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  1. Boss fights Ranked

    With 19 Rex 30k - 700% good saddle and a Yuty You can manage to do the hard ape solo too
  2. 2x Maturation Events Becoming Less Frequent?

    It's possible, i do it, you can do it on a WE.
  3. I will hatch some gigas and quetz and i will try to get a Valentine's Wyvern egg ! And probably hunt for some nice colors dinos.
  4. Reaper agro

    Try to eat a pheromon, it worked for me !
  5. I play on 217 and we have the same problem 2/3 time day we have a rollback of 30mins.
  6. Nice it worked on my official server ! Thanks
  7. My server is not tame cape, EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland 198
  8. Same for me with a spino, i can upload but not download. I'm on official the island and my tribe is not tamecap.
  9. Dino disappears middle tame

    Lvl 150 Equus just dismounted me and vanished in front of me at 80% of the tame.
  10. Is 8x breaking the game?

    Same on The Island 198
  11. Dire bear tame?

    Use only darts !
  12. Imprinting on Ragnarok

    I'm not sure but i raised a bunch of babys on Ragna and no one asked for a SE kibble
  13. Ragnarok and Time

    I'm on Ragna 35 and still unplayable..
  14. EU PVE Ragnarok 34 down repeatedly

    Ragnarok 35 is back, but for how much time