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  1. season pass price reduction?

    Sorry havent seen anything yet in announcements or on twitter... I will let u know if i see anything.
  2. Rescue vehicles

    Everyone is allowed his or her suggestions in the game. Cleaned this thread up a little. Knock off the fighting between each other including talking about people alleged bans or suspensions as this is not allowed on the forums. Treat each other with respect. If you feel someone is breaking forum rules use the report post function and let a moderator know.

    I know for a fact that these ppl got banned or suspended by sony for racist language. One guy got 3 months account locked 2 others got perma banned for multiple warnings and suspensions.
  4. Looking for a new server? Feel free to browse until you find one.

    Unless you know someone for sure is duping and have a method dont say or spread rumors. If you know they have report them to The emails are here you can report methods too. Here is a link to report your server outage. its the fastest way to get the info to the developers.
  6. You may have to delete your save files and try again. Do you know how to do that? If not You may need to reinstall ark. This is method to delete saves.. I am not sure if this will work for you. Also make sure your ports on side are clean and airflow is going so its not over heating. Note: Due to some changes that were made to how data is saved on PS4, it appears that the previously existing data may be inhibiting the ability to join official/unofficial servers and singleplayer. Deleting this data will RESET the data, including: explorer notes, the mini-map, and achievements (will have to get them again to get the reward skins). You will have to get/unlock these again once the data is deleted. Deleting this data will not affect your characters or singleplayer saves. Navigate to: PS4 Settings > Storage > System Storage > Saved Data > ARK > Delete Local Profile. After the file is deleted, you should be able to join your server again.
  7. Anyone else on this server having same issue? What server number is this?
  8. Na-pvp-offical-theisland149

    if you have not already done so you can fill out server outage in link above. Its the fastest way to get the info to the developers.
  9. PVE trouble makers Server guidelines are in link above also a link to support. If you feel someone is griefing or violating server rules contact support.
  10. If you have not done so please fill out server outage report.
  11. Server xbox official 279 Ragnarok down! If you are having server issues you can fill this forum out. Its the fastest way to get the info to the developers. Thanks
  12. Jeremy said in a news article that the new xbox it may be possible to remove the tether they are looking into it. Other then that they have stated that ps4 and xbox are at the hardware limitations and they will try to extend it but no promises. Locking as this question has been answered.
  13. Forced to restart my character

    Support is the only ones that can help get characters back on official new server. If you have lost a character on a new server please make a ticket here. If this is a dedicated or private server please get in touch with that server owner. Thanks
  14. Freezing every 20 to 30 seconds If you are having server issues you can fill out server outage report. Its the fastest way to get the info to the developers. Locking as this is a necro thread.
  15. Ps4 server issue If you have not already done so feel free to fill out a server outage report. Its the fastest way to get the info to the developers.