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  1. nonamesallowed

    Gather Fiber

    ok, I'll try the theri, ty guys
  2. nonamesallowed

    Do babys eat jerky?

    My fonts are wrong! In this case prime jerky can be a good option if you dont have many dodos, good luck!
  3. nonamesallowed

    Do babys eat jerky?

    Oh nice, well jerkys will work but i think the best options is kibble (like dodo) they have similar spoil time, can stack, but a dodo kibble gives 80 food, and jerky/primed jerky only gives 20/35 food respectively.
  4. nonamesallowed

    Do babys eat jerky?

    Just curious, but why do you want to raise babys on a quetz?
  5. nonamesallowed

    Gather Fiber

    Alright, thank you ^^
  6. nonamesallowed

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Something scary, like a Cerberus or Hydra
  7. nonamesallowed

    Gather Fiber

    Well, I need a good amount of fiber (like 100k), i'm looking for the best way to gather it, any sugestions?
  8. nonamesallowed

    Best dinosaurs to obtain wyvern eggs

    A wyvern for sure
  9. nonamesallowed

    What do people really feel about the new Spino?

    He's OP, so fast and the knockbacks...
  10. nonamesallowed

    Why do you play Ark?

    Because I love survival games, and EVERYBODY love dinos, so the real question is, Why don't everybody play Ark?!
  11. nonamesallowed

    Rex saddle bp on scorched earth?

    I've opened so many desert crates and nothing, but i did get rex saddles from the suply drops, unfortunately not the bp
  12. nonamesallowed

    Starting over

    If you wanna play aberration, start on aberration, just avoid the blue area untill you get strong enough to face it. You're gonna spent so much time in another servers just to lvl up and tame some dinos...