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ARK: Digital Collector's Edition

Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Sandreee Sandreee 05/20/18 Quick and willing to put off sleep a bit to trade :p would recommend Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal
Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal 05/20/18 Smooth and fast trade, would recommend :) Sandreee Sandreee
Jacira Jacira 05/20/18 Nice trade thx you for everything! I recomend 100% rexgutierrez rexgutierrez
rexgutierrez rexgutierrez 05/20/18 Excellent and very quick trade! 10/10 would trade with again! Jacira Jacira
Morimoto Morimoto 05/20/18 Very friendly Seller, absolute recommendable. 2x3m 2x3m
Abjure Abjure 05/20/18 Nice trader =) BlackPanther36 BlackPanther36
BlackPanther36 BlackPanther36 05/20/18 Simple trade without problem. Abjure Abjure
Dag Dag 05/20/18 I recommend 100% nice trader. A+++ rexgutierrez rexgutierrez
rexgutierrez rexgutierrez 05/20/18 fair and fast trader :) Dag Dag
DarkSoul996 DarkSoul996 05/19/18 Fast, friendly, patient and accommodating, what else to ask from a trader, recommending ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 05/19/18 Quick easy trade. Pleasure to do business with. Recommended! DarkSoul996 DarkSoul996
BenniARK BenniARK 05/19/18 Fast trade, nice guy, will trade again for sure ! vassiliOFP85 vassiliOFP85
vassiliOFP85 vassiliOFP85 05/19/18 Fast and Easy Trade, allways again :-) BenniARK BenniARK
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 05/19/18 Very nice trader and fast Tobias9 Tobias9
dennis12 dennis12 05/19/18 Fast and nice to trade with, Ended up buyings extra. recommended. Vognkort Vognkort
Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal 05/19/18 Fast, well organised, perfect Hito Hito
Hito Hito 05/19/18 Great trader, will trade with again. Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal
Bolty Bolty 05/19/18 Quick to get together the items to pay with. Recommend to others. Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal
AWildMorgan AWildMorgan 05/19/18 Trade went smoothly even though timezones were a pain to work around. Overall, a great guy and trader. Would definitely deal with again! Arielzhou Arielzhou
Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal 05/19/18 Nice trusted trader, will do more trade them in future for sure :) Bolty Bolty
Hawktrader74 Hawktrader74 05/19/18 You are a legend, thanks alot for the Ragnarok run. Morimoto Morimoto
Tobias9 Tobias9 05/19/18 Nice, easy trade. Highly recommend trader. jcekstro jcekstro
jcekstro jcekstro 05/19/18 Nice, easy and fast :) Tobias9 Tobias9
M4RIO M4RIO 05/19/18 Thanks for the wonderful upgrade on BP's. 10/10 Cassie Cassie
Foxiefyre Foxiefyre 05/19/18 Successful trade. ^_^ PrincessPixie PrincessPixie