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  1. Leeleilol

    Boss fighting

    If you need some help, i would be glad to help too, i play solo but i have a bunch of Rexs and Yutys
  2. Leeleilol

    pve Broodmother GAMMA PVE

    This is just from my experience, i do it alone and i bring 19 rex and a Yuty, Rex are 30k hp and around 600%-700% and they all have a saddle between 90 and 120 armor.
  3. Leeleilol

    Boss fights Ranked

    With 19 Rex 30k - 700% good saddle and a Yuty You can manage to do the hard ape solo too
  4. Leeleilol

    2x Maturation Events Becoming Less Frequent?

    It's possible, i do it, you can do it on a WE.
  5. I will hatch some gigas and quetz and i will try to get a Valentine's Wyvern egg ! And probably hunt for some nice colors dinos.
  6. Leeleilol

    Reaper agro

    Try to eat a pheromon, it worked for me !
  7. Leeleilol

    Is 8x breaking the game?

    Same on The Island 198
  8. Leeleilol

    Dire bear tame?

    Use only darts !
  9. Leeleilol

    Imprinting on Ragnarok

    I'm not sure but i raised a bunch of babys on Ragna and no one asked for a SE kibble
  10. Leeleilol

    Why are some Ragnarok servers down?

    Same for Ragna 35 ...
  11. Leeleilol

    Quetz spawns and spino spawns

    I've seen 2 quetz for now and 3 spinos on the canyon.
  12. Leeleilol

    Trading System

    Yes would be good !
  13. Leeleilol

    Lifting Giga

    one time, i carried a giga on a boat but i don't think it's work anymore !
  14. Leeleilol

    Do u guys farm metal on ragnarok?

    On the canyon, some good spot