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  1. You can apply the sunglasses skin, but it will either be invisible if the Ferox is already wearing the helmet. Or if you put the skin onto the helmet first and then equip it to your Ferox the entire helmet becomes invisible. So no looking "too cool for school" for our Ferox this summer
  2. precedent noun prec·e·dent | \ ˈpre-sə-dənt \ Definition: 1: an earlier occurrence of something similar 2a: something done or said that may serve as an example or rule to authorize or justify a subsequent act of the same or an analogous kinda verdict that had no precedent b: the convention established by such a precedent or by long practice 3: a person or thing that serves as a model
  3. NA-PVE-GenOne 595 has been 255+ for over 2 weeks straight. No response from the dev team. No attempt to fix. Other servers are facing the same issues. How is this NOT a priority?
  4. NA-pve-GenOne 595 is the same. 255+ ping with regular crashes all day. I wish Wild Card would at the very least acknowledge this issue. The DLC has been out over a month now...to still have servers in this state and zero attempts to rectify is unacceptable. I know of several people besides myself who have made "Server Outage Reports" daily and these are being ignored. This is what makes us players feel alienated from and angry toward the developers. All I want is a stable, playable experience...instead we get Easter eggs and a few new chibis.
  5. Genesis Uploads Disabled Cannot upload fertilized eggs on official Genesis servers
  6. Unofficial is not an option for many players. Would remove all social aspects/trading in the game as unofficial servers are rarely populated. Might as well play single-player.
  7. As a solo player I started on extinction with a fresh character on day 1. In 3 days (real-world) I was level 90 and was already farming element. If you are having trouble on this map it is your lack of experience in early-game ARK holding you back...not your characters level.
  8. official? unofficial? single-player? Not enough info to even speculate.
  9. Or perhaps the money from this new DLC could go toward some new servers that are not bottom tier. It's just a bad look that the official network is in the state it is, and wildcard seem fine with that being the default experience for most players.
  10. Well now releasing 7 hrs later. So you can wait to DL even longer
  11. This would inevitably lead to someone picking apart the code and posting spoilers on YouTube
  12. Well, this is better than another delay announcement. I have no other opinions on this post lol.
  13. Hope this means I won’t lose my inventory while using climbing picks on tribe owned structures anymore
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