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  1. my apology, I was checking unread content and missed to see this was in ARK-Mobile
  2. first thing, it depends on the amount of rage it gains. There is a red face (grayed with red background) on your right side, when it starts to lose health very fast the rage start to build up and the color changes to full red... once the face is about 70% full I highly recommend you jumping and running away because he WILL attack you and any other dino of yours near it. Also (omg) if you have any number of tamed gigas near it then all will join the party I have few gigas tamed on an official server, I keep them as far as possible from each other (one on the roof ?). When I take my top damage for meat gather, i take extreme care when attacking a Kentosaurus since it reflects some of the damage to the giga.. one bite and I take 2 steps back watching the red face half full.. then another and the kento is dead and my heart rate is back to normal
  3. put a bed next to every major building that matters and visit them once a week for stone, more often for wood... otherwise, you need to make a fly-by all your structure.
  4. Have you tried building spikes? build up spikes walls after walls, lure it inside a maze of them and let it suffer damage every step they take. I killed alpha rex using spike walls one time, but so many
  5. The way you presented and replied is very nice, thank you first for this. Now, on the other side, you need a plan.. this game is designed to keep you playing for months if not years once you start enjoying it. I learned the hard way, jumping servers and starting fresh on both PVP and PVE, also played on single player and built massive fortresses However, going to youtube and checking what others made and done, I started to understand more and enjoy more... yes, I did enjoy getting killed many times on PVP and enjoyed trying to tame a dodo on PVE and not be able to do that. Then I made a plan, killing others was not my game, I want the story and fighting bosses with an army so PVE was the answer. So I joined a young (in days) EU PVE server, as I travel a lot around the world I had to get a server with the lowest ping wherever I was, and built as many pillars I can carry and tamed easiest argi i can find and flew around until I found what could be my large future base. Now one thing you may notice, PVE got more nice people than PVP. However, less space and mostly tame capped. If you stick on that server long enough you will learn when to tame and how to handle the tame cap... my tribe now is tame capped. Many helped me and still do until today, and I would be a very ungrateful person if I didn't return it to them and new players. So, make a plan (or decision) what you want to do.. if PVP is your thing don't waste your time building your tribe on official server and search for a good tribe that you can join. Playing alone won't get you anywhere in my opinion. Actually, even in PVE you need a tribe, am suffering now as I can't find players who want to join a tribe on PVE and think they can do it solo, and when they discover its not playable solo they simply leave the server or the game entirely
  6. I have a similar issue, got 4 over the past month or two. all gone with the wind, and I play on PVE I wish if there a contract feature get introduced, where one can list his/her condition to newcomers and if they sign it they are bound by it.. for example, if they leave all items they got from the tribe is returned to the tribe at least. You can control who build and destroy things but can control their access to materials you gathered by days and weeks of hard work
  7. one 160ish on our rag official pve server.. and 3 already chasing it and yelling to each other i saw it first but one way to get them out is to wipe their spawn area many times as possible and leaving it for 2-3 minutes.. i did this on late hour with my wyvern and couple popped up , low but at least faster than normal waiting
  8. in case it returns or other alpha comes by, i would suggest building your base higher using stone pillars.. go 5 pillars high and even a giga wont notice you or your dinos any more but simple way, get 2-3 pillars high base.. one pillar can support a 3x3 ceilings, and grow from there.. build rest of your base out of wood if you want. even get your weak dinos up with you using ramps. if any alpha comes by your house next time, set on a chair and arrow them to their death
  9. how about a tek Tommy gun, shoots normal ammo but uses elements to stay stable and laser focus of course i vote for tek nursery, that can handle multiple dinos.. the cost of elements grows with the number of dinos its baby sitting and able only to hand feed but no imprinting.. we need to see you every 8 hours or we miss you and its about time they give us tek net, something large enough to be shoot in air to capture a quetzal or a giga down until we could narc it down and by faaaar, please give us tek Ichthyornis repellent
  10. the phoenix and unicorn are rare and amazing dinos.. the look is great but not so useful. i would love to see a rare hard to tame very good looking but also useful dino added. Maybe giant turtles that can carry massive platform that supports a small village that can swim for months before stamina run off and needs to see the land, ofc it could be attached but not by small sharks ... so lets add something as big as a mosa but can reach surface I would love to see a land/sea creature as good as a griffin that can fly but only lands in sea and able to dive .. no land walking though .. large flying fish maybe ?
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