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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Morimoto Morimoto 08/11/18 Good guy.. polite and was a nice trade :) Desilent Desilent
Desilent Desilent 08/11/18 Smooth trade like always. Nice Guy good offers. Dalf Dalf
Desilent Desilent 08/11/18 simple easy good stuff^^ a1s a1s
arathein arathein 08/11/18 correct and attentive, fast and very honest transaction Vykan Vykan
Vykan Vykan 08/11/18 Smooth easy trade, great communication arathein arathein
7826154 7826154 08/10/18 Very good seller Quick exchange. Sells eggs already ready to breeding. Aptem Aptem
7826154 7826154 08/10/18 It's nice to trade quickly zammartin21 zammartin21
MotherOfRaptors MotherOfRaptors 08/10/18 Great trader, knows what they are doing, made the trade smooth arathein arathein
7826154 7826154 08/10/18 awesome trader davidcostarica davidcostarica
London1234 London1234 08/10/18 Smooth fast trade. Look forward to trading with you again. PrincessPixie PrincessPixie
PrincessPixie PrincessPixie 08/10/18 Lovely seller, and beautiful Griffin! London1234 London1234
Hidden47 Hidden47 08/09/18 Great trader. very helpful Bellasaurus Bellasaurus
Bellasaurus Bellasaurus 08/09/18 Very nice trader with good contact Hidden47 Hidden47
MrPetey MrPetey 08/09/18 awesome guy, fast and easy trade! kind person, wont be the last trade :) Dag Dag
Dag Dag 08/09/18 Friendly guy, transmitter acces for easy trading.. Even gave me some nice asc saddles for free MrPetey MrPetey
fangfangfu fangfangfu 08/09/18 fast and easy trade, would 100% trade again DMSO DMSO
Foxiefyre Foxiefyre 08/09/18 buy after buy ... !!! if seller have nice u like buy everything from him :) ( Suggested aGain and aGain ) AliDeaD AliDeaD
AliDeaD AliDeaD 08/09/18 Another great trade! Highly recommend! ☆☆☆☆☆ Foxiefyre Foxiefyre
arathein arathein 08/09/18 It was fast and easy trade! Very friendly guy, I recommend 100%, will trade again :) MotherOfRaptors MotherOfRaptors
Daddiu Daddiu 08/08/18 Very good seller, had patience and totally full respect with customers, a friend for life <3 DmaticMan DmaticMan
Azzulon Azzulon 08/08/18 Fast and easy trade. Thanks! Hito Hito
Pendaluxs Pendaluxs 08/08/18 Very friendly trader! Love to trade again. Recommended. RNLD10 RNLD10
Estemmenosuchus Estemmenosuchus 08/08/18 this tradeonly: unreliable to keep a time for the trade we agreed on, would trade again, but was annoying to deal with DMSO DMSO
DMSO DMSO 08/08/18 Great trade, look forward to trading again. NateTheDemiGod NateTheDemiGod
NateTheDemiGod NateTheDemiGod 08/08/18 nice trade, different timezones were no problem, would recommend trading DMSO DMSO