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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Rixsta Rixsta 01/14/2020 Nice and smooth trade, recommended nonamesallowed nonamesallowed
nonamesallowed nonamesallowed 01/14/2020 Smooth trade and will trade again for sure. Rixsta Rixsta
nonamesallowed nonamesallowed 01/12/2020 Super fast trade, great communication, would trade again! JetJaguar JetJaguar
JetJaguar JetJaguar 01/12/2020 Fast and easy trade, recommended! nonamesallowed nonamesallowed
Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz 01/09/2020 Could have been a difficult trade as we both work and live in opposite timezones but he went to every effort to make it as easy as possible , great communication , highly recommend . Thomas180990 Thomas180990
Ayukyo Ayukyo 01/08/2020 Fast and easy, friendly trader. Highly recommended. Morimoto Morimoto
Morimoto Morimoto 01/08/2020 Was very quick to respond and was super helpful with giving me rides to drops to complete the trade. Ayukyo Ayukyo
Thomas180990 Thomas180990 01/08/2020 Extremely friendly, i highly appreciate his patience and smooth trading, would trade again Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz
NaikiTheDovah NaikiTheDovah 01/03/2020 Quick and easy trade, thanks :) Lauren42 Lauren42
Lauren42 Lauren42 01/03/2020 We bought 5 fire wyverns with a discount ^^ thanks NaikiTheDovah NaikiTheDovah
Ferata Ferata 12/30/2019 Fast and easy trade, great guy. Highly recommended. Morimoto Morimoto
Gollum99 Gollum99 12/30/2019 Awesome trader, gave me an extra AB Anky egg when I didn't get a male...of which I got triplets and there being a male in there! Looked after me very well, will be trading more in the future with them! JameyRM JameyRM
JameyRM JameyRM 12/29/2019 Trade was done very fast and satisfying for both parts :D Gollum99 Gollum99
JetJaguar JetJaguar 12/27/2019 Fast Trade, would trade again Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz
Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz 12/27/2019 Fast trade, great communication, would trade with again! JetJaguar JetJaguar
Gollum99 Gollum99 12/14/2019 AAA Seller! Great communication, delivered when he promised, price is on point, base is ez to reach and ez to leave a bag nearby, he took care of me! Will definately trade with again! Jabroni429 Jabroni429
Ferata Ferata 12/05/2019 Great trade and great guy! And oh man that pyramid is epic! Jabroni429 Jabroni429
GrumpyBear GrumpyBear 12/02/2019 Got my spino eggs, ez trade and Domino is the best~ Jabroni429 Jabroni429
|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 12/02/2019 Another great trade with Leo! Jabroni429 Jabroni429
|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 11/30/2019 Brought several babies, fast and easy trade :) Thankyou Lauren42 Lauren42
Lauren42 Lauren42 11/30/2019 Very fast and smooth trader! silviuasu13 silviuasu13
silviuasu13 silviuasu13 11/30/2019 Brought a blueprint, fast and fair trade :) Lauren42 Lauren42
Hawktrader74 Hawktrader74 11/29/2019 Best trader EBER Legondz Legondz
Hopee Hopee 11/28/2019 awesome and kind person. won't be the last trade! really recommend this guy Dag Dag
|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 11/27/2019 Done 2 deals with L3o, no problems, great prices on very nice clean breeding pairs. AAA seller! Jabroni429 Jabroni429
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