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  1. Stupid bugs like that dont shock me; Ive been in Ark since the start. But I personally never once had eggs "vanish" in ASE or ASA. it literally happened after I got solid black carchs and 330 melee carchs and had bred them to try to combine stats and poof, eggs oddly "vanish".
  2. We have a guy on the server who has 2 ark accounts/leveled characters. He tried stealing from himself with his one character and it didnt work at all.
  3. Anyone else have an issue with carch fert eggs "vanishing"? Other folks on my server complained before about this happening but first time all of mine vanished after sitting there for 12 hours. Official PVE server and the eggs were on foundations within a small area that was also enclosed. In other words, you couldnt go up against a wall from the outside and see them. Far as I know, the oviraptor crap doesnt work unless youre in a tribe Alliance?
  4. Created a new toon on an official server. Spawned in, right into someone's closed up house, literally, inside a storage box. Cant move, cant do anything. Seriously, everything is just beyond goofy with the game anymore. Why aren't spawn in areas setup as no build locations?
  5. Bah for those that were confused like me: right click the icons and you will see selections..
  6. How the hell do I make the new glass or Steamboat Willy or anything?
  7. I am stumped: Downloaded the official WC mods, killed myself and all I see is this:
  8. Lets not let this slide back.. Official server: NA-PVE-5409: This server, on a daily basis for all the folks online regardless of their location in US, China, Europe, Brazil, etc will: Shoot the ping to almost 400 for folks Lag on a constant basis Crash by completely going offline. Time offline varies but usually not longer then 30 mins. Lag everyone offline but remain up and then either will a) Crash completely after about 15-20 mins of folks being unable to log in after getting lagged out or b) after 15-20 mins of folks being lagged out, will eventually let folks log back in. The server in these instances will not crash completely. This is DAILY DAILY DAILY! Its offline maybe 3 to 5 times in a daily period. Check BATTLEMETRICS (Though Ive noticed when the server is lagging and no one can join, Battlemetrics tends to show it as responding anyway). Could the much Wildcard hyped new Unreal engine not be able to handle all the big bases and dinos folks have out after all? (SHOCKING!) or, could the reality be the service provider is just crap and not performing well enough to justify serving as a host?? (YOU DECIDE!) All I know is, this is crap we paid for...again. Suckers that we are.
  9. Oh please. The "early access" tag is an excuse to justify all the bugs and issues that are still going on. "HERRRR well guys we are technically in early access...". Give me a break. These are issues that plagued the game in 2015 and onward. Nothing new to see here. Just a perfect scapegoat word for things. The most infuriating thing with ASA right now is the unreal lag, server crashes, and server time outs on official. Either admit that the game even with the much hyped unreal engine, cant handle the plethora of big bases and baby dinos folks have out, OR the server provider is absolute trash and you need a new host..
  10. Yeah however many folks are online at a time has nothing to do with it. Seen as little as 18 on with 200+ ping and rubberbanding. Im sure there are dozens of folks with countless babies out during the event and thats not helping things. BUT HEY!!! NEW UNREAL ENGINE FOR ASA MAKES IT ALL RUN BETTER, RIGHT?!
  11. I dont understand how folks can even play without punching their monitors. Running into your house 2-3x, spending 5 mins trying to pick a dino up because you rubberband past it, staring at the screen like an idiot because the game is lagging and your character is doing nothing. Its like its 2015 Ark all over again.
  12. Another inane WC decision: Punish EVERYONE for select tribes abusing things. FIrst, take down the servers with NO warning, provide ZERO updates as hours stretch on, then BS folks with "Oh 8 hour roll back" while tons of people lost items, boss fights, and more importantly, WASTED HOURS OF THEIR TIME IN GAME for whats more like a 10-12 hour rollback. Absolutely hideous customer support and service. Its shameful that you guys treat everyone this way after folks were suckered into rebuying the what was once going to be free, ASA release. No offers to bump the event longer or raise the rates. Nope, EVERYONE suffers for the idiocy of a few.
  13. So when you click Help and goto submit a ticket to Wildcard, it only lets you submit a ticket for either: Reporting Code of Conduct Violations OR Ban Appeal and Developer Wipe appeal What are you supposed to do if you have a glitch in game that needs help/addressing? For example: Killed all 4x bosses on Alpha but my implant only shows me having killed 2 of the 4 and not even on Alpha. I dont want to be screwed out of bonus levels. How am I supposed to have WC look into this/address a clear bugged game issue?
  14. The problems: PVE and PVP are two different styles of gameplay and need to be catered to as such. Blanket "fixes" or "changes" are not always good for one style of gameplay. These changes coupled with the: YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 3 GENERATORS NEARBY are dumb. If you dont want folks on PVE to bring cryoed dinos into caves, great. but then revert the stupid generator crap or expand the range on generators to cover more area. The 5 min timer after setting up a cryofridge: why is this in PVE? What is the purpose?
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