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  1. I uploaded a ton of stuff on Gen 2; its 1030pm EST, cant download any of it. Keeps saying Refreshing Ark Inventory And then errors out. So even though this should have been active at 4pm EST, its not working as intended...
  2. All Im seeing on Lost Island is the wonderful: Refreshing Ark Inventory over and over and over. I guess I shouldnt be surprised?
  3. Filed reports now for 3 days: NA-PVE-Official-GenTwo992 has been offline. Cant you guys ever get your crap together? Does anyone read the reports that players file? If you ignore a problem, does it go away. Think with your wallets for Ark 2 people. Dont be fooled a 2nd time.
  4. People ask for stuff to get fixed, they are considered whiners. People ask for more Evos or longer time frame: whiners. You cant win. Say nothing, nothing changes. Say anything, get labeled. Yeah, gotta love the community here.
  5. So the Gen2 server I play on was never stable to begin with: PVE 992. However, as the excitement of the map died down, people quit, moved onto other maps, etc. The server took a turn for the worst: Massive bases setup as factories that have dozens of cloning chambers cloning hundreds of dinos. There are even signs showing you how to trade/buy from the tribe. Some tribes have so many operations going, they are spread across multiple Gen 2 maps. Of course this has lead to: Server tame caps Constant instability/crashes Ive reported it many times. Completely within the rules apparently! I also have a high end gaming rig; even my rig is suffering from the unrealistic cloning/dinos on display/for sale/trade. Bases cant draw in completely or take forever, or the server is down more often then its up. is anyone else's Gen 2 server dealing with the same nonsense?
  6. Whatever the hell this recent patch was is been causing Lost Island 1037 to crash hourly, sometimes staying down for hours at a time before coming back up only to eventually crash again. This only just started with the recent patch. And yes, yes yes: tons of server people went and filled out the highly praised crash report form on here.
  7. Any idea where these are on the map?
  8. See my Sino thread. Ive had that happen a number of times as well. Its a very well balanced and thought out tame...
  9. You would think if WC is so obsessed with forcing people to tame these the "proper" way, stuff would work 100% and wouldnt be as buggy as it is..but I am talking WC here..
  10. is it just me or are these bugged as all hell? I watched videos on taming these and yet: 50% of the time, it will fly back to me if Im within 100 yards of it. The other 50% it just starts dropping taming effectiveness. Ive tried: backing further way which does nothing to stop it from going to 0.0% effectiveness. Ran closer to it only to have it run away and goto 0.0% effectiveness. Ive stood for like 20-30 mins in a spot with a ton of them to watch as none landed by me. Just flew around or went further and further away. Had them bolt of scared for no reason, at 80 yards, and then eventually drop the taming effectiveness.. It makes no sense...
  11. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/11747024 PVE-Official-GenTwo992 down time and such. Least theres BBQs today here in the States yeah?
  12. I've played on official since day 1 of Ark. You can see my posts, quite literally, over the years. I'd completely advise against it: Servers are never stable There is always the possibility your server could be marked as one being "repurposed" for a new map or something else which means you have to move off the server. There is no company or GMs who regularly monitor the servers, enforce rules, etc. You can read into anything you like on these forums, but the positives posted by people about how this or that was done by WC on an official server are slim to none. The servers are generally already pillared to hell in any/most reasonable spots.
  13. PVE-Official-GenTwo992 Back to crashing every 45 mins for the past week. Excellent work as always WC!
  14. Down much? https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/11747024/downtime
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