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  1. Maybe the survivors are thrust into public favor for their valor. Each of the survivors begins to collect loyal supporters to the point they make a run at emperor. Civil war ensues.
  2. I am very excited to read what happened.
  3. I really enjoyed reading this, and I would love to watch and listen to you play. You should upload some videos or something. Feels like Rambo trapped in the woods fighting the big bad guys.
  4. I have not experienced this. Genesis coming out now would be cool!
  5. I tried to solo a purple OSD and accidentally walked too far and lost it on wave 6. Then I figured I would go try and tame the Forest Titan. This failed too, ran out of ammo and the gun I was using broke. Now I am taking a break.
  6. Dunklo on Rag is insane!! I'm going to use some high weight Basilisk as my metal mules.
  7. I have been hearing Aberration is a good spot lately. Another I heard is using a Dunklo on Rag with Basilisks following for cargo is super lucrative as well.
  8. I am also experiencing the same thing. There are significant differences from 1st person, to 3rd. I have noticed this in all areas of the upper world. Wasteland, Sanctuary, Ice, and Desert. The Sunken Forest is also really really dark. That may not have changed, but I always have to up the gamma down there. You think this is worthy of a bug report or something? I should add, I play on PC PvE Official
  9. Metal mining methods Greetings! I have had many discussions with tribe members over the best method of mining metal. I have heard solo is best with a train of weight Argentavis, but I have also heard of the Quetz shovel method with Ankylosaurus and two tribe members on the front. Right now, I mine on Extinction solo with an Argy train since I am manning our cloning base there. Which map do you harvest your metal on? and What method do you use?
  10. Thiefer

    Where's the hype?

    I am not really even sure what Genesis will bring me. Which means that maybe WC has not done a great job advertising or showing the map off. I don't know that I have really seen much beyond some YouTuber introducing the new animals. To learn anything about Genesis you kind of have to become an investigative journalist and dig for info. I hope it will be enjoyable, but at this moment I would prefer a smoother playing experience in the game as it is. It will probably not be possible, but it would be awesome to be able to jump out of Sunken Forest on a Managarmr again. It is nearly impossible with the Mangarmr changes and the lag now. I play on PC PvE Official.
  11. Looking for recommendations. Headset and mouse. Hello! It is time...I need to replace my aging headset and my wired mouse (I have never tried wireless, I am apprehensive about battery life and latency/connection issues). It has been quite some time since I have bought these accessories and so I need to do some research. Do you have any recommendations? Products you have used for a long time? I am looking for function more than form. I am not a huge fan of RGB, and prefer a clean look for my PC. Would you recommend what you use now? If so, what is it? Thanks a bunch!
  12. Hopefully I will see you there. Step one, have a presence on the forums. You must post and lose your Early Bird rank. I am trying to do that as well.
  13. Pure black is always my favorite. Clean or dark colors otherwise. I really do not like the outrageous mutation colors I see sometimes.
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