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  1. Funny thing is, you can just google the release date, set for JANUARY 31 if no delay.
  2. Exactly what i do to, gives me 5-10 per hour.
  3. Look at it this way, they said late january, there's lots of january left, im hoping for jan. 31 and you?
  4. No, its permanent, just like the other dlc's are mate.
  5. Ik vrees voor jou dat ook PVE een paar servers verliest Cedric zei ALLE PVP, maar niet ALLEEN PVP, kom naar (un)official, je bent zo terug bij tek met de nieuwe rex-en
  6. Usually the first months only your character can travel IN and OUT so no dino's, items, etc... So you can't prepare for the new map, unless you want to wait half a year for transfers to open.
  7. U can build next to an enemies dedicated storage, i know this cause i boxed in a floating tek storage motherload. So no use i guess. Edit: timer had 20days left on the boxes.
  8. Happy holidays @Cedric , and all WC employees, fellow survivors, innocent dodo's and yes... even you, troodon. Keep up the good work, i love this game more and more every day, that means your doing a great job! Enjoy the holidays with your family.
  9. Come to think about it... i couldnt mate my 2 male anky's the other day
  10. Sorry to be that guy but, on the gamepedia: The Tek Foundation is treated as a Tek structure and can only be damaged by Explosives, the Tek Rifle, Tek Saddles, an Arthropluera, a Titanosaur, Corrupted Creatures, Enraged Creatures, Titans, Bosses, or the DodoRex. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Tek_Foundation Start to un-pod those gigas
  11. I think in crunch 200 they said you needed the hln-a skin to find them.
  12. Indeed octopod means 8 legged (insect), but with the genesis vibe, they also could make it a robot, personally i would like it to be organic.
  13. I took a closer look and indeed, it looks look the real back leg on the right, isn't shown. And on the left, there should be one between the second and the last. Thus if it has 8 legs, it could be the octopod you suggested (if it even is robotic), or just a spider. Nice observation Hippo.
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