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  1. Will it be necessary to redo a purchase or to resume our previous purchases?
  2. Are shipments to France delivered?
  3. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Do you intend to enter the possible transfer between legacy servers and server isolate legacy?
  4. Fertilized Thorny Dragon egg won't make kibble

    The fertilized eggs of Thorny dragon are taken for morellatops eggs. There is a bug
  5. Hi,

    Is it normal that some server is dead? Because ragnarok 31 pve is off and then pass dead. I made a server ticket off.

  6. Hello,
    The server ragnarok 31 has fallen again. Do you know where the server is coming from?
  7. Hello, I think there is the same problem for the server ragnarok 31, a blow it is online then turned off for a long time
  8. Hello Jat,
    The server ragnarok 31 is down
  9. Hello Lilpanda,

    Apparently the server 31 ragnarok is in "invalid"

    1. driska


      And according to the site: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1169489 the server does not have the patch 262, it is still in 261.2



    The ragnarok servers still crasher including mine, 31 isolate it

  11. Hi, we have the same hard problems server 31 ragnarok
  12. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    hi, Following the new dino and strucutre it will not be possible to make PBE servers to test and fix various problems while waiting to apply it to official servers
  13. Timeout 006 error, while placing items in obelisk.

    Hello guys, I also had the worry between my two server(SE to island) i was transferred the desert armor,silk. I did not transfer the propellant and the trophy wyvern
  14. ARK Digest Q&A!

    I have many questions: Will it be possible to fish on the pelagornis? Do you plan to make an equivalent of vegetarian cake to regenerate life on the carnivore? Is the machine for drying meat fast still relevant?