tell me it's stuck? I fired an arrow at it and it turned face me but couldn't take a single step. I ko'd it without it moving at all. Bloody hell. A nearby sheep slaughtered, and stuffed full of mutton I waited until it was nearly done, then stuck a saddle and some armour on it, laid down a sleeping bag and took Ziggy back home, the tribe log showed it tamed by the time I got back so it was a simple case of fast travelling to the bag and mounting up for a trot home. Straight off the bat it had 5k plus health and was hitting for 207 (for reference Ziggy hits for 222) and by the time I'd done a few runs up and down the river and called it a night, Wight as I called him was up to 10k health, 3,100 stam, and hitting for 221. Not too shabby for a 'low' level tame. Wight had just wet my appetite though, and when bringing him home I ran into someone proudly showing off their bred Megalo, I had to get a better one and/or find a mate of equal level or higher. So next day back out on Ziggy I went. This time with foundations and doorframes to make a proper pen. After only a short while I found a 120. Another male unfortunately, but surely an upgrade on Wight. Quick slapped together the pen, fired a shot to get his attention, and in he came, I got through just by the skin of my teeth, luckily he used a regular attack instead of a grab otherwise I'd have been screwed. As it was I got him closed in and knocked down, and glided away to get some mutton. When I got back and fed him up he was about 50% tamed when I noticed that his TE was at 94% Dammit. i must have put one arrow too many into him. With the rates of the server I'm on this translated in the end to a loss of 5 levels overall. Disappointing but not the end of the world, but disappointing pretty much sums up Goblin. Before levelling he had less health and a lower melee than Wight started with, more weight, but it took considerable levelling to to get him up to being the same as Wight in the important stats despite being a much higher level. Shame. Still needing a female though, so back I went into the deep blue. For no particular reason I decide to start from the back and work my way forward, so zipped over the majority of the swamps in one swoop, and after a brief battle with the Nameless because I'd forgotten to turn on my pug, I got distracted by a beautiful base that one of the admins has built for roleplaying purposes, complete with a glowing trail of Tek lights, which intrigued I followed, it didn't lead anywhere, but at the end, standing in the undergrowth and almost overlooked, a 140 Mega, male again but Idc, praise the great Crab god! Same as for Goblin I built the pen and fired the shot to get him in, but he's a canny one and he went around the side. Crap. I tried dozens of times with Ziggy to get him inside but everytime he ended up on the outside chewing on the doorframes. In the end I figured if he's happy doing that I may as well just start shooting. Every now and again he'd turn and attack Ziggy instead, so a quick run to again try and get him in the pen didn't work but got him attacking the walls again. When it came time to run my heart sank a bit, I thought here we go again, but no, the dummy went straight into a rock and stayed there, down he finally went and with great relief I rebuilt the pen around him and went off to find a sheep. Took absolutely ages, had to end up going into the Portal area to finally find one, but it did mean that when I finally got back it was almost an instant feed and stand up. Got him saddled and began the walk back home with him following Ziggy. We had to cross quite a large body of water and although the Drake swam across with no bother, he was going so slow I could only watch in horror as a jellyfish zoned in on him, then an eel swooped in, and a Bary too. No Ark! Don't do this to me, the eel slowed him, the jelly shocked him, I rode to the rescue and caught the aggro of the Bary, luckily a low level that Ziggy dispatched nice and quickly. The jelly shocked me though and dismounted me into the mix and just as I was beginning to panic the Mega said 'nope, not today!' Killed the jelly before it could shock again, killed the eel whilst it was attacking, and so I was able to hop back onto Ziggy and off we went on our merry way, back to base without further incident. Even without levelling he's impressive. Hits for 221, over 6k health, and 1,500 stam. I didn't level him for long but got him up to 13k health, 4k stam, and hitting for over 240, very happy with him. Away from the Megalo hi-jinks, I made my first venture onto the surface with Ziggy. Didn't go far at all as I wasn't sure when day would hit and I was scared of losing my way back to the entrance. Took on a couple of Reapers, scary, but only level 5's so dealt with easily enough. Couldn't see any drops so mined a little bit of element ore and legged it while my nerves were still just about intact.
