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  1. New official server transfers ? Hi all , started on one of the new official servers when they released and we are on day 362 currently. Does anyone know or have any previous experience with other servers to know when transfers will open up . Is it two months , when the server hits a thousand days or what ? Thanks and apologies if it has been asked already .
  2. is there an official time when these servers will open up ? cheers
  3. We have been offline for 15 hours now server 343 pve official
  4. Therizino harvesting problem Hi all , seem to not be able to harvest fiber with theri since update . No on my official pve island can either . Can collect flowers and plant x but no fiber atall.
  5. Cant transfer since latest update ? Hi all anyone else having this issue ? I'm on official pve trying to transfer my character between the island and valguaro . Nothing on character also . Cheers
  6. I have this problem also , only started since genesis release
  7. I'm same also tried and failed to mindwipe today ?
  8. How do we transfer back off genesis say back onto abberation ? I am solo with only 1 character so would love to be able to have a run around , unlock some engrams and go back to my base ?
  9. Yeah I have had that problem before so I did know about that . Although I do park my doed , anky and roll rat together in a spot in the base . No reason to pod as it's either carried by the crab ( which has now gone ) and doesnt go across server as I'm only based on abb :s
  10. Hmm lot of diplo on abb too doed was in base where as karki was just in the yard . Did have a run around on my drake but didnt see a thing , seems to be happening a lot though
  11. Isn't great atall but I'm glad someone else can confirm this issue . Played for over 4k hours and it's getting draining , very hard to put the game down but losing some of your best stuff for no reason is really annoying ? if it dies or starved or I lost it no problem but just vanishing is a joke
  12. Tamed dinos just disappearing ? Hi people .to start off I'm playing official pve on pc , abberation map . Last few days I've had a few dinos just disappear. I logged on a few days ago to have a lvl 278 doedi just gone , checked everywhere and nothing , pretty sure I know where it was but nothing . Today I logged on and my 44 point weight karkinos has now vanished , I know it was sat right outside my base in green zone , nothing on log for either dino . I only play abb , I have no dead pods even though I'm pretty sure they were not prodded. Checked all dinos out , checked al
  13. vvv just tonlet you know I didnt do a thing with mine , just left it about 4 days logged on one day after work and all was back to normal , no update so not sure what it was . Hope yours comes back to life too
  14. The original is very underpowered . I've recently moved to pc from a one x and can the the one x runs pretty well and is great for the price . I'd expect the original to struggle being 8byears old . Currently gaming on 5700xt ryzen 3600
  15. Yeah I only put 5k in to try it ? didnt know the trough was a must so I'll do that later and try again thanks .
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