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  1. oh How many posts do I need for cloth armor
  2. wait what I mean like how you have hide armor. And you have three dots how do I get my second dot and get hide armor
  3. And by the way Does anybody know how I can get to cloth armor in the forums
  4. Oh thanks guys! So far I made a recipie with 100 Stimberries and 5100% crafting skill (I play on a boosted server.) Its really good instantly gives my dino max Stam.
  5. Hey Sticky Bandits! They were originally called Wet Bandits. Nice to see somebody else likes Home Alone.
  6. So I wanted to get into the whole "custom recipe" thing. And I figured what I really need is a Stamina Potion. I want to make a custom consumable that will give my dino's as much stamina as possible so I can keep flying for long distances. I was thinking to just use 10 Stimulants but then I heard that won't work, So what do you guys think would be the best way to achieve this?
  7. I would have to reply with either Wyvern or Equus they both are relativly easy to tame. And they are both amazing travelers. The equus can even knock stuff out fatser then a longneck and the wyvern is a PVP beast can take down wild gigas no problem. if you get them fully imprinted they will be a beast.
  8. They will only eat out of troughs once they are juvenile, giga's take a while to become juvenile so maybe he is starving and cant keep up with his hunger.
  9. Or you could force feed the gigas had to force feed my rexes cause they were starving.
  10. Hi guys, I started breeding crystal wyverns (Tropical). I had tamed up high level crystal wyverns. And I was breeding them but then I saw pictures of crystal wyverns that looked so cool. Mine are like green and a little bit yellow which I do not like. I found a level 50 that looks super cool but its stats are not that good. So I was wondering If I could breed them together so I could have A good looking one and a good stat one.
  11. What’s up?

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      Well just msg me if you can help again...

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      Thanks for letting me know, sorry your restricted.

  12. Oooooooooooh Thanks I was soooo confued about that you really made my day!
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