  9. Tamed myself a 145 crab, although just my luck he's mostly worse off in stats then my 130 tame. Got a 140 male Spino to breed up with my 150 female, a 140 female Doed to go with my 150 male, a 140 male Ravager, and a 145 female Stego so been doing a bit of breeding. Also chanced upon a 145 Paracer and a 135 Iguanodon so figured I may as well nab them too. Traded some crystal for a couple of Drake eggs since I'm still too chicken to venture into the purple zone myself, a 145 and a 90. Decided to raise the 145 straight away since I was already raising babies which meant doing something I've been avoiding and actually encouraging Nameless to spawn. Turns out they're not too bad to deal with, my crab deals with them well enough, and got enough Venom collected to get the Drake raised. Drakes are good fun, took a bit of figuring out how to do the glides and stuff, but had a good time clambering around and discovering things. Went to an entrance to the surface and had a peek outside but didn't want to risk it until the Drake's got a few levels under its belt, also had a few swoops over the purple zone. Still ain't going down there just yet
  10. Decided to explore a wee bit deeper into the Biolum, got hit by freezing spores and died. Lesson learnt, I'll be getting a Hazmat suit before I try that again. Finally started to find some decent Ravagers, a level 85, a level 95 and best of all a 145 female. Got them bred up and got a couple of nice pups, Carnage and Ravage, Carnage being the best at 162 at birth. Taking the spino out for a run, I went down my usual path into the river, and ran straight away into a 140 crab, best I've seen by a long margin, so quick dashed back to base praying that I had enough mats to make up a catapult and some ammo, thankfully I did, I've been hoarding metal but not really using it, so got that crafted up, grabbed my pillars and back off to the river. Made up a pen, and with Carnage led the big boy in and got him contained. Started firing off boulders and my what a frustration. Could barely get any to land, was doing far too much damage, and barely any torpor. The crab was bloody as heck and I realised that I don't have a magnifying glass to check it's status. Quick nipped back to base to make one up, and when I returned the crab had escaped the pen. Crap, quick picked some pillars back up and tried to lure it back in, but it wasn't complying. Just would not aggro on me at all, so I gave it a nip and it turned around and quick as a flash pulled me off of my dog and bish bash bosh I was a gonner. Hopped onto the Carno and raced back. Carnage was in the grip of the crab so I had to make a choice, sacrifice him or kill the crab. I can always breed more Ravagers, so it was RIP Carnage, but as I hopped off the Carno to recover my gear, it decided that Carnage should be avenged and went and attacked the crab and killed it in two bites. Ffs. Well, Ark must have been feeling a little guilty, because it immediately threw me a 135 crab. So off we go again, into the trap, chocks away with the boulders, and even though I thought it was doing the dance with every hit, it died. In the words of Kevin Sorbo, DISAPPOINTED! Now I've got my head on, I am not finishing this night without a good crab. Onto the Spino and up and down the river killing them off. Chat taunts me with news of 110 and 150 crabs being tamed in the Biolum. After about an hour and a half of culling I finally get a 130. That'll do. It's a bit of a hike to get it into the pen, but I do and here we go again. I try really hard to make sure every shot is a body shot, I regularly check its health and torpor, but it's just not happening. Health gets to 400 odd and the torpor isn't even half way. Deep breaths Kraken, there has to be a way to do this. What's my issue, I keep hitting limbs instead of the body because it won't keep still, how do I solve this? Get a better sight of the body. How? Well, like most answers, it was quite simple in the end, I just needed to get above it to make the shell a bigger target without the limbs in the way, so after a bit of trial and error, I made a pillar tower, put catapult on top, waited until it had healed up over half health, and uttering a prayer commenced firing. Laughable how easy it was. Every shot did torpor, not a single one missed, it only took about ten boulders and down he went. Filled him full of spoiled meat and a little while later my very own Crab, who I named Salad. Took him back home and called it a night, but next day had a good play around on him. So. Much. Fun! Easily my new favourite creature in Ark by a long margin. I've been wanting Giant Crabs for ages and ages and they do not disappoint at all. Makes taming things so easy for a solo player like me, went out and picked up a 125 Iguanodon and a 115 Ravager, carried them back to base and ko'd them both without even having to dismount. Picked up a 110 Roll Rat and took him home to tame in the safety of base. Hopped up onto a high ledge to gather a load of crystal that I needed for the Hazmat and got that made up, then headed to the Biolum, picked up a Beetle and a 105 Anky and hopped all the way back to base to tame up, then just went around jumping up and down from places, and grabbing things and throwing them around for the lulz. Absolutely love him, the search is on now for a higher level one or three and I'll be adding them to my other maps as well they're so good. Only slight disappointment is that they can't carry Megalosaurs, cos I really want a good Megalo, but can't have it all too easy I suppose
