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  1. Oooooooooooh Thanks I was soooo confued about that you really made my day!
  2. So Today Was the day I would Finally Step Out of My thatch shack and get some tames. I tried to tame a dodo But I accidentally killed it because I didn't see that it was knocked out. So then I went for Bigger Game I knocked out a parasaur And named him Joel Then My base got demolished by a therizino and he illed me and my parasaur so i cried into my pillow for 2 hours.
  3. I have heard sooooo many things about the tek cave and the overseer but I need to know which is true because I want to do the Alpha Overseer with my Friend But we want to cyropod our Therizino Army into the Overseer Arena Directly without having to drag them through the Tek Cave Several People Have said this is Possible but Sveral Have said it isn't I wanted to confirm How creatures can enter the Overseer Arena And If we can use Cyropod in the Overseer Arena.
  4. I used 18 campfires and a max-level Dimetrodon for a Wyvern
  5. Yes manas are extremely annoying the breath does like 5 damage per millisecond. They need to take out the ability to upgrade breath damage with melee Damage increase. I thought they did but on single player I had 2 different manas doing different damage with the breath. Also the breath needs to take more time to freeze creatures because if you get hit 2 seconds later your frozen that just sucks. Like if helpful
  6. So true My argies keep getting killed on official by level 26 managarmars. The argies have 10k health 47.9 armor saddles and rapid regenaration. They died in 2 seconds. Like if Helpful
  7. How to give somebody Positive trader rating I dont know how to give somebody positive trader rating how do i do it.
  8. I play official and I killed the Alpha Dragon using an army of theirizinos 45k health 116 armor saddles and a yuty dont bother with a daedon, (the dragon does more damage then the daedon can heal.) My theiris only took about 12k damage they had 10 veggie cakes each.
  9. Yeah I have been having this same issue with my obelisks in my world. The alpha tribe keeps camping Gigas on Aggresive Right on the Obelisk So i keep dying every time I try to do a boss fight. I dont want to kill the gigas. Because then the alpha tribe will decimate my base and my tribe and my dinos.
  10. I think the Mosasaur needs a tlc, because it has really no special ability. Maybe it could have a devour ability where when a creature thats under 300 dragweight is under 20% health the mosa swallows it whole and instant kills it. This should have a cooldown. Maybe when a Tamed Mosa is near a raft it scares away all eels, jellyfish, and Leedishycthes. Excuse me for my bad spelling. But i think you know what I mean
  11. Thanks for the tip, will keep that in mind.
  12. One time I spwned in the highlands in Rag. I found a giga it was bust killing a bronto and I thought it was a rex. I started punching its feet and It couldn't reach me I actuallt mangaged to knock out a level 2 giga with my fists. ( It only took 1 hour 29minutes.) I think this might have been a glitch because I tried this Later and It did in fact hit me. P.S. I had 5 times taming on my server so i did mange to tame him by killing the nearby ovis and feeding 600 marcoberries. My friend was the one who fed him 300 Narcotics.
  13. Aquatic TLC's Who else thinks that the aquatic dinos should be shown more love. Especially things like the megaladon, you know how sharks in real life can smell blood from over 3 miles away? I think that the megaledon should be able to detect corpes or injured creatures. And maybe give the plesiosaur a TLC maybe swim faster and a bit bigger, in real life plesiosars could be up to 45 feet long, in ark they are 2 survivors tall.
  14. I had this same issue too but i fixed it by just changing my settings when the nodes were missing.
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