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  1. So the post isnt moved 100x: Where do you report servers? Official server that keeps crashing. Where can you report it?
  2. Well normally they happen at 1 EST yeah? No event yet..
  3. Whats with the constant "Refreshing Ark Inventory..." Everytime I am unloading from an obelisk, this "Refreshing Ark inventory..." happens every 6 or so items, lasts 5 mins, and then fails each time. Why?
  4. Not sure why this moved to "Cross Ark Strategizing" as its questions pertaining to starting out. General questions. Not looking for a tribe/etc type of stuff like this forum seems to be.
  5. So starting new in Ark now a days So can you start in Ark as a new player now, and I know this is asking a lot, and have the following: * A good ping server * A place to build where you will have enough land to build something bigger then a shack that holds 5 dinos *A place to build that isnt the snow The "old" server maps: ie. Island, Rag, while having less players on them, have everywhere built up. The new map, Valguero, while huge, has pillars all over forcing you to Snow/Tundras (Also pillared) but not a good place to try to "start" let alone build a decent base. So as a "new" player how do you progress now in 2019?
  6. So a year and a half after quitting: Pillars are still an issue? > < I guess pillars will never go away and are just part of the game? I cant believe after a year and a half, just half heartedly trying a new toon and the beaches/regular servers are dotted with the old ladder/pillars.
  7. While I love the trailer, its not realistic: The beach would be covered in thatch poop shacks already.
  8. Full blue baby sloths...triplets no less ;p
  9. Right Ive seen that with the other passive tames like the horses, chalices, etc. But the bee just doesn't stop. Ive left, came back, tried it over again and no "E" option ever comes up period..She never resets from the "fleeing".
  10. I've managed to break out a Queen bee from a number of hives but only ONCE was I given an "E" option to actually feed her. Ive been right up their ass, on top of them, under them, next to them, etc. No "E" option. its frustrating as all hell. Has anyone else had this issue with trying to tame a Queen? Despite easily getting the hive open and the Queen out, I've yet to tame a single queen because of this. Yes using bug spray, and, yes using ghili suit.
  11. Had a hell of a weekend actually: -Tamed a perfect female 145 karpo -Tamed a 130 pachy -Tamed a pair of 140 terror birds But...... Got ambushed by a 130 Thyla which MISSED me; knocked it out only to have a bear agro and hit it enough to take away any bonus levels. Then got too close to the swamp, fell off quetz and it rocketed up to the sky with 2 dragonflies attacking it. Was sweating bullets for 10 mins before it flew far, far, far away to land safely. Took a good 30 mins to find it though..
  12. killed off a few tames, moved a few dinos around, fed everyone, made some stone walls. That was about it!
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