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  1. Crystal Isles 841 still down, unresponsive for over 2 hours.
  2. 841 Crystal isles has been down for almost an hour now as well.
  3. Is this thread even reviewed daily for these issues to be noticed? Or are we just preaching to the choir here. Not seeing many replies from Mod/Admin for acknowledgement.
  4. Genesis server- NA-PVE-Official-GenOne731 has been crashing almost every day, several times per day. You can see via the attached image from Battlemetrics, recorded history of these crashes dating all the way back to September. I have sent tickets regarding the issue, but it continues to happen. I just wanted to make a post so that hopefully someone can assist me or send this to someone who can assist me. Thanks!
  5. Tried not to act tilted after a tribesmate killed our first rock drake..Fortunately, new eggs will be raised this weekend!
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