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  1. Tame every possible creature, breed it until they need viagra, experiment boss fights, build nice bases, chat with other players, go fishing, search for the perfect collour tame, stack up on recourses, do osd drops and element veins. Trade with other players or clear some caves with a frog or deer, do whatever you like, without the worry to be wiped every week. Each player has it its own way, pve has a peacefull playerbase.
  2. Some strings have collour 'spikes' extending out of the string, above or below.
  3. You tame a disconnectosaurus with an xbox one x and a good internet connection, worked for me
  4. Good observation, but are they really gonna wait 10days after the finals to announce the winners? FINALS ENDING IN 1 : 14 : 24 : 37 ENTRY PERIOD: 05/31/2019 02:00 AM (CEST) - 06/30/2019 02:00 AM (CEST) PRELIMINARIES: 06/30/2019 02:00 AM (CEST) - 07/15/2019 02:00 AM (CEST) SPOTLIGHTS: 07/15/2019 02:00 AM (CEST) - 07/22/2019 02:00 AM (CEST) FINALS: 07/22/2019 02:00 AM (CEST) - 07/29/2019 02:00 AM (CEST) FINALIZATION OF WINNERS: 07/29/2019 02:00 AM (CEST) - 07/31/2019 02:00 AM (CEST)
  5. Totally irrelevant here... you get a FREE map, and still complain? Sometimes i don't get you guys. The dev team is prob working like crazy, and all you do is whining, how long before we get nothing anymore as reaction?
  6. You can always tame low lvl's with nice colours, and breed them. After all its 2x breeding...
  7. Hi everyone, here is the first dossier. http://imgur.com/a/Ppi0k19 All credits go to @benjamin.b.nichols The discord team is working on more stuff.
  8. Yeah this dlc is suposed to take aerial combat to the next level (tek planes, new fliers,...). BUT there are alternatives to ground the fight, like goliaths, bolas, etc... in the no fly caves, overgrown forest it comes to brute force on ground to, also some new defenses like tek dome protect you from aerial attackers. But thanks for feedback
  9. https://inkarnate.com Pretty sure there are better creators out there, but im a noob when it comes to that area.
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