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  1. Long Live the PARASAUR ? Its perfect as is.
  2. Its sad that people do that on pve. Hopefully WC will come up with a solution to land claiming and resource claiming soon. Im sure with your guys suggestions they will find a way.
  3. @RasFW @crazybizow Please put your server ideas in the thread linked above so the devs can find it thanks.
  4. It would be nice to have servers that wipe every 4-6 months to keep things fresh. Gather rates 3x. No tech. Tribe limits 10 max. No alliances.
  5. You cant. Steam is not compatible with xbox win version. As steam is a seperate vendor.
  6. Yeah just have them kill all wild dinos and check it. It should be easy to figure out either way. Have fun...
  7. Run your private server with '-ActiveEvent=Easter' to turn on the event I think you have to activate it...
  8. Cleaned the thread up a little. Keep this about the upcoming switch and not other issues.
  9. Cleaned up the thread a little stop the bickering and fighting people please. Jat has addressed the issue. No need to keep stirring the pot and arguing with each other over a contest. Thanks.
  10. You put the milk in inventory and hit use, but it's kinda a waste. Just wait until it gets to like 300 food then drop a milk in.
  11. So your saying they do wipe pve griefers lol... Well confimed...
  12. you had your own answer... Special evolution event this weekend... Permanent I doubt it.
  13. Congrats on 100 hopefully 10000000000000 more .... All the best guys....
  14. Good question.. its giving love to certain things that maybe overlooked or they haven't had time to do.. examples maybe sound of footsteps in dinos... Working on movements or just about anything... Kind of polishing things giving things attention. Hope hat helps
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