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  1. yep, I've seen some global chat where people actually don't use the pods to store their dinos....then complain about the lag. Anything we can do to make pods the default storage option would be a good idea I think.
  2. Electrical Wire should have metal timers It takes metal to make electrical wiring. Currently it decays as if it was made out of wood. Would love to see it have the same decay timers are other metal....it's horribly to have to rip things apart to redo the wiring because a rollback takes away a base being timed in.
  3. Just tamed a 150 Bary...if we can find a decent female for breeding purposes our caving efforts are going to get a solid boost. Turns out I just need my tribe to get ready to log for the night cause they work in the morning...and we find the good stuff heheheh
  4. After a few weeks of looking for a high level Bary, we finally found a 145 last night. In the swamp. 2 of us chased the poor guy on land and by air to make absolutely sure we wouldn't lose him. Almost managed to but eventually he found a spot to defend himself in. We immediately threw bolas. My buddy hit the Barry. I boloed my buddy. Oops. Intrepid dino took the opportunity of a Sarco attacking it and us to head off into the swamp once more. We tracked it down, boloed it, and proceeded to shoot up with a longneck and ascendant crossbow. Due to the damage it had susta
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