  11. Made two major advancements today which puts me bang in business. First of all I tamed a nice 110 Stego for Narc production and the third in the Stone/Wood/Thatch triumverate (although what I wouldn't give for a deer, Stegos are painfully slow) Up went a four high wall around my area. After scoping out a few areas closer to my metal source I decided I may as well remain where I am for now as the places I'd like to be are already taken, and for now I pretty much have Fertile lake all to myself, and metal running although still a hike has become easier thanks to my second and third acquisitions. Took a run up the river on the Carno and finally found the route back to the Portal which is good to know for future reference, near the Portal though I decided to take on a Basilisk. Almost a big mistake, it killed me off the back of the Carno and I had to race back on a doggy to retrieve her, which we just about managed with just a couple of hundred health remaining. The Basilisk had knocked us off the platform down to the edge of the river. Next to some metal nodes which was nice and I took the advantage to load the dog up, but it did mean we had to run the gauntlet of crabs and spinos to get back home. Sppnos are no bother but crabs still scare the willikers out of me on anything they can grab. Luckily though we made it past without any incident, the last Spino though before turning back home I checked out and it was a 75. Nothing special but the best I've seen and with the narc factory running I can do something about it, so on the spur of the moment I parked the dog somewhere I thought would be safe, gave the Spino a nip and after a bit of cat and mouse and battling with the natural ADD tendencies of the Spino, managed to lead him back close to my house. I left her chewing on a diplo while I quick crated up some pillars and threw up a very rough trap, led her in and plopped a pillar to close her in, easy peesy. Man how I've missed Spinos! It's been a loooong time since I've rocked around on one, and whilst this one is be no means the greatest ever, I took great delight in massacering every crab I came across. Many Trilobites were crushed by my mighty jaws and now I'm in the oil business. Able to take a more direct route along the river to the metal source instead of traversing zip lines with a single doggy I took the whole pack, laughing in the faces of wild Ravagers and Megalos. Metal for days, Fabricator made, climbing picks, glide suit, zip lines, tree sap tap all sorted. A kindly Rufus dug up some red gems for me and now I'm collecting gas too. Swimming in chitin and organic polymer I've got paste making up, a set of Ghillie too. When I was doing a lap of Fertile lake eradicating the crab menace, I scoped out a Spino on the off chance, and it was a 110, nice. Decided to be a bit more prepared this time and built a nice pen on the beach, crafted up a load more arrows and went back in to get him out. Except I couldn't find him anywhere. Searched the whole lake top to bottom, nearly drowned twice but no dice. Shame, but close by there was a lvl 95 male, so I decided to settle and maybe breed up a half decent baby. As I was leading it out though, I caught the aggro of another Spino, a 150 female! Happy days, but the 95 wasn't losing aggro no matter how much I circled, and then somehow I got stuck on a rock, completely unable to move, both Spinos on my tail and I was screwed. All I could do was chomp and hope that either I got unstuck, or they died before I did. Thankfully it was the former, with about 10% of my health remaining I got free and made a break for shore. One of them finally lost interest just off the beach and I tried to lure the other one into the pen. Unfortunately the stupid thing ignored me and managed to climb the shelf to attack my Ravagers. They finished it off before I had a chance to formulate a plan, and thankfully it was the 95, the 150 was frolicking in the surf but if it caught sight of the now moved doggies it could end in disaster. So I quick hopped on one to grab its attention and luckily got it in and trapped first time. Now though it was bloody from the battle, no way of feeding it up to regain health, and I was running out of time before I had to leave home for the day. I had to take a risk and start shooting, 20 arrows, 30 arrows, 40 arrows. Every shot timed meticulously and it was getting bloodier and bloodier, I fully expected it to drop dead at any second, then finally it dropped to sleep. I checked its health and it had 41 remaining! One more shot would have killed it! Big sigh of relief and I chomped down a nearby sheep and got it tamed up without further incident. next up is to look for a crab of my own, but that will have to wait for another day.
