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  1. Auto-decay I understand why the auto-decay was put in but I think it needs adjustment i was offline for a little under a week not even enough time for stone builds count down to reach demolish but all my tames were auto decayed leaving a my base completely void of tames.
  2. Titans give good experience points but there are others ways that don't kill you or you tames that can also give much more experience points.
  3. Hi there my tribe and I play a legacy PVE centre server 638 this server is quite friendly and talks shop as well as trade with each other if you're interested in a change of scenery or just a visit.
  4. unless they have undated it a water resevior(not connected to water source) can only filled by rain or manually with bottles/jars/water skins pipes are a good way to go most of the time as once connected need no more attention and are cheap on resources to construct but can take some effort to install if you some way from water source.
  5. i hope they don't wipe all the legacy servers, if they don't it would be nice if they allowed the legacy server players time to move to a server that isn't being repurposed.
  6. Blue prints I was wondering if the deep sea loot creates are still the best source for T-Rex saddle and weapon blue prints?
  7. Hi not sure how many posts is required to unlock trading but I am little closer now.
  8. I think i will see out the Legacy servers before i move over kicking and screaming to the new official servers. I have enjoyed spending so many hours on them i cant bring myself to discard them like yesterdays newspaper and saver what time there is left on them and try to recall all the multitude of people and their tribes that I played alongside for the last 5 years that made it such a great game through countless glitches and server crashes as it slowly evolved.
  9. yeah i have found the same issue also the placed hive some times dose not revert back to a queen i lose 3 hive to this just this week
  10. I would like to do Rockwell boss also
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