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  1. Well now releasing 7 hrs later. So you can wait to DL even longer
  2. This would inevitably lead to someone picking apart the code and posting spoilers on YouTube
  3. Well, this is better than another delay announcement. I have no other opinions on this post lol.
  4. Hope this means I won’t lose my inventory while using climbing picks on tribe owned structures anymore
  5. new "mission" system new creatures new structures new items new building locations
  6. v304.4 - 12/20/19 Fixed a bug with Managarmr pounce damage Chibi xp can no longer be buffed or affected by killing enraged corrupted Rex
  7. @complexminded I would like to see testing of new additions to the game pre-release. Managarmr were released a year ago and they're still getting nerf'd. One would think spawning in a max level version of the creature during testing would've reveled this. I understand trying to make each creature unique is difficult; but to make such debilitating changes after we've spent a year breeding is just cruel. This single failure on the part of the devs cost me hundreds of hours in breeding a flying mount that can no longer fly. We have a new DLC coming soon and I don't want to be worried about what awesome new mounts are about to get nerf'd into the ground. PLEASE do more in-depth play testing on creatures.
  8. Make the gifts something each player can collect once so there is no more fighting over them. Why make it so difficult to enjoy the event?
  9. 12-19-19 RIP Managarmr Well that’s it for our furry friend. It was a good year of being useful, but now that is over. It’s on to the next stage of life for the Mana; glorified base decoration. Sleep well friend; may Wildcard hurt you no more.
  10. thanks, seeing re-deployment message now! can't wait to get my chibi on!
  11. Transfer disabled The new update has disabled cross-ARK transfers
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