  12. Finally starting to get a grip on Aberration. Got a tiny little shack next to Fertile lake, a little taming pen for a steady supply of disposable Ravagers (disposable cos I can't seem to get any high levels) Finally got a route mapped out for quick nipping into the Biolum for metal without too much drama, although a pesky Megalo did put a serious crimp in my day and cost me three of my best Ravagers as I tried to get back the metal I'd just gathered. I now finally have a saddle for the Roll Rat that I tamed on my first day at the lake so I'm covered for wood now. A 140 carno spawned close enough to the pen that I was able to get tamed up, and a nice 150 Doed too, so progress is being had. With these guys I can feel a bit more secure and start thinking about moving away from the lake and maybe closer to the Biolum zone.
  13. Scouting for Ice Wyvern eggs (I know, it’s become a bit of an obsession) found a 150 female Polar Bear. Got her back to base and tamed up and immediately bred her up with my male. Finally got around to taming up some snakes, 3 level 15’s using a load of trashy Wyvern eggs, so that cleared up some room in the fridges. Got 3 eggs off of them almost straight away so that’s a start to paying off my boa kibble debt. Also finally got around to building a little greenhouse to avoid any more crop shortages. Baby bear popped and she inherited every good stat, and got a weight mutation, which was nice. I might breed her up with her dad, but that leads to a slippery slope and ending up with 100 bears (I already have 8 XD)
  14. Not been up to much lately that hasn't involved searching for or raising high level Wyverns, got myself a 180 Ice now, found it whilst I was raising a 165, who became food for taming a 150 Troodon. Today though was a day of taming fails. Found a 150 female Angler, took her back into my cave with the squid, ko'd her, really nice stats, topped up her narcs and went back out on the squid. Headed to Squid Central and got into a brawl with two Alpha Squids, two regular squids, about 3 Dunkies, and 2 Liops. They had me completely pinned, unable to hit all of them, and rapidly draining my health, so in desperation I whipped out the teleporter and zapped myself back to the cave. One of the Alpha Squids and and one of the Dunks got brought with me. Not too bad though and with the help of my Mosa as well managed to take them down, but the Angler got hit in the crossfire and killed. Grabbed a 145 Female Theri, dropped her in the pen, and started trying to tranq. Half of my hits though weren't registering, forcing me to get closer, and just when I thought she was pinned in a good place she turned around and whacked me causing my neutral Wyvern to attack her with his ice breath, which killed me too, and by the time I'd respawned and got back there she was dead. 150 male Mantis, dropped in pen, went to make bug repellent, out of citronel, and I still haven't got around to planting any more since I demolished my crop plot with the plan of building a greenhouse at the Mill. Took my Phiomia out to gather some (courtesy of my own Better Dinos mod) and none would drop, got plenty of the other crops, but RNGsus just wasn't granting me any lemons. By the time I did finally have enough, got back to the pen and the Mantis had despawned. Found a 150 female Yuty right on the edge of the Murder Snow. Not too too far from my Wyvern trap. Led all the way back to it, killing off all the distractions along the way. Finally after a load of wrangling got her inside the cage and myself on my Wyvern on the outside. Jumped off and started firing off tranqs, and on the second shot she waltzed straight through the cage as if it wasn't there! She got two good hits in on me forcing me to jump onto the Wyvern toot sweet to heal up, and she did that stupid carnivore thing of deciding to randomly run away. Straight towards the Wyvern Trench, chased after, and trying to turn her around caught the attention of a poison wyvern. No gas mask so I had to run away, got it attacking a bronto, and when I returned the Yuty was nowhere to be seen. Finally, the piece de resistance. Flying over the swamp, and scoped out a Bary. 150 Male, bingo! Just heading into the water though, and by the time I'd landed he was quite the ways offshore. Spent a good half an hour hopping off of the wyvern into the water, trying to catch its attention to get it to come where I could grab it, while avoiding all the other swamp critters. Had to go further and further into the water, and then when I did finally get it to notice me I was too far out and couldn't get back to shore. It caught up and stunned me just as I was about