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  1. Tried to go from my Fjordur base to my Lost Island base and everytime i try to transfer, I get an error and have to re-download my character back to Fjordur. Just started today...
  2. So since the "fix" patch Friday 7/15: First few hours were fine with spawns. Like any patch/downtime. Less then 24 hours later the next day: Spawns are still like they were: sparse. Lag seems worse then it was before. Harkens back to the early release of Ark when I'd run in the base only to be back outside running back in the base. Like the Groundhog Day movie. Dinos still "vanishing" if going out of render. I shouldnt move a few feet away from a spawn to have it completely gone when I turn back around to it.
  3. I've had stuff despawn while I was in the middle of tranqing it. The going out of render and it despawns is one issue; dinos actually despawning that you're interacting with is an entirely new ballgame of screwups. Im glad the event will be extended but until the lack of spawns is addressed, its a moot point..
  4. Remember this type of stuff and the company response before you jump the bandwagon for Ark 2. This should have been fixed or at the very least, addressed when the issue had been posted about a week ago, tweeted to a week ago, and so forth.
  5. The official PVE server I play on has this too. I assumed it to be from max player load. Does not bode well for Ark 2 if this is how things go here.
  6. Looks like it was fixed with todays patch!
  7. As title says: Number of people on the official PVE server we play on have hawk babies; the maewings cannot pick them up so they cannot be placed in their saddle. Known issue? Another bug never to be fixed? Or working as intended?
  8. So for the mini bosses: Tribe Bob goes in and kills bee. I come by 30 mins later after they are gone to start the boss event for myself...but I cant because the mini boss has an hour cooldown even though I wasnt the one who just killed it? Why arent these tied to the tribes/people who start the event instead of literally, an hour timer as a whole?
  9. I just posted about this. I am on official PVE 1169. We have been having this exact same issue happen: Vanishing dinos and low dino spawns. I didnt have it happen to me until today. I found a 135 megatherium in the snow. Shot it twice with tranqs and it turn to run and just vanished. Flat snow area, nothing around. Made zero sense... Is it the alphas causing weird spawn issues? Is it something odd on the map itself? I never seen dinos vanish into thin air before like this.
  10. Our official PVE server is seeing dinos quite literally vanish as people are trying to knock them out to tame. This has been going on for a few days and just happened to me. Anyone else having this issue on this map exclusively?
  11. So has anyone tried the tame corpses since patch?
  12. Anyone else on officials and notice that creature spawns seem to be sparse now? Also other dinos like Shadowmanes or Gigas that were usually up just arent spawning in now or anywhere near the amounts they did before?
  13. Fairly certain WC said in one of the community crunches or videos that the Easter Event was the last one so they can focus on Ark 2..
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