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  1. it show minus stack and i also just cabt repleace it...structure limit...please help with a solution or update
  2. When will be the Additional Servers...Like EU-PVE-OfficialGenTwo 1570 connected to Transfer Network? And when will it be possible to transfer items??
  3. Hello there, When will be EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo1570 connected to the Transfer Network? Will it be someday? When will Items Transfer be availible between servers and Gen Two? LG MarkusTiger
  4. Wanted to say Thank you. Extinction 986 looks like running more stable.
  5. EU-PVE-Ps4Official-Extinction986 still disconnects every Player every 10 min. Not possbile to do any Vene or Drop for weeks now. Please do something against duping people or instability.
  6. Extinction 986. Crashes ever 10 min. Unable to do Veins or Drops. PLEASE REPAIR....Not possible to play main Functions
  7. Yeah 986 is so crap right now, even at night unplayable, someone gotta stop these people...destroying the game
  8. EU_PVE_Extinction 986 Disconnections every 10 min. Couldnt complete one Event :(. Server is such a mess, not stable at all.
  9. Not true..my main base is on 46 and yeah it has laggs some time..true...but mostly not that much like on other servers...mostly its quiet stable.
  10. Still troubles and disconnections every 10 min on EU PVE Official Extinction 986
  11. Still Disconnections on Extinction PVE EU 986
  12. Push.... Propblem still exists...every 10 min you get kicked for no reason. Events or Drops are unplayable because of Disconnections without reasons.
  13. Hello there, please fix this server, it has huge laggs, but even worst you get kicked all the time which make impossible to complete veins etc. On other Server my Connection is fine and i never expirenced so much problems like on this server. Its a shame if you can not even use basic events because this server is kicking you every 10 min. Thx
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