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  1. Nice job Theo, could you tell us what stats you used on the rex's? And the saddle rating?
  2. Like DomiDarko said, i first used an argy on follow, then got a 150pt basilik with allmost 4000k weight, base. However a basilisk despite its size and 'difficulty' to aquire, draws aggro from even the stupidest creatures (raptors, wolves,...). So weird choice of WC but u have to deal with them though. If u dont mind slow, the megachelon can carry a lot of weight, even at base stats.
  3. Depends? Boss fights? Theri's with cakes for dragon. If u play on official the rexes are born +30k health +1000melee, so its what u prefer really. Rexes would need less setup for lets say the monkey and brood. Harvesting, hands down the therizino ofcourse.
  4. Just did second imprint and like i suspected, you get 1 extra procent, im now at 29%, guess u get 14,50% per imprint then, so no problem Caleb
  5. I calculated the imprint, it would mean i get something like 98% unless it gives you 1% extra on 2 imprints somewhere, so i hope we are wrong
  6. I got a few from hide and sink alpha. Im on xbox btw if it matters.
  7. Im afraid even the cakes can't save the theri's, constant giga bleed, and the dinotars dogpile, just too much imo.
  8. Likeitis

    X creatures

    The point of x-creatures is/was to add a certain level of difficulty to the early game. Also the x-creatures have unique collor paterns, like the lava rexes, a lot of people would love to breed those just for collor. Like you already said, just go to lunar, down a lvl 180 tek rex, (120ish arrows vs 300ish arrows for max x-rex) go to artic, murder a sheep, and voila, x-creatures seem pretty fine now.
  9. If u teleport and you are missing a tame, immediately log out, if u log in it should be there. HOWEVER, i had a ferox missing due to this issue, i never recovered him, but thats the only case, ferox seem to have a different vanish bug.
  10. Latest patch made defense unit invisible. Hi wildcard, the latest patch made the defense units invisible at lunar biome. Thought i was getting hit by an attack drone first, but when i started chomping, there was that explode animation (could see that odly enough) from the defense unit.
  11. Same happend for my, lvl 135, lvl 140 lost all the tame bonus levels, so back to wild, but got a 140 and 145 that never lose the extra levels when hulking. Weird.
  12. Tamed 3 on official one got anti meshed destroyed. Like others said build a wooden box around it. Make sure to destroy the structure afterwards, so you don't block spawns.
  13. Bog fishin game crash Hi Wildcard, Game keeps crashing when playing the mission bog fishin. Sometimes halfway the game or at the start, but always when you reel in your fish.
  14. Sometimes it helps to retrace your tracks.
  15. You have to look very hard sometimes but they are there. Make sure to step on every single track, and also dont move too fast or you will miss them. I find it easier at night, cause in daylight the white tracks are hard to spot in the snow (snow storm also doesn't help).
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