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  1. Also don't level your theris hp past 21k health, instead top melee as much as possible. Like above posters said the cakes are a must and i recommend 10-15 cakes per theri.
  2. Yes, i always check dododex, type my wild lvl, check what lvl it becomes post tame. So a lvl 140 like i tamed, turned 209 with kibble. The 'chance' of getting 30points in one stat is fairly common, but around 20points for a lvl 140 i think is very low, even with rng.
  3. X mosasaur wild lvl140, stood up with 13k health (lvl 209). ?? The same lvl could get 20k if lucky, so i was a bit frustrated ?
  4. Thats just Bears for 'thanks for the imprint' nothing more.
  5. Ark breeding calculator for precise breeding, and dododex for the new(er) creatures (gets updated often).
  6. Likeitis

    Alpha Tuso

    Every alpha creature is just a rare spawn of its counterpart, so if u wanna find an alpha tuso, just visit the tuso spawns. I killed a level 90 yesterday on genesis.
  7. Thats a different issue, its probably glitched and needs to transform first.
  8. Indeed this is correct. I always tought you had to breed the females immediatly to get the stats, but they had them all along ? Too give an example, i bred my lvl145 fem (pretame so about 65 invisible points) with a lvl 140pt male and got a lvl 236 baby, so when bred the levels show up.
  9. Either way i think ur right from the start eventually. If u use feroxes, you can carry a mate boosted on your shoulder, and swap your ferox when it gets low on health or it dies, maybe swap it ontop of those bridge things to be safe, element all over the place also. Only things to keep in mind is feeding it, helmets and not to throw your backup ferox off when picking keys.
  10. I tamed about 30 feroxes, 1 of them kept her levels permanent, the rest lost them. (Wrong they do keep them) Been putting alot of time in ferox breeding last week, man its the most bugged tame of the game. Unintended duping, had 5 clones of 1 female in the foundation. (Not gonna tell how i did, and since its official i killed the dupes). Denial of element, cant acces inventory, and so on. EDIT: The stats dont dissapear , only the shown lvl changes, i was wrong earlier.
  11. Still he tried to make his point, and i guess 3-4 could work but 5 is just easier. But indeed for solo players like me would mean to make some friends ?
  12. Usefull dino the magmasaur, the metal that thing collects at even 200% melee is quite insane, my anky can get more paired with an argy, (i guess, never tested) but their weight is much better, they are faster, apex and can defend themselves in most situations. Gacha, having a tame at home, that poops almost every resource in game is awesome, just need stone and pellets.
  13. Strange, i didn't noticed them for at least a week, until this update? This was the patch when ended on 30th of march. Fixed a server crash Fixed multiple cases where the Bloodstalker couldn't swing around Extinction Temporarily disables some lunar creatures from spawning whilst they're invisible
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