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  1. Im looking at it, the most recent version, I see knock out but no option to swap between normal or X variant. Under Knockout is Resources.
  2. yeah im not seeing this screen on mobile or the website.
  3. Is that on mobile only? Not the actual site?
  4. Dododex doesnt have X-Tame info; does anywhere? Knocking out an X-tame is nothing like a regular tame. More arrows, more narcs, etc. Is there anything out there that has info on X-tame times, etc?
  5. Why in the hell are areas HLNA ports you to not designated as NO BUILD areas?! Why on earth can idiots build right at portal in areas where HLNA sends you? Why couldnt these have been made no build areas?
  6. I did read the thread: At no point did I see a new tweet go out from Ark stating the event was back on. Im going by official tweets/posts; not conjecture gleaned from in game chatter. Im also giving input on my general rule of thumb: If its listing a stop time, thats when I pull stuff back period to take no chances. I seen what was being said last night in chat about 3.5x but no way in hell was I taking a chance... Also, theres a nifty little website that you can goto that will list what each X things are at, at any given time..
  7. I see a number of people in the arctic biome with them. Can anyone confirm if they work there?
  8. if the tweet says the event ends at 1pm EST but you're tossing down a ton of babies because its still active at 2pm est, then thats on you if suddenly it changes to normal raising time at 3pm est. I dont take ANY chances. Its posted when the event is SUPPOSED to end. Anything after that posted time is taking a chance.
  9. Search the old Ark forums. Back when the game first came out and foundations (Not pillars) were the means to claim land, people had tons of valid suggestions and ideas. None of which got implemented.
  10. So Im a new player who just plunked out money to by the game. I see the huge, Walmart/Home Depot sized bases with tons and tons of dinos of all kinds, ranging over massive areas of land. I too, want tons and tons of dinos and a big base and the response is: Go build a small raft young man?
  11. Theres a higher influx of players, lots of new players too, due to the ya know, current worldwide pandemic going on.... Servers should have been region based, and enforced, since day one. Sometimes its a language barrier and lack of understanding that causes some of the issues with the "box tribes"..
  12. Issues from week one of Ark's original release: Pillars/foundations - You'll find a slew of excuses to justify it too: Protecting land, future base location, tribemate will be building, protecting resources/spawns, dont want new neighbors up your ass, etc Non-Region based servers. - You can say its a NA server, but non NA players can still play on it, thus: Language barriers, lack of cultural understanding issues, etc Ark has been and continues to be, one of the few online games with no enforced region locks. People will give you the usual top two responses: Play unofficial or "There are tons of open spots on my official server" which, when youre new or level one, means jack since the "open spots" are the snow or an outrageous cliff area requiring architectural ingenuity. But as has been mentioned: Its a PVP game that took off better then expected with a team that wasnt sure how to handle PVE which is why zero solutions to issues such as pillaring, has ever been implemented. Welcome to Ark: Survival Evolved.
  13. A few Astrocetus questions Are these breedable? I doubt it but thought id ask.. These are huge and do not fit through a behemoth. Does anyone know how much foundations long they are if you wanted to build a platform to "land" one on?
  14. Official servers: lag is unreal is this the game's original release here or did we forget there are non Genesis servers too? Official PVE 48 The Island is unplayable today. Nothing working for anyone...
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