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  1. Sadly ur server loose 9999 magic number and enter in 5 digit day time. I think u are educated enough to know what will come after 9999. Loose everything for what? Who told u? Just keep playing ur game bro.
  2. Now cluster maps Ragnarok IP Island IP
  3. EU PvP Cluster SERVERS Ragnarok Server IP: The Center Server IP: Battlemetrics Link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2638796 #MAPS: Ragnarok & The Center #Server Location: Germany #Mod Crate Added #Abberation DLC Dinos #6 Man tribe Size #No Alliance #Active Admins #Personal Tribe Channel for Discord # Mods: S+, Arkomatic, Better Reusable Tools, Awesome Spyglass, 3's Loot, Kibbler, Starter Kit, Cross Aberration #Multiplier : 25x
  4. GEonWAR

    Dino Cap.. and the silence from WC

    Do not cry over here, If you have suggestion then write to suggestion section. If they raise server cap to 50k tamed dino it will reach soon. I know some people still keep alive their lvl 10 Dodo even they have 300+ Ptera breedline. Suggest how to make game smooth not only complain and complain.
  5. GEonWAR

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Already tried but they failed... ARK: Survival of the Fittest
  6. GEonWAR

    suggestion Tek Baby Auto Feeder

    Next time you will ask for auto claim Baby dinos, oooo come on dude. There is Nanny option already in Unofficial servers. Dont ruin game with these ideas, people will breed hundreds of dinos only login for 10 min a day.
  7. Can you explain more? What cave, which map, everything is very confusing! Send some pic of cave. As I understand, U guys hatched some Giga and Brontos in cave and put them on entrance on aggressive. But these dinos kill people from other side of wall, its clearly exploit cause ur under meshed dinos killing attackers, which is unfair according to rule. No mesh exploit allowed in game.
  8. I am also 123, do u know why people keep their steam name 123? To hide their status from others Like if I am Mike and I use Global chat then people know Mike belong to XYZ tribe. When people came online Game show their steam name not char name so other people easily know mike from XYZ Tribe is online now. If someone is after you and ur tribe, they easily know how many members from ur tribes are online, battlemetric site easily send all of ur info to others. 123, </>, Bob, Lost... These are common names in ARK, You can also adopt 123 name to hide urself from people. Naming is not ARK problem, its Steam problem, Steam allow people to keep same name for multiple account. Box [] icon: When people see [] they assume all boxes text belong to Chinese [some say hackers], but ARK is available in 21 language too, anything other than English will show u []. So people should break this [] box concept. These box can be French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, chinese and any of non English word. for Test just open google translate and paste anything other than English in ur chat, it show box. The white box: The white box with name is missing pic icon from steam profile. Some people use pic link with their steam name, but ARK don't recognise those link so in game it appear as white box [Missing link]. Now people use this feature to scare people. Nothing is game breaking, everything is allowed by Steam, these chats are common in ark.
  9. GEonWAR

    Getting the DLCs

    Playing ark for 3 years, When SE came 1st time, I liked it very much, but later SE looses charm to me. After Ragnarok, I stopped visiting SE, Ragnarok has everything what you find in SE. 2nd DLC, I found Aberration is very gloomy, sad and give me negative feeling. I really don't like theme of Aberration and sadly I found only one Aberration creature is usefull, that is Reaper [PvP] rest are not worth or available in other map too.
  10. GEonWAR

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Solo Server, there is many player who play Solo in official and try to catchup small tribes. 1 member Tribe No alliance, 5x Rate is appreciated
  11. looking for tribe



    1. GEonWAR


      Offer or request?

  12. Went to Rock Drake trench for egg, found good amount of nest but no egg. When I used K mode found all eggs are stuck under nest, only view-able through K mode but cant pick up.
  13. GEonWAR

    Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    Steam delay for 2 hours
  14. GEonWAR

    Turret change discussion megathread

    Most of people in this post have nothing to do with official PvP. Either they play PvE or Unofficial PvP/RP, They have no idea how cruel official Ark is but they still want to scream and argue with people. Free advice to them: Go and play some real PvP on official servers.