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  1. Taming time and kibble cost for some dinos... Whats the reasoning behind some of the "high" requirements around tames that seem overall meh. For example: 61 Kibble, 90 mins, 15 narcs for kentro? Its a kentro... 64 kibble, 90 mins, 21 narcs for a stego... They kibble amount for these 150s seems unusually higher then other dinos on the same level like say a Trike or Rhino or Iguanadon.. I dont think Stegs/Kents are that special really; whats with the higher kibble amounts?
  2. Given how long its been, I think its safe to assume that either this is beyond fixing or its not important enough to devote resources to for working on a fix. I have some amazing manas; they sit in cryo untouched. Neat creature but waste of potential given the situation.
  3. Server side updates, patches, whatever the case may be, they occur far too frequently with little warning time. Its not normal for a game to have this many...
  4. Holy crap: stop with the constant updates! Cant you guys use a scheduled day and time for this stuff? Like: Every Friday at 2am EST, servers are down for scheduled updates/patches. Oh its new cheats/hacks you say? Never have I seen a game with so many "hacks" and "cheats" as Ark. Beta ended years ago; this is seriously ridiculous every day. If there are THAT many potential cheats in the game, its time to re-evaluate what the hell is going on with everything..
  5. But Blizzard is a model example of region based servers... You can still have servers based on country location and a thriving community. Again, look at how well Blizzard is doing with this region setup. So I cant understand why that didnt happen here?
  6. So why arent officials true region based servers? What was the reasoning behind servers not being actually region based? ie. the way Blizzard for example has servers setup: North America is for NA players, Europe for European players, etc?
  7. Whats with the official servers going down all the time for 15 min updates? It feels like every day, every 12 hours or so, the servers are going down for these 15 min updates? Why? Are there seriously that many issues that they need to keep coming down?? And only a 15 min warning in a game where it takes hours taming, raising babies, farming mats etc....smooth.
  8. Logged in... but not really logged in This doesn’t seem to occur all the time on official NA PVE servers but I find it happen at least once a week, sometimes twice: I log in and can type in chat but no one sees me, I can open doors and go out and about, but dinos/other players do not see/recognize me. I cant pick things up or use anything or lay on a bed. I need to log out and log back in and Im back to where I originally was when I last logged in and things are back to normal. Why does that happen and what the hell exactly is it that’s going on? We’re out of beta, right?
  9. JetJaguar


    This is the new “norm” on officials now: Lag, crashes, rubberbanding. It harkens back to the days of the original release. As a tip: You may receive less lag on officials if you play on a generic Island map then if you try out Rag or Val. Rag/Val are god awful with lag/crashes on officials. What causes it you ask? Your guess is as good as anyone elses: Bad hardware, massive bases, hardware saves, duping/exploiting? Who the hell knows…
  10. Of course its allowed; its still inane but to each their own.
  11. Never the less, complain I shall on the official forums! It needs fixing!
  12. Every 15-20 mins now this server is going offline and coming back up. Seriously, not professional ignoring junk like this. Do your IT guys work on these issues? How many times must the same thing be reported?
  13. Rational and makes sense. Just jumping on the frustrated bandwagon here at hearing that suggestion but all you say is true.
  14. Guess I wont be pre ordering the xpac until that statement is clarified. Last thing I wanna do is shell out money for a Legacy game/server..
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