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  1. Genesis creatures on abberation ?? Hi all , just curious , does anyone think the genesis creatures will be able to be used in abberation . Obviously a lot of creatures are not allowed on abberation but all the bone flying extinction are allowed so what do we think about the same genesis creatures ? Abberation is my main map that's why I'd love to see them come there
  2. I'm not actually too concerned about it now if I'm honest , it was a few days ago and I know everyone has different opinions on the matter like all matters it just frustrated me in the moment I now have my main base on abberation , not because of the snow owl glitch but I obviously wont be seeing it now I suppose
  3. I didn't actually , seems your just here to troll . I was on holiday over the Christmas week so wasn't on . I play on official servers and it's nice to know everyone's on the same playing field ( without glitches ) I was flying around gathering resource and noticed around 4 or 5 bases on my server freezing 40+ dinos each . Our server has rollbacks now daily and this cant be helping with that atall . It wasnt really a swipe at the players as I've already said above ( probably haven't read , read title and spat your dummy out )its more at the devs and their inability to correct issues so long after they started.
  4. Thanks , didn't want to chance transferring and dropping a giga at the ob great to know I can store my theri pairs and owls ect if I decide to go back to the other maps .
  5. Abberation podded dinos ? Hi guys , moving over to abberation as my main base , love the map it's fantastic. Just wondered if I was able to take over my theri , bronto , gigs, owls ect . I know I cant use them but can they be taken over and left in pods or do the pods just not transfer ? would just like to store them where my main base is if possible , cheers.
  6. Maybe we can see the owl perma freeze as a compensation for all the dinos we lose due to lag and server crashes . My server has a rollback every other day
  7. I suppose I am just frustrated, maybe shouldn't say anything . I have played around 4k hours solo and it gets annoying and frustrating with the devs more than the players , players will do what they do , if they can get an easy gain they will that is known , it's the dev team that should be better. I have had a reply from a GM and its says they will not be sending out a ban to anyone using the perma freeze as they apparently have a fix coming , looks like it's a free for all people , good luck
  8. Code of conduct violations not enforced Hi all , last few months we all know about the snow owl perma freeze on babies . I've seen many tribes using it and currently on the servers that I play on I have come across a dozen tribes atleast using it . I have sent a few tickets out as it is a violation and there never seems to be any punishment , all the tribes are still doing it , no base wipe , no character delete nothing , is it pointless reporting as the devs justbdont do anything about it ?
  9. The only thing that I would ask for from the dev team would be better server performance and stability. Currently have 4k hours and all solo . The most frustrating thing for me is losing tames due to server crashes or huge lag spikes . PC official island 395 now has server rollback every day this week and at least 3 times a week for the past few months due to huge server crashes I would honestly pay for a new version of ark if it was exactly the same with no bugs and better server performance , content seems unnecessary when the servers are terrible .
  10. Thanks , I have never really used pvp , not to the point of being able to breed anyways as I'm solo . How good do you think the ptera and trike for example could be for pve if levelled so high ? I'm away at the moment but I suppose I could possibly use single player to spawn in some really high lvl dinos to compare them that way ?
  11. Level 350+ bred dinos ? Hi guys , Just want a few opinions and I'm sure I'll get some very colourful answers to this too I play pc official pve . we all know the common breeding dinos people use , rex , argent , anky ect ect . They have been bred massively and are so powerful towards even a tamed 150 they arent even worth taming if you want the best anymore . here's the question , if you was to breed and mutate every single dino in the game like the rex , argy , anky ect has been which dinos do you think would gain the most , which dinos would be worth breeding to that level ? if you had level 350 bred trikes , ptera , cornos they would be completely different to what we see on servers now so I'm interested to see what people think would be worth breeding as a new line cheers and apologies for the long post
  12. I lost a lvl 433 mans last week on the island , no death , nothing in the log just gone so it's definitely still a thing.
  13. PC official reduce ping ? Hi all , I'm currently playing on official island 395 and have a ping of around 160 , is there anyway I can help to reduce this number ? Many thanks
  14. Boss battles from scratch Hi all , recently moved over to pc from xbox so have started again completely solo pve official. I have got myself to a stage again where I am looking to get a replicator and tek troughs ect and wondered if you have nothing boss related like saddles , dinos ect what would you work towards . I know rex has always been the meta but starting from scratch would you breed up theri or megatherium instead , is the overall cost saddle wise included cheaper to get an army of mega or theri compared to rex ? Tha is for your opinions and help .
  15. How to maximise snow owl pellets Hi people., i haven't played for a while and used to have gacha and owl and everytime I logged on I had literally hundreds of pellets . Now that is not the case , i have 6 owl next to two gacha and I log on to almost nothing and they dont produce as fast as they used to . Have they been changed and if so what's the beat way to rack up a lot of owl pellet ? Many thanks .
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