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  1. I found that you just have to keep trying to join the server until it works. After joining one server, I was able to join all of them with no problems.
  2. I thought they said it would allow you to gain +5 to your max level. If the previous max was 105, then shouldn’t we be able to get to 110 with a max level chibi?
  3. Lost 4 levels since winter update I was level 104 on an Xbox official extinction server. After the winter event started I used a mind wipe tonic and was only able to spec back to level 100. After getting a chibi to level 2 I was able to go to 101. Has anyone else experienced something like this and is there a solution? Thanks for any help.
  4. I finished building a large warehouse, and someone gave me some kibble Dinos for free. Some died in the journey across the desert, but something is better than nothing
  5. I made stone behemoth gates. Also, found an ascendant doedicurus saddle in a drop.
  6. I went on a few metal runs. Don’t have any good tames yet so I just parachute back to base
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