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  1. I cannot join after update, I’m on Xbox. Wyverns Theriz and Gigas out, an urgent solution would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, I think it is 12 foundations for either 2 males or 2 females. You can keep male and female next to each other
  3. Been down for longer than that for me, only supposed to be a minor update. About 6 hours
  4. Hi, Not an expert but your tele needs to be public as well in order to travel to another public one.
  5. Unfortunately some of us are classed as doing a key role and have to keep going to work, so I appreciate it. Thank you.
  6. Blood requirements have now been greatly reduced, see Dododex. But the problem for me is not getting killed by a swarm while not freeing myself when trapped by bloodstalker, I kill the swarms beforehand but there is always one more when you just don’t need it. Still trying to tame one.
  7. No servers for me on xbox official, just downloading 4gb update hope that sorts it.
  8. Yes mate same for me, looks like all event taxidermy got wiped with the end of the event, Gacha and turkeys. Disappointing really.
  9. Logged in today with this message, does this mean I was suspected of meshing. Why a ramp was destroyed I have no idea.
  10. I thought my Chibi was broken after the last patch as i killed 4 alphas with no gain. Turns out as my Wyvern is max lvl my Chibi gets no xp
  11. Completely blinding, for me anyway. stamina drain on myself and Dino is not a problem just zero visibility
  12. Scuba mask You cannot see if your tame is slot capped if you are wearing it so potentially loosing blubber/tentacles or other resources. Icon needs moving.
  13. Sand storm No quality of life being in the new sandstorm on Rag. It is painful. Needs removing
  14. I would like a toggle wheel on the crop plot so if your berry eaters are close enough then you could select feed tames on a certain crop plot
  15. I have been on lvl 3 for a while now, I just take off my Chibi before logging off and put it in my Chem bench. Hope this helps you Dave.
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