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  1. We have a medium group, split off due to tame cap. I know sister tribes are totally okay but I cant see anything in CoC about alt accounts for Ark rather its okay or not. If it's not, I'll release ownership of tribe of course. This is for official pve. Any help on this with a definitive answer would be appreciated. I've seen discussions but not an absolute yes or no. We're not doing it to exploit anything or any CoC violations, simply too many people with too low of a tame cap and we want same owner on both tribes to keep things under a single umbrella. And I'd write a ticket but they're super busy.
  2. You will likely long quit ASA by the time they pull the plug on support. Furthermore, I assume Ark 2 will have been out for a while by then too. I think when Ark 2 comes out, they should consider consolidating servers instead of having a bunch of dead servers. Only time will tell
  3. If this is their greatest fault then they're doing something right.
  4. Game crashes every time server saves (Official) I've done some research and cant find this issue for official to be super common.. anyways every 15 minutes my game crashes (when the server saves). Wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Yes I've already verified files. Yes I've reinstalled Ark entirely
  5. I was mocked by the community mods here for saying that 3.5x was causing serious issues (see previous post history) with snide comments. THAT IS HOW WC reacts to reality. Shame on them
  6. But they say that theres nothing really wrong with the servers, no major issues and certainly not due to endless 3x! I lost some stuff too.. best bet is to not transfer or transfer only to DLC servers with a lot fewer problems due to fewer bases / dinos out. Those seem to be doing fine
  7. You state that Server Health is so important yet all I ever see is horrible lag on my Rag server with fewer than 17 players at any given time. I've already written a ticket in and I realize that there are many large empty bases that're helping to contribute to the lag but I also know there are technical ways to reduce the lag via server performance on the hardware end. One would think with such a large influx of revenue lately that said studio would push hard for a solid product. Most current players on my rag server are NEW meaning this is their first go at Ark. Is this really what you want peoples first impressions to be? The heavy pillaring is bad enough. The rollbacks and constant lag is inexcusable.
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