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  1. I would like a toggle wheel on the crop plot so if your berry eaters are close enough then you could select feed tames on a certain crop plot
  2. I have been on lvl 3 for a while now, I just take off my Chibi before logging off and put it in my Chem bench. Hope this helps you Dave.
  3. I’ve noticed mine attacking me also, don’t know if it was because I was wearing Chibi ? As they are known to be broken.
  4. Yes mine went to zero again today, up to level 3 yesterday then killed alpha today to start again, poor I must say.
  5. Just killed alpha moss on basil wearing Chibi but it gained no Xperia at all, looks like it’s still not working yet. That’s 20 minutes wasted lol, but on the upside killing several moss’s gained me some flare gun skins (bonus) !!!!!!
  6. Anyone know which are from Gacha and which are from raptor?
  7. Which are from Gacha and which are from raptor, any ideas? Or is it random.
  8. Often happens to me, I just log out and back in to see if I am back in bed.
  9. Preserving bin Since the latest update allowing extra slots I can no longer just transfer everything knowing that only milk will transfer out of my inventory as now everything transfers, is it a glitch or is it now a storage box?
  10. I don’t who I feel sorry for more, us that cannot get on or the few that can and are happily raising and taming unaware of a possible roll back!!!
  11. Blimey, Rag 116 down. It might have been easier asking what servers were up and running lol
  12. Yes cannot log into Rag 116 at all but can log into the island on Xbox, this really is poor service. If they don’t roll it back I will lose everything.
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