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  1. I only feed gachas 1 coal/mistletoe at a time and I regularly get crystals on official. Sometimes they won't eat one type or the other for some reason but if I swap to the other item, it will usually continue eating and producing crystals with just 1 of each.
  2. I'm not sure. I tested roughly 700 gifts and 1200 regular gacha crystals to develop my spreadsheet results and I never once got the same chibi from both raptor and gacha. After someone mentioned the game file for gacha claus, I also checked that file and raptor claus file and only saw the chibis that I marked in my spreadsheet.
  3. Shapeshifters are from GachaClaus. You can check out the spreadsheet in my previous post.
  4. Thanks for that, I was able to compare that file and the Raptor Claus Gift file to my current list and update the shapeshifters and bog spider.
  5. Hello all, I hope to provide some answers to questions on how to obtain the different chibis. Gachaclaus and Raptor Claus appear to have two entirely different loot tables for chibis that do not overlap. For Gachaclaus, feeding mistletoe or coal results in 1 of 4 crystal types: Regular crystals (Gacha Crystal), Primitive, Ramshackle, and Apprentice grade crystals. The Regular "Gacha Crystal" is the only one that has a chance to drop chibis (Seems to be about 50% chance to have a chibi). Feeding Coal over Mistletoe also appears to have a higher chance of getting these regular crystals
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