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  1. Hi everyone, here is the first dossier. http://imgur.com/a/Ppi0k19 All credits go to @benjamin.b.nichols The discord team is working on more stuff.
  2. Yeah this dlc is suposed to take aerial combat to the next level (tek planes, new fliers,...). BUT there are alternatives to ground the fight, like goliaths, bolas, etc... in the no fly caves, overgrown forest it comes to brute force on ground to, also some new defenses like tek dome protect you from aerial attackers. 😄 But thanks for feedback 👍☺️
  3. https://inkarnate.com Pretty sure there are better creators out there, but im a noob when it comes to that area.
  4. Edit: i deleted the map, im using an other program to make a more detailed one. Im working on the dossiers now.
  5. Likeitis

    The Lost ARK

    Creatures could be reapers, reaper hunters (predator franchise), spider or other insects, or weird mutations of old creatures (hybrids). Items could be space suits that keep you on the ground in zero gravity chambers, some stuff there you need for taming endgame stuff. This DLC screams out spaceship to.
  6. Something like this, we never got a dragon, just wyverns and drakes, don't even now what managarmr is 😁 this is a nature spirit dragon, or ghost of light. Would fit nicely in giant flowers forest.
  7. Hi there Silvaeger, first of all im happy to hear you like the DLC suggestion. The ideas you gave are very interesting to ☺️. Ill take some time to see what i put in the top suggestion. After that it should be enough for the people to see if they like it or not, from then we can only hope enough people vote up, so we all can enjoy this map ☺️ At the end, its only wildcard that decides IF they will make it, same as the creatures/balancing/items,... Like i said, the original post should be enough to give people an idea then. 🤞
  8. Nice ideas man, ill add the balloons as primitive and the tek repulser as tek (duh 😉) supports later, same as the cement paste spider later this evening or tomorrow.
  9. I was literally thinking about it yesterday, tek plane could have a cargo room for kiting wild tames/ storing your own. But again this is late game, for early game it wouldn't be fun to 'rare flower' kite everything onto land. Maybe cages you can attach underneath the islands rocks. Shot with anker points to make it hang. Lets say 1 for small cage, 2 for medium, ... Let me know what u think.
  10. Have you tried a catwalk? I use mine for pellets and eggs this way, gachas in front of them.
  11. Yeah, the idea of a water 'buffer' from Kodking seems to solve both issues. With an ocean underneath, you solve the issue of your inventory, as instant dying. You'll die anyway in the water probably, but you backpack will still be there.
  12. I might have a solution for accidental dismounts, if there was a 'safety' rope you could put into a flier's inventory. Make it so that you can dismount, but when you press (??) you get reeled back onto your tame. Must be pressed within 2 seconds, and rope breaks after 2-3 uses. This would make the killzone underneath the islands less extreme, tedious.
  13. If you change title 2x breeding PVP yes, NOT pve please, fine as it is. Edit: thank u for edit @blazybolt
  14. With a magic touch here and there 😉
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