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  1. Hey @Jen great work so far! I understand it isnt always easy when you release a major update, and everyone keeps bashing at you guys. PS: maybe i missed it, but will dedi tek storage be obtainable on ragnarok eventually? Thanks.
  2. Likeitis

    Dino Platform Use Ideas & Related Question

    Build a trap on the ground, one time cost and easier to shoot/aim. You cant remove the saddle when there are structures present. Thats why i posted above.
  3. 1 rides yuti and 1 rides pig, third one rides rex , make a whistle group for yuti rider (8 rexes) and a group for rex rider (9rexes) thank the fire with group 1 and attack the back with group 2, after 2-3 fire breaths switch the groups and heal BEHIND dragon with daeodon. Pump only melee, your hp is too high already, cause damage is procent based.
  4. Likeitis

    Rag boss fight rexs

    If you have acces to theris i will use those, 19 theris 21k-23k hp and 700+ attack destroys dragon, dont need a daeodon, just fill up theris with 10cakes each, and the firebreath is like a dodo bite. 3min for gamma, 7min for beta and 11min for alpha are my records. Edit: and one ridde yuti
  5. Likeitis

    Cryo'ed Dino's Turned Dudes

    I will swear this happend to my boss theris gradually, i started with 9m/9f , and now i have 16m/2f ???
  6. Likeitis

    The state of ark.

    I agree with your oppinion about wildcard, but please explain what you mean with meshing? Is it a pvp term? ? Srry im not familiar with those words/sayings
  7. Likeitis

    homestead [Homestead Update] bug list!

    Didnt crash (yet). But getting extreme lag spikes and rubberbanding on Xbox 1X. Sometimes make me feel if an update is even 'worth' it. Now i have to wait when an actual crash is gonna happen, prob in the middle of a legendary osd fight right before al my tames get demolished. Good job WildFart
  8. Likeitis

    Gacha raising

    There are a lot of threads about gacha raising, indeed the gacha is bugged. I feed my baby stone, while next to a mated gacha pair, so it gets the nursing buff. There are people who claim it, turn it on wander, en wait for it to mature. (Never tested it myself) but NEVER leave render or log off, it WILL die. After baby phase just fill 5-6 troughs with berries and go do some base stuff. Just saw this is an old thread, hope this still helps.
  9. Likeitis

    Boss Order

    This dude Arks.
  10. Likeitis

    Boss, Element, and Nada!

    No worries man ? Yeah i agree that with all the expansions ark feels a bit more unbalanced. As for the broodmother, the element reward may be doubled imo. For the sea cave i can only say what has been said, that is use a basilo, they own it. ?
  11. Likeitis

    Boss, Element, and Nada!

    Yes the replicator is too expensive indeed, if you count all the investments. Lets keep the rest in the middle ?.
  12. Likeitis

    Boss, Element, and Nada!

    I play ark from day 1, and i never whined about things being to hard, thats from a player who played at 0.5 rates being normal rates. So adjust your attitude a bit, i gave you legit advice, didnt mean to snare you. Btw everyting on official maps is legit imo. But hey, everyone plays ark on his/her way.
  13. Likeitis

    Boss, Element, and Nada!

    ??? So true, lol ?
  14. Likeitis

    Boss, Element, and Nada!

    Step 1 - travel to ragnarok Step 2 - grab the artifact of the brute from the redwood forest (not even have to fight, just grab it) Step 3 - wonder why you even made this post, after you did step 1 and 2.
  15. Likeitis

    Need Guidance for underwater exploring

    In my experience basilos swim mostly around the surface, or just above damage level (deep part). Just keep cirkeling the island, you will find one. PS: dont go to the bottom with your barry ?