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  1. Eventually resolved it. Removed all element and allowed the fuel tank to exhaust. Then I right clicked it and told it to land in the wheel - if you nudge it or refuel it that option will disappear and you restart the process.
  2. Tek Skiff stuck in Launching/Taking Off Did a nice build on my skiff (on official). After last nights update it's gone full buggy. It flew for a little bit and now it is stuck in "Taking off"/"Launching" move. Currently its stuck on my roof with an open sky. I've tried: -Space to take off harder -Movement in various directions -Tossing a dino on the roof -Letting it run out of fuel -Refilling fuel -Landing (X and C) -Nudging Fuel usage shows 0 but it is using fuel as I attempt things and when I put in more element it indicates its presence appropriately. Problem
  3. How about working on the boat load of lag issues on this DLC? Spent 10 minutes trying to lay down in a bed at 9am on a Sunday.
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