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  1. Thats a different issue, its probably glitched and needs to transform first.
  2. Strange, i didn't noticed them for at least a week, until this update? This was the patch when ended on 30th of march. Fixed a server crash Fixed multiple cases where the Bloodstalker couldn't swing around Extinction Temporarily disables some lunar creatures from spawning whilst they're invisible
  3. Het lijkt er ook op dat er oude bugs terug opduiken, Invisible defenders are back at lunar biome genesis since event, tames vanish while teleporting,...
  4. Nice vid, but why u dont use a magma? Gamma is a joke, 1 fireball each stage, 4 for the mobs, beta i take 30 ingots, and Alpha could be solo'ed with ambergris and 100ingots probably, got an asc saddle and stage one received 5k damage from alpha. So i left to return with that lovely healing whale turd.
  5. I have 143,8 saddles on official, i think thats the new max, because all me saddles got nerfed to that number. Yeah 50 ambergris/magma doesn't take long to farm, but lesser antidote? Never knew that would cure a giga bite on tames.
  6. Could ridden magmasaurs loaded with ambergris stand a chance against the gigas maybe? Just a thought.
  7. Nice to hear that, im on official to, and got 13400hp 420melee rexes atm breeding, guess i wil farm some better saddles then, thanks a lot!
  8. Nice job Theo, could you tell us what stats you used on the rex's? And the saddle rating?
  9. Just did second imprint and like i suspected, you get 1 extra procent, im now at 29%, guess u get 14,50% per imprint then, so no problem Caleb ?
  10. I calculated the imprint, it would mean i get something like 98% unless it gives you 1% extra on 2 imprints somewhere, so i hope we are wrong ?
  11. Im afraid even the cakes can't save the theri's, constant giga bleed, and the dinotars dogpile, just too much imo.
  12. Can confirm on official xbox pve. Won't tame with element, stats seem to stay the same before and after transformation though (for now).
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