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  1. Mod Engrams Tab

    As a modder, I heartily support this idea, it would be especially useful with building mods.
  2. Mammoth Platform Saddles

    Well if any of you are playing SP or unofficial servers on PC, I'll go ahead and leave this shameless piece of self promotion right here;
  3. Tek Saddle Idea

    It's not a flyer, it's a fish
  4. If you're on PC there's some great holiday mods, Red Dwarf has just released his Thanksgiving one to add to his Halloween and Christmas ones.
  5. Ability to drag unconscious animals

    Smaller unconcious creatures can be dragged by using a lasso from the back of an Equus. It would be nice if there was an ammo for maybe the Ballista that can be used to drag larger creatures from a paracer or a bronto.
  6. Mostcho Fish specialization???

    Well quite, but my presumption is that he's dragging the corpses out of the water.
  7. Mostcho Fish specialization???

    Are you whistling it to attack this target on the corpse? I'm sure you are but just checking bases.
  8. Otters starving

    Ok, so tested what I said above, and Otters will happily eat Dodo kibble. I tried with Dimorph kibble as well and while you can force feed it they won't auto eat it, whereas Dodo kibble they will happily eat by themselves. It fills 60 food for them. My suggestion then would be to stick a stack of Dodo kibble on them if you think you won't be on for a few days to keep them fed in your absence.
  9. add potion

    I did. I shall flagellate myself immediately.
  10. New 'Heavy Turret' Incoming

    There, directly to Chris on Twitter, and other places as well. It's not a biggy really, and my link seems to have tidied itself up any way, so all good Probably something like that, it's certainly linked to my account since it doesn't matter what browser or device I'm on. Like I say, not normally a biggy. Anyhoos, back on topic, more big badda boom things! Yay!
  11. New 'Heavy Turret' Incoming

    I can't for some reason, nor do reactions, the options just aren't there for me. I've reported it and never had a response. But that's not important right now
  12. New 'Heavy Turret' Incoming

    Well, sort of anyway I really wish I could edit my posts!
  13. New 'Heavy Turret' Incoming

    Sure thing
  14. Posted by Jeremy on Twitter; Don't worry, we're adding a new "Heavy Turret" structure which will mostly compensate for the reduction in numbers of standard turrets!
  15. Did you know...-Ragnarok jungle platform and sap trees

    Oh nice! I didn't realise those big old trees could take a platform, I know what I'm doing later on