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  1. Ember Wyverns: Not spawning/low spawns since last patch Since the last patch, Ember wyverns specfically are not spawning or only 1-2 total are spawning. The server has been looking since Summer bash and its no go. These were common before this patch.
  2. It seems like the spawn rates were toned down. Now you're lucky to find one.
  3. Remember Ember wyvern spawns on Crystal Isles? What the hell happened with the last patch? There have been no Ember wyvern spawns and wyverns as a whole seem far far less common. Why?
  4. A number of bugs Untamable Wyverns - A wyvern that someone was trying to tame and died or got too far away from during the tame, renders the wyvern untamable for everyone else. Only the tribe or original tamer can complete the tame. I cant tell you how many dozens of level 140-150 wyverns sat there, with no E option to tame, because someone else had died trying to tame it. Was of time. Basilisk/Mantis - Impossible to tame currently. No death worms, no eggs for Basilisk. Plant Species Z - Doesnt heal, doesnt spit out seeds.
  5. So a patch.... So a patch, followed by another patch and then a patch to fix the previous patches. is that whats happening here? First time for everything right?
  6. Remember earlier when I posted about: NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland48 Look here again. Glad you guys all got our money for Genesis xpac. Hopefully people wont be fooled again for part 2...
  7. Hey look at that: NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland48 - Offline ALMOST SEVEN HOURS AGAIN...
  8. Even games like Blizzard's world of Warcraft which have all sorts of checks and balances built in cant control or stop it. Its part of online gaming..
  9. Our server thats PVE was PVP yesterday for almost all day. No one could stay online for more then 10 mins. No explanation for it. Then they took servers down for the patch. Our server, PVE The Island 48 NA was back up for 2 hours before crashing. Now its been offline since 3pm today. They are doing a fantastic job standing behind their product.
  10. Well WC got your Genesis money; doesnt matter what the servers are doing. Clearly if servers are going down hours and hours at a time NO ONE is manning them or paying any attention. Remember this crap when future Wildcard products are released.
  11. NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland48 Offline daily now for hours at a time. How about using some of that Genesis money or money from Wildcard's parent company to get new servers or upkeep your current ones? Talk about disgraceful..
  12. Are server transfers down? Spent 20-30 mins now on my naked character trying to transfer to a Scorched Earth server. Click Join with Survivor and jack poop happens: Buttons cant be clicked, food I had drops since it cant be transferred and after 10 mins of NOTHING, the buttons pop back up and you can start all over again. Rebooted. no change. logged in and out. no changed. Logged out and went to random server, no survivor to download. What in the hell is going on now? Every week these stupid issues with this game...
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