to set foot on land. Respawned back at base and took another Wyvern the short hop down to the swamp, and the damn thing was back in the water again. Grabbed my bag, got grabbed by a Kapro just as I was about to hit transfer. Had to whistle neutral to get get the Wyverns to save me, and of course they used their breath attacks. I only enabled the AI special attacks a couple of days ago. They went straight off again, after of course I had respawned again and headed down this time on a Ptera. Took everyone home and it was time for a different tactic. If the Bary wasn't coming out of the water, I'd have to go in. Went and got the squid, and headed to the swamp, searched all around the area and couldn't find him in the water. Because, of course, he was now on land chasing after a newt. Ffs. Back home with the squid, back down on a wyvern. Gotcha! Finally I had him in my claws and back to the taming pen. Do you think I could get the bloody thing to drop in though? I'm normally pretty good at dropping things into the pen from a Wyvern, the lack of brakes makes thing awkward, but 10 attempts later and it still wasn't in. Back to base, got an Argent, went to pick it up. Where the hell is it now??? It's only decided to go off and pick a fight with an Anky, by the time I found it it's bloody as hell. Grabbed it, got it in the pen (on the second attempt) and went to grab some things to drop in the heal it up. Of course now it doesn't want to kill anything, and ignores the Phiomias that I drop in (on the first attempt) I try and grab them back out, but of course I grab the Bary instead, and trying to drop him back in the pen, of course I miss, and off he starts running in a swamperly direction. I grab the Phiomias out of the pen and give chase, and manage to get it before it gets into any more trouble. In the pen this time with no trouble, and stressed, annoyed and hungry. I sit myself in a nearby chair to keep it rendered in and healing naturally and go AFK to get some food and have a smoke. When I get back it's pretty much healed up, so I try and bola it. Miss. Try again. Miss. 6 Bolas later and I finally manage to hit it and start tranqing, the bola wears off and it's not down yet and running into every corner of the pen and dodging seemingly every shot. Finally I get the damn thing down, using probably 20 more darts then it should have taken. Jubilant to finally have the little b'stard down and out, I check its stats. 8 points into health. 13 points into stamina. 29 points into food. 17 points into weight. 15 points into melee. 67 points, totally wasted. F'ing unbelievable. I went back to base. I got my pump action shotgun. I purposely crafted up 2 rounds. I put both of them straight through the bloody things head. Went back to base. Logged off.
  15. Been on in fits and starts, so a brief summary of what I've been up to; Took the Fire Wyvern into the carnivorous caverns for a look around since I've never been in there before, found a 135 male Megalosaurus and took it back to base to tame, accidentally hit it one too many times and lost some effectiveness on it, but never mind. Scoured the Wyvern trench and finally found a 190 Lightning egg and hatched it. Now that my female Megalosaur is mate boosted she's pooping out loads of eggs, got 20 in a very short space of time. Used them to tame a 145 male Theri. Did some modding work, forgot about the 190 Lightning baby. It died. Hatched a 165 Lightning that I had in storage. Tamed two 150 female Megatheriums at the same time. Both were pretty rubbish, I probably won't keep either of them. Took a Liop out to get some fish meat to feed the Bary's and Otters, and found a deep sea loot crate with an Ascendent Quetz platform saddle, so crafted that up. Took one of the new Megatheriums out to the volcano for organic polymer gather cum levelling and attracted the attention of an Alpha Wyvern. TP'd back to base and came back on the Fire Wyvern and took it out nice and easily, nice stock of Wyvern milk for the icebox, and a cool trophy for the wall in the armoury. Once the lightning finished raising took it out for some fun, in the space of an hour or so I'd killed 3 Alpha Raptors (2 of which were at the same time), two Alpha Carnos, lord knows how many Brontos and Rex's, and finished off with my first ever Titanosaur kill. Gained about 50 levels on him, 14 of which were just from the Titan. He's a beast, really kicking myself over losing the 190 Ground out a shed load of metal to replace what I'd used to craft the Quetz saddle, and in prep to craft an S+ Tek Replicator to start making underwater compartments.
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