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  1. so from reading this thread and seeing the twitter responses, responses here, etc it seems one can gleam: Anyone experiencing the issue is using duped dinos Wildcard knows of the issues and claims it to be duped dinos Its occurred for people on PVP and PVE There is no WC solution, fix, acknowledgement of the issue, etc despite a 7 page long thread.
  2. So server crashes, lag, & rubberbanding are the new ark norm in 2020? I remember playing this in 2016 when it was "beta" and the rubberbanding was funny but annoying. Why is that, lag and crashing official servers a thing now in 2020? How did the game revert backwards??
  3. Welll look at it this way guys.... New content and expansion coming soon!!!!!!
  4. That sounds like too much thought and coding to be WC. I am sure its purely RNG. Just like drops in Warcraft raids are RNG.
  5. Interesting indeed. I say this because for every 3 items I give to a Gacha Claus, one turns out to be a Daedon. For every 3 Santa Gifts I get from Raptor Claus, one is almost always a Carno or Allo Chibi. We literally have 2 metal vaults filled with extra chibis and the majority are Daedons, Carnos, Allos and Scorpions. I am only doing the gifts on the Island. At this point I've gotten nearly every chibi via Raptor/Gacha except Dire Wolf, Sabertooth, both Shapeshifters, Chefue, Wyvern, and Phoenix.
  6. Start spreading the news I am leaving today I want to be a part of it New York, New York
  7. I have enough Chibi Carnos and Daedons to take over the GALAXY!
  8. pretty much the best all around mount is one that you dont lose to one of the many profound bugs the game has to offer...
  9. Another outrageous game issue just like the current lagging/crashing official servers that people are reporting left and right but I guess the team at this point is more concerned with getting your Genesis $$$ and releasing the expansion then working on fixing current issues. And if any devs ARE aware of the issues or working on them, some remote form of acknowledgement that would take 5 seconds to tweet/type such as "we are aware of cryopod deployment issues and are looking into it" seems to be too much to hope for...
  10. So earlier this week, I was sitting on my Mana in my base area and the server crashed. When I came back online, I was dead (Didnt notice where) and the mana was gone. No body of mine, no mana. This happened in the morning. I looked for the mana but no luck. Keep in mind I was literally sitting on it, not moving nor had I been moving for a few moments prior to this. Later that same day, (We're talking hours later: Some time in the evening), the entire server crashed and kicked everyone offline. When it came back up, there was a small (Probably 30 mins) rollback. Magically, my Mana that vanished earlier that morning was back! It was just outside my base though. Yesterday, an almost similar event happened: I had been using the mana all day to go around the Island. I even had been in mid-dashes during a save (Watched as I was on the mana and going completely off the map), only to have myself and the mana rubberband as high as Raptor Claus and plunge down some random spot, safely. Then yesterday, again, I was actually walking on the mana outside another base of mine. Not running, not flying, not dashing: walking. Crashed and got kicked offline. Came back and I was dead. this time I noticed it gave me a location in the Redwoods (Not 50,50) but a random Redwoods location. Respawned, no mana outside my base where I just had been and no corpse anywhere to be found on the map. Later that night, as whats become the norm, the server crashed and we got a 30 min or less small rollback. This time though, I havent been able to find the mana. So I guess that mana is in fact gone for good. All of that being said: I think the issue is one related to the server crashes and not quite a mana issue itself. Not once for hours all day did I lose the mana dashing, flying, during saves or not, etc.
  11. Had gotten my Reaper to level 4 while killing on my wyvern. Today I just happened to notice its level 1 again....
  12. We're getting at least 8 new people a day....Seeing averages of almost 30 people during the weeknight..
  13. Region locks could work (Ie. Blizzard) but the server hosts I am fairly certain, are located in Germany. I guess it wouldnt matter where they are located really as you could set clusters to have specific region locks. I dont know why this wasnt done since day ONE of the game. Would prevent so much less lag, misunderstandings, and overall less BS in the game as a whole.
  14. I got the ovus off a Santa Raptor once on official. All the rest including wyvern and phoenix, Ive not seen at ALL. On the official I play on, multiple people have gotten wyverns off Santa Raptor, and a few got the large Shapeshifter from a Gacha Claus. One person got a Dire Wolf off Santa Raptor a day ago and one person got a Snow Owl but dont recall where. No one has the others as far as I know.. Its extreme RNG I guess. I have 100s of coal I turn in and I swear I get nothing but Moshops, Sloths, and Scorpions...
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