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  1. Also don't level your theris hp past 21k health, instead top melee as much as possible. Like above posters said the cakes are a must and i recommend 10-15 cakes per theri.
  2. Yes, i always check dododex, type my wild lvl, check what lvl it becomes post tame. So a lvl 140 like i tamed, turned 209 with kibble. The 'chance' of getting 30points in one stat is fairly common, but around 20points for a lvl 140 i think is very low, even with rng.
  3. X mosasaur wild lvl140, stood up with 13k health (lvl 209). ?? The same lvl could get 20k if lucky, so i was a bit frustrated ?
  4. Thats just Bears for 'thanks for the imprint' nothing more.
  5. Ark breeding calculator for precise breeding, and dododex for the new(er) creatures (gets updated often).
  6. Likeitis

    Alpha Tuso

    Every alpha creature is just a rare spawn of its counterpart, so if u wanna find an alpha tuso, just visit the tuso spawns. I killed a level 90 yesterday on genesis.
  7. Edit: My podded dinos don't lose food.
  8. I tested it in a sp world on xbox, couldn't get a decent angle, but ko'd it with one shot (450 damage) and some splash damage, this was horizontaly in the face. So since it just laid there i shot from a different angle that dealt NO splash damage. Ill try to post the pic when i get home. Ps. I dont know if the hitbox changes if its ko'd so it gave the no splash damage result. http://imgur.com/a/CeUAJks Its seems hitting the tip of the nose does no splash damage with cannonball. But how to get such an accurate shot on a mobile astro would require some skill.
  9. I agree the moeder may deserve a buff as i had no problem with gamma (solo) and beta (2 persons) , i have yet to complete alpha, but that are the stats on our official server at the moment.
  10. A giga with 600m base damage still has only 31k-34k health, i did beta raptor yesterday with some bred rexes leveled to 800melee and 35k health (same as giga), just to see how you can split the damage. 1 giga will make beta as easy as a small rex gang, but alpha is a different story, you will need at least 5-6 mate boosted bred max level gigas, and hope they don't enrage and kill you in one chomp like Akeno said.
  11. Indeed, most alpha hunt are even worse WITH a giga. Most alpha missions need carefull thinking, and planning. Some people are acting like all 168 mission are completed on 1 day with the -magical one chomp- giga, dont worry ain't gonna happen. Ps: Im wondering if the same anti giga people are completing moeder with the bred 19k hp 400m mosa's on official rn or just use an army of megalodon's, cause u know mosa's are op and